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Is a 6-Inch Penis too Small? Answering the Most Searched Question on the Internet

Is a 6-inch penis too small to pleasure a woman? Ah yes, the question for the ages!

We all know that having a large penis is a big concern for some men. Men equate being bigger to feeling manlier. If you ask your drinking buddy if he wants a fortune or a bigger penis, the answer could be the latter. But, is a 6-inch penis too small or not? That is a question many of us ask. So let’s take a look at some statistics and facts about penis sizes.

According to the World Data statistics, a 6-inch penis is quite the average in many countries. Moreover, it is the exact average of the world’s male population. So, it is not very small. However, in our modern-day and age, people want to have bigger penises.


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Does a 6-Inch Penis Perform Differently Than a Bigger Penis?

A bigger penis functions the same way as an average-sized penis in regards to the sexual performance. You can perform almost every position, ranging from regular missionary to the pile driver. However, some sex positions can be more advantageous for bigger penises. For example; penetration in the spooning position can be a bit challenging for those with a 6-inch, or smaller penis.

That being said, you can do some things with a 6-inch or smaller penis that a bigger penis won’t be able to do. For example; sexual health experts advise well-endowed men to hand over the reins to their partner. Otherwise, the chances of hurting the woman are high. By letting the woman control, she will decide how deep the penis goes. On the other hand, for a person with a 6-inch long penis, giving up the control is only about personal preference.

To elaborate, the average depth of the vagina is only 3-6 inches, therefore it’s only natural that a much larger penis could cause discomfort. And on the other side of the coin, a smaller penis will be more advantageous. You see, the female g-spot only lies within 3 inches of the vaginal opening on the anterior wall. Meaning, those of you with smaller penises can stimulate her in ways men with larger penises cannot.

Are You Unhappy with Your 6-Inch Long Penis? Here is What You Can Do

Although it doesn’t affect your sexual performance, many men simply are unhappy with a smaller penis. The reason is usually the belief that most women prefer bigger penises and well, just feeling more masculine. Therefore, to enlarge your penis, you have 3 viable options.

First, penile enlargement surgery which is expensive and carries various risks as well as being extremely expensive. Second, you can try penis pumps, which actually use suction to stretch the penis and potentially adding slowly to your penis length. And third, you can try penis work-outs. And no, we don’t mean weight lifting but a stretching workout along with natural supplements.

Can a Man with Average Equipment Be Good in Bed?

Absolutely! Although you feel you may be happier with a bigger penis, the size of your equipment can perform just as good as a well-endowed package. Have you heard the expression, “It’s not the size of the magic want, but the magic in it?” Well, that expression hold true with penis sizes too. You see, being good in bed isn’t at all about the size of your penis, but the work you put into having sex.

For instance, listening to your partner and knowing what she wants is the first step in being good in bed. Additionally, learning about her body, pleasuring her erogenous zones and great foreplay all are key to being good in bed. Most importantly, never leave your lady hanging. If you get off, make sure she does too, whether before or after you orgasm.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for a 6-Inch Long Dick?

Almost all the mainstream sex positions are for average-sized penises. However, the best sex positions for average to smaller sized penises are positions like:

  • The cowgirl
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Doggy-style
  • The pile driver

More importantly, having a rich repertoire in bed is what matters when pleasuring a woman. Therefore, I would suggest you try different positions while having sex. In addition, you can use your hands, fingers, lips and tongue to find other ways to pleasure your partner and add dimension to your skills between the sheets. You should also check out our article on best sex positions for small penises.

6-Inches of Manly Penis

So, to answer the question if a 6-inch penis is too small, the answer is no. Being average is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed by. However, if your self-esteem isn’t what it should be, there are many options to help you feel better about yourself. From learning some sizzling hot moves in the bedroom to surgery and exercise options, you are bound to find a way to be happy with the size of your penis.

P.S. There’s absolutely nothing in the world that will make you smile as wide as pulling down your pants and seeing a look of AWE and ANTICIPATION on a woman’s face. The first time you hear her say “It might be too big” in a soft, excited voice, you’re going to feel a thrill through your spine like you just snorted 3 lines of cocaine.

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