What exactly is the average penis size?

How long have we been after this one question? An hour? Half an hour? Or ages? The questions about the proper, or average, length of the male penis have been raised over and over again throughout centuries. Almost everyone has wondered about it, be it males or females. What is the average penis size? Does my partner have an average-sized penis? Do I? In this article, we are going to talk about the average penis size and everything else that revolves around that question. So let’s get started.

Over the years, modern studies have proved that the average male penis size ranges from 4.5 inches to 5.5 inches when it is erect. A flaccid penis has an average size of around 3.6 inches. These measurements are of the length of a penis. The width ranges from up to 4 inches in flaccid to 4.5 inches in an erect penis to have the average penis size. There are obviously more than one studies that report more than one results, but the similarities remain in the fact that the number of the average male penis size is definitely lower than what you think. You might have just been underestimating your penis size all along.

Actual studies that report the average male penis size:

BJU International (British Journal of Urology International) published a study conducted by Dr. David Veale on about 15 thousand men who underwent penis size measurement by health professionals who used standard measurement procedures to take the measurements. The study revealed that the average penis size when it is erect is 13.12 cm or 5.16 inches. Similarly, the average penis size when it is flaccid is 9.16 cm or 3.6 inches. Dr. Veale’s study published graphs and nomograms as well, you can read up on the actual study here: 

There are further studies that reveal that there is no correlation between the length of a flaccid penis to the length of an erect penis. This meant that even if two men had different sizes when the penis is flaccid, they might have the same size when the penis becomes erect. That’s just how the human body works at times. And also, there are no evidently clear correlations or links between the average male penis size to the height, weight, or shoe size of an individual. 

Is the average penis size similar in every country around the world?

Debra Herbenick, a sexual behavioral scientist at Indiana University, Bloomington, and human sexuality expert often talks freely about sex and has voiced the need for actual research conducted to answer questions relating to the average male penis size. There has not been much groundbreaking research but there is a similarity recorded when it comes to the average male penis size. The average size does not go more than 6 inches, even when we are talking about the whole world here. The average penis size by the country still remains a little over 5.16 inches. 

We’d like to add a word of caution here and tell you not to absolutely believe those ads or spam emails that boast of the average male penis size to be 7 inches or more. Also, do not completely believe what you see in virtual porn sites – porn isn’t real. Extenders, traction devices, and even vacuum pumps are used for longer periods of time for a male porn star’s penis to look a certain way. There are always men who have a penis larger than the average male, but that is the exception, not the norm. These abnormally large penises are sometimes the only reason they get selected to work in such films.

Penis dysmorphia and penis enlargement surgery:

Penis dysmorphia is a real issue in this century. You might be an unknown victim of the notion that the larger the penis, the better the sexual pleasure. We cannot put enough emphasis on the fact that it’s not just about the size that makes or breaks the sexual experience with your partner. Now that you know the average male penis size is just about 5 inches, you should know further that feeling bad about a certain size is common because you compare yourself to those few who were born with certain genes. Our advice is you work with what you’ve got, because we’re sure what you’ve got is enough.

Moreover, a study in the Journal of Urology states that it is recommended to have a penis enlargement surgery only if your penis size is less than 1.6 inches when flaccid and less than 3 inches when erect. Before pursuing the options of penile lengthening treatments you should try talking to your partner, go through counseling and focus on the other aspects of yourself. Your partner might be extremely happy to be with you just the way you are. When you sit and give the whole thing a thought, your penis size is only as important as you make it yourself.

Open Questions on Average Dick Size

Q. How do I measure the size of my penis?

Ans. You measure a penis from the top to the tip! Use a tape to measure your penis from the top – that’s where the penis is attached to your pelvic region – to the tip of the glans, or the head of the penis. Also remember to not include the length of your foreskin to obtain a correct measurement. To measure the circumference, just measure half of the girth as the two halves of the penis are deemed to be equal. If you want an exact measurement, measure the complete diameter and divide it by 2 to get the radius!

Q. Do women care about the size of a male penis?

Ans. You’d be surprised to know most women actually don’t care how long the male penis is. Some studies about this were published in journals like PLOS One and BMC Women’s Health. It is true that when asked about this, and shown pictures of different sized penises, they chose a penis that had the size and girth above average. But in the same study, 71% of the women chose either ‘important’ or ‘totally unimportant’ when asked if the penis size matters to them. Also, for the majority of these women, it was the girth that mattered more than the length. This only proves that even though sex is important, but real intimacy is more than just the physical or sexual aspect of it.

Q. Can I increase the size of my penis?

Ans. There are a few ways, albeit unproven, that can help you increase the size of the penis. But keep in mind that these techniques or methods do not come without their fair share of risks and side effects. At times, the increase of the size can also be just minuscule or insignificant. Jelqing, certain medications or supplements, penis enlargement contraptions, and if all fails, finally surgery is the way to go.

Q. What is the average American penis size?

Ans. The average American penis size, as mentioned above, is about 5.16 inches. And this average penis size in America does not differ much from the average male penis size around the world.

Now that we’ve pretty much covered everything about the average size of a male penis, let’s move further on. We’ve put together a few more articles for you to go through according to your penis size! These articles describe what it’s like to have a penis of a certain size, be it 5 inches, 7 inches, or 9 inches. They also talk about things like how to pleasure your partner with the penis size you have or what positions you might want to consider trying, among other things.