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Gorilla Mind Lock and Load Review 2023: Ingredients, Dosage, & Side-Effects

“Lock & Load” is a dietary supplement from Gorilla Mind and the PKA Podcast, designed to enhance semen volume, intensify orgasms, and promote sperm health. It joins the ranks of products contending with the benchmarks established by Load Boost in the field of ejaculation enhancement. Portrayed as a natural concoction for improved sexual performance, the question remains: Does “Lock & Load” work? Let’s dissect the list of ingredients and evaluate their effectiveness based on current scientific literature.

Lock & Load Ingredients

Vitamin E

While Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant, there is insufficient empirical evidence supporting its role in the enhancement of semen or sperm health. Vitamin E is a good supplement in general, but is likely a waste of space in this supplement. We would have liked to see these precious milligrams used elsewhere.


This essential mineral plays a significant role in male fertility. Adequate zinc levels correlate with increased sperm count, enhanced motility, and overall sperm health. Furthermore, zinc supplementation is linked with improved semen volume and consistency.


Selenium, a vital trace mineral, is involved in numerous physiological processes. Given its crucial role in DNA synthesis, reproductive health, and protection against oxidative damage and infections, it may have implications for sexual health. However, its specific influence on semen volume lacks robust scientific evidence.

Vitamin D3

Also known as cholecalciferol, Vitamin D3 contributes broadly to health maintenance, promoting bone strength, immune function, and controlling inflammation. While no definitive evidence links it to increased semen volume, some studies have suggested a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and reduced sperm quality.


Animal studies indicate that lecithin can enhance semen volume and sperm motility, potentially promoting overall fertility. Even without Lock & Load as a whole, we would still recommend Lecithin as a supplement on its own.


Nitrosigine, a patented compound composed of arginine and silicon, is common in pre-workout supplements due to its presumed ability to increase nitric oxide levels and promote blood flow. While improved blood flow may theoretically enhance sexual performance, there’s no concrete scientific evidence supporting Nitrosigine’s impact on semen volume or sperm health.


L-Lysine, an essential amino acid, is crucial for protein synthesis, hormone production, and immune function. Despite its prevalence in many supplements, there’s no established scientific evidence supporting its effect on semen volume or sperm health.


A frequent component in traditional medicine, Pygeum is known primarily for benefits related to prostate health and urinary flow. It can support prostate function and potentially increase semen volume, making it a key component in any semen volume-enhancing supplement. Being that pygeum can increase semen volume on its own, we highly recommend pygeum, even if you can’t acquire the rest of these ingredients.

Evaluating Gorilla Mind’s Lock & Load

With a substantial daily serving size of nine capsules, Lock & Load can be quite daunting. Unfortunately, a significant portion of its composition is dedicated to Nitrosigine and L-Lysine, neither of which are scientifically substantiated to improve semen volume. We can’t recommend either for semen health. Despite its considerable inclusion of less effective ingredients, Lock & Load does contain notable ingredients like Pygeum, Zinc, and Lecithin, potentially making it more effective than Semenax. While not entirely ineffective, Lock & Load is eclipsed by more efficient supplements like Load Boost.

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