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Semenax Review 2023: Ingredients, Dosage, & Side-Effects

Is there are supplement that can increase your semen volume? There are a few that claim they can help, and Semenax is one of the most popular. Following in the footsteps of industry leader Load Boost, Semenax claims to increase libido, semen volume, and overall sexual pleasure.

Scientists all over the world have been working on medicine and supplements to increase libido, sexual health, semen volume and more . This ranges from ancient herbal supplements, controversial homeopathic treatments, and modern drugs.

In this article, we will be reviewing Semenax. Semenax claims that it can not only increase the overall volume of semen but also increase the thickness and improve semen color. Let’s dive in.

So, what is this Semenax?

Leading Edge Health has been serving males all over the world with their innumerable sex health products. Semenax happens to be their flagship performance enhancement supplement. While semenax is known to be somewhat effective, it unfortunately fails in comparison to the superior ejaculation enhancement supplement, Load Boost.

Semenax is made up of an amalgamation of herbs and minerals along with curated drugs to become an effective cum pill. Unfortunately semenax is missing too many important ingredients to be considered one of the best.

Semenax vs Load Boost – Which is better?

Though we’re covering Semenax in this article, there’s a reason why Load Boost, by Vitaliboost, is considered the best supplement on the market for increasing semen volume and orgasm intensity. Load Boost is simply the best. Semenax lacks crucial ingredients that Load Boost has, including:

  • Lecithin
  • L-Arginine
  • Bromelain
  • Pygeum

Without these ingredients (and more) Semenax cannot perform as well as Load Boost. If you have the choice, Load Boost is clearly the best option for increasing orgasm intensity and semen volume.

load boost

Does Semenax increase testosterone?

Once men turn 40, testosterone levels begin to decline. This reduction becomes more of an issue as men age, causing men to lose in the range of 50% testosterone production by age 70.

This reduction not only affects the sex life of a man but also adversely affects his day-to-day activity as the overall musculature, strength, and stamina also decreases.

So does Semenax increase testosterone? The short answer is no. There are no ingredients in Semenax that have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone.

Does Semenax actually work?

To determine if Semenax actually works we would need a scientific study of it being used on men. Since it has not been scientifically studied we will need to analyze each ingredient individually, and determine if any of them alone have an impact on semen volume improvement.

Semenax Ingredients

Swedish Flower Pollen

This medicinal staple is primarily recognized for its beneficial impact on prostate health and urinary flow. However, concrete evidence validating its influence on semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health is currently lacking.


An indispensable amino acid, L-Arginine is well-known for its potential to improve sperm health. Research indicates its potential to enhance sperm count and motility, thereby possibly contributing to fertility. This amino acid has also been associated with a potential increase in semen volume.


L-Lysine, another crucial amino acid, is involved in various body functions, including protein synthesis. Nevertheless, its efficacy in improving semen volume or sperm health lacks robust scientific validation.

Epimedium Sagittatum

Commonly referred to as “horny goat weed,” this plant is known for its aphrodisiac properties. However, current research has yet to confirm its role in increasing semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health.


As a vital mineral, Zinc plays a central role in male fertility. Balanced zinc levels are associated with improved sperm count, motility, and general sperm health. Zinc supplementation has also been tied to enhanced semen volume and amelioration of semen consistency issues.


While L-Carnitine plays a part in energy metabolism, solid evidence linking it to an improvement in semen health or volume is currently absent.

Catuaba Bark

This plant, revered in traditional Brazilian medicine for its aphrodisiac properties, lacks comprehensive scientific evidence to support its role in increasing semen volume or sperm health.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds are a source of vital nutrients and antioxidants beneficial for overall health. However, they lack robust scientific backing concerning their impact on semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health.


Maca, traditionally employed to enhance fertility and libido. There is some older evidence that suggests Maca could improve prostate function, but the relation to increasing semen volume has not been proven.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, a critical antioxidant, lacks a well-established connection to semen or sperm health in the scientific literature.

Pine Bark Extract

Despite its powerful antioxidant qualities, Pine Bark Extract lacks definitive scientific evidence supporting its role in enhancing semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health.

Muira Puama

Known in traditional medicine for its aphrodisiac qualities, this plant lacks solid scientific backing to support its efficacy in improving semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health.


Famous for its cardiovascular benefits, Hawthorne has yet to be proven effective in enhancing semen health or volume.

Cranberry Extract

Though beneficial for urinary tract health, Cranberry Extract’s effect on semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health remains uncorroborated by substantial evidence.


Despite traditional usage for sexual impotence, Sarsaparilla lacks rigorous evidence to support its efficacy in boosting semen volume, orgasm intensity, or sperm health.

Avena Sativa Extract

Recognized for potential benefits on sexual function and libido, this extract’s role in enhancing semen volume or improving orgasm intensity and sperm health is still lacking robust scientific support.

Butea Superba

Traditionally utilized in Thai medicine to boost sexual performance, Butea Superba currently lacks a thorough scientific foundation confirming its efficacy.

How long does it take Semenax to work?

Nothing comes quick. Semenax has been formulated with natural ingredients hence you won’t see any quick result like a narcotic.

Depending on your personal health conditions, you should expect to see the results in a month. However, the full benefits of Semenax is only experienced after a few months of diligent usage. 

  • According to patient reports, men who produce less than 1mL of semen per ejaculate in a day is expected to see an increase faster than young men who produce more. Even though all men would reach the similar high volume after the 3-month mark, men who produce low levels just seem to grow exponentially in the beginning days.
  • It was also seen that men who are physically fit and have a higher metabolism tend to improve faster as compared to those who are physically not so active. This is mainly due to the effects of testosterone in the human body.

A very interesting fact is that men have reported an increase in fertility after consuming Semenax. This is probably a welcome side effect of the overall improvement of a better ejaculate. But keep in mind, Semenax does NOT advertise itself as a fertility pill or anything of that sort. It is strictly an ejaculate enhancement drug.

This might seem expensive. What’s the price of Semenax?

Nothing is pricier than your health.

Semenax is more expensive than competitors, despite having inferior ingredients to Load Boost.

There are a few package deals going on currently:

Current offers include:

  • A single bottle is available for $59.95
  • Three bottles are available for a discounted sum of $154.95
  • Six bottles are available for $289.98

Should you try Semenax?

I, as a reviewer, would only recommend the use of Semenax if Load Boost isn’t a option. However, Load Boost does ship worldwide, and Semenax is more expensive. Knowing this, there’s no reason not to choose the superior product in Load Boost.

The ingredient list of Semenax is a lot of wasted space compared to Load Boost. With essential nutrients, Load Boost stands out as the perfect mixture to address issues of the overall male sexal health.