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Is an 8-Inch Penis Big? Here is What You Should Know

What is big when it comes to penis sizes? Does it depend on your partner’s sex, their body type, their experience? Or does it come down to inches and nothing else?

The question has been around for a long time: does size really matter?

In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this question and analyze if an 8-inch dick is significant or not.


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How many guys have 8 inches?

Since no two men’s body is precisely the same, it goes without saying that their penis won’t be identical either. So determining how many men on earth actually have an 8-inch penis would be challenging to pin down.

However, we can check out studies that have determined what an average size for a typical grown man is. According to an article published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, there is often a misconception regarding the size.

There is a widespread belief that a normal dick is over 6 inches long. This perception grows among gay men. However, according to the average between 21 different studies, the indisputable norm is somewhere between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. And that’s only when the penis is fully erect!

These same studies have also discovered most men wish their own manhood were larger, even when they fall within the norm.

These studies prove that an 8-inch penis is at least three inches larger than the average dick. So the conclusion would inevitably be few men can actually claim to be packing 8 inches below the belt.

Is Having an 8-Inch Penis Possible for Every Man?

Let’s rephrase that question with another body part and see if the answer matches: Is having blue eyes possible for every man? What about blond hair? Or being 6 foot tall?

The answer to all those questions is a resounding no.

It all depends on your genetics. This means that what family you were born into, who your parents are and how your gene pool was created will determine your penis size.

If your father, grandfathers, and other ancestors had 8-inch dicks, it’s likely you will too. However, this isn’t a firm rule as we all know that blond kid with brown-haired brothers and sisters. Sometimes a specific trait skips a generation, two, or even three.

That being said, there are alternatives to improve your size. However, if you were born with a 4-inch penis, it’s unlikely even surgery, exercises, and cream will allow you to reach the 8-inch mark.

This doesn’t mean most men’s dicks are small. It’s just that most people aren’t happy with their size, no matter how long their manhood might be. Considering less than 10% of the population can claim to have a penis over 8-inches long, small is a relative term. What is small when the average is a 5-inches penis? This answer depends on social constructs and personal opinion, as well as confidence levels and sexual experience.

Will I Hurt My Partner if I Have an 8-Inch Long Penis?

There isn’t a simple question to this answer. Is it possible to hurt your partner? Yes, but you can also harm them with a much smaller penis if you aren’t careful enough.

This length means you can reach depths a 5 or 6-inch penis can’t, which can lead to painful interactions with certain people.

We need to keep different factors in mind. Is your partner experienced or a virgin? Is your partner a man or a woman? What is their body type? A full-bodied lover might be able to take more inches without discomfort than a petite person.

What type of sex you are engaging in will also change the answer to this question. Are you engaging in vaginal, oral, or anal sex? The vaginal canal is far more malleable and resistant to penetration than the anal sphincter. The gag reflex is greater in some people than in others. 

Without proper lubrication, even an average-sized penis can cause pain, especially when it comes to holes that aren’t biologically inclined to endure constant friction and penetration.

So, though a larger penis will inevitably have more chances of causing discomfort and even pain, the answer isn’t a definite yes.

To avoid hurting your partner, the key is to establish good communication and catch on to their body cues. If you see them in evident distress, stop and reconsider the position, speed, or intensity you are using.

Using lube and not rushing into penetration can be the difference between a pleasurable or painful experience when your penis is over 6-inches long, let alone an 8-inch dick.

Foreplay and patience are recommended, and they can even enhance your sex life in the long run, so always keep these two words in mind.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for an 8-Inch Penis?

As with smaller penises, certain positions will allow for the greatest pleasure and comfort for all parties involved.

While with a 3 or 4-inch penis, you would look for sex positions that permit for greater penetration, the opposite is true for an 8-inch dick.

If you use the same positions you would with a smaller-sized member, you could end up with vaginal or anal tears, or a sore throat, and instead of having a fun time with your partner, you might actually end up at the ER.

So what positions are known for a more shallow penetration while not limiting both your and your partner’s pleasure?

Reverse cowgirl: 

This is the opposite of a cowgirl position, as its name would suggest. Most people are familiar with the cowgirl: A woman straddles her lover facing their upper body and plunges their erection either inside their sex or their ass. This position allows for deep, intense penetration, while the woman can determine the speed and intensity of each thrust.

For these reasons, a cowgirl position wouldn’t be recommended while making love to a man boasting an 8-inch penis.

Instead, the reverse cowgirl would be ideal! 

The female partner would instead face the man’s lower body, forcing her to take the penis inside at an angle. This only permits a more shallow penetration, while also increasing the pleasure and friction involved.

Plus, if even at that angle the penetration proves to be painful, the woman can easily lean forward, keeping the full length of the dick to be inserted.


This position is easy and romantic, ideal for those who enjoy a more intimate interaction with their partners.

It also allows for a shallow penetration while keeping both bodies tightly pressed against one another.

Just lay behind your partner, ideally wrapping your arm around their body, and penetrate them either vaginally or anally. If your partner is a woman, you can easily play with their clitoris and breasts, while for gay couples, masturbation is easy to achieve while making love in this position.

When you are trying to choose a position to engage, consider if deep penetration is possible. If the answer is yes and your partner displays discomfort while making love, consider changing for a position that keeps an inch or two outside the vaginal or anal canal without conscious efforts. When you are lost in the throes of passion, you might not be capable of controlling your thrusts, so natural shallow penetration can be your best ally.

As a general rule of thumb, any position that relies too heavily on gravity should be a big no-no, as you might accidentally insert more inches than your partner might be able to handle.

Is an 8-Inch Penis Considered Monstrous?

Monstrous is a strong word. We don’t think that any size is monstrous in and of itself, just as no breast or ass is abnormal.

Size changes from person to person, as well as height or hair and eye color.

What is essential is to be careful about how deep you penetrate your partner, aiming for a shallow insertion, be it anally, vaginally, or orally.

If you notice that they can take it, you slowly work more inches into the sexual stimulation. In time, they might be capable of enduring most, or even all, of your length.

So don’t feel self-conscious about your size. It might not work for every potential partner, but it’s far from being considered monstrous. In fact, some lovers might be pleasantly surprised by what they discover once you drop your pants.

Does 8-Inches Guarantee You’ll Be Good in Bed?

Just as long legs don’t guarantee you’ll be a fast runner or an incredible basketball player, an 8-inch erection doesn’t guarantee you’ll be good in bed.

Your size might grant you the benefit of reaching spots other dicks won’t successfully stimulate, but if you lack the skill and experience, you might not bring -enough- pleasure to your sexual partner.

Also, remember that length is not the only factor to consider in the formula. A long but thin erection might not be enough in and of itself. Some people prefer a smaller yet thicker penis, as it can adequately rub the walls during penetration, stimulating the a and g spots.

There are lovers that will enjoy your size more than others, and it comes down to a matter of personal preference, as well as a tolerance to discomfort and other factors. There are even people who enjoy a bit of pain during sex, so they might ask you to go all the way in at once. It depends on the man or woman you have sex with, so as always, the key is communication. If you know what your partner likes and dislikes, you’ll be a much better lover as a result of it.

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