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Is a 3-inch penis too small? Answering the most searched up questions of the internet

There isn’t much you can do when you go to a battle with a handheld revolver. Or that’s what we have been told.

If you ask Dr. Norman Rowe from the American board of plastic surgery you’ll be told that a 3 inch penis is fairly common. The average size of penis stands to be a bit over 5 inches so in that scenario, a 3 inch-er doesn’t really look that devastating. Be it through random Google searches or through locker room discussions on male sizes it’s evident that you’ve come across men who have rebuked a 3 inch cock. Most even go to the length of calling it “less manly”. This has often resulted in depressive implosions and caused severe insecurities in men. These insecurities, even though mostly sexual, tend to outgrow themselves and manifest in other behaviours of daily life such as female interaction, body positivity etc. 

But don’t you worry, in this article I’ve tried my best to address each of these issues to give you a buffet of ideas on what exactly the situation is and how you can deal with it in the best possible manner!

As before, I’d like to remind you that never judge yourself based on what you see on the internet. The porn stars with their shotgun long schlongs are never the standard for dick sizes around the globe. They are rather the top 0.0001% or even lesser when it comes to dick sizes. They are chosen for their overly large and thick penis features so that it looks good on camera. Just like models are chosen with certain bodily features (or rather they were?), porn stars are chosen for the same reason.

Now, let’s address a few questions which have been bothering us forever!

How small is my 3 inch penis when compared to the rest of mankind?

To be honest, it’s really not a big deal. According to scientific surveys, about 1.17% of the population has a size between 3 to 4 inches when erect. That means, in a population of 3.65 billion, approximately 44 million men have a dick size between 3 inches and 4 inches. So you see you aren’t very lonely after all! 

It is also noteworthy that the average sizes will differ with the demographics and ethnicity of the population. Hence in some populations the average could be 3 inches whereas in some it could be well beyond 6 inches! So depending on your ethnicity and genetic lineage you could actually be the “gifted” one with an above-average dick size.

Does a 3 inch penis perform differently than a bigger one? 

It’s never the size of the arrow but the skill of the archer that determines how it will fly.

Your 3 inches could be a boon or a bane depending on how you choose to work with it. Scientifically the nerve endings inside the female vaginal tract extends to about 3-4inches so a 3 inch penis should be enough to drive your woman to a toe curling orgasm. But most of the guys with a 3 inch-er fail to perform.

You’ve to see for yourself whether your 3 inch penis is sufficiently thick or not. In most cases the girth or the thickness of the penis isn’t really much, which results in insufficient stimulation of the vaginal walls leading to poor sex. If that is the case you can take the help of pills or ointments meant for this exact purpose. 

Should you be happy with a 3 inch penis?

Definitely. Why should your mental well-being be dependent on something as trivial as dick sizes! There are innumerable ways to cheer yourself up and as I said 3 inches isn’t really tiny if you think technically.

Now let’s go through some of the points on why having 3 inches gives you a slight advantage over people with massive 8 inch meat!

Painless sex

For females with tight vaginas, men with a smaller dimension comes as a gift. They honestly crave for someone who has a below-average package so that the sex isn’t always as painful.

So you are someone who females actually crave for. Not always do they fantasize a horse size dick screwing them and hitting their intestines! More often than not women prefer an average dick so that they can experiment more with it and actually have a nice warm intercourse than some wild sausage fest!

Oral sex becomes a boon

I’ve mentioned it previously in one of my articles that men with huge dicks have difficulty with oral sex. They end up getting bruises or bite marks. We can’t even blame the girl as the tiny mouth can only open as wide. But when you’ve a 3 inch meat, you can definitely get the most out of your oral expeditions!

Guys with a smaller than average dick thus have the utmost pleasures from blowjobs.

Sex becomes less risky

With big dick injuries nowhere in sight, sex becomes way less risky with a 3 inch dick. You can go as deep as fast as you want and she’ll still be fine. So drop your guards and pound as hard as you can!

No fear of objectification

Girls often have a fear that their partners are sticking around with them because of their busty rack or wet mound. Similarly, guys with long dicks too have an insecurity that their partners are with them for their apparently irresistible meat. 

But when you have a 3 inch dick, this insecurity vanishes. You’ll know for sure that if someone is going along with your skirmishes and nuisances, she indeed loves you for who you are. She doesn’t care how great the sex is or about your body but about your mental well-being and your persona.

Hence it’s not always that a 3 inch penis is at a loss. In many scenarios such as the ones I just mentioned, a 3 inch wins the race as compared to its peers. 

What sex positions should you try if you have a 3 inch penis?

This is actually a very significant question. Since you have a smaller than average dick size, you need to ensure that the penetration is proper so that the full length gets into her vagina. Even though the number of positions boils down to just a few due to the small range of movements, one can still reap out maximum pleasures.


Stand at a corner of the edge of the bed while she lays on her back. Put her legs on your chest and pound her deep. This position allows the full length to get in and gives you a lot of control on the depth and pace of penetration. This further helps you in optimising your stance and ensures maximum penetration.


One of the most famous penetrations and very well deserving too. This position needs no explanation and is well equipped to give you all you are asking for. 


This one is kinda common too. Here the girl sits on top of you as you lay on your back and bounces like a cowgirl on a horse! This position helps in aiding clitoral stimulation along with the usual penetrative stimulation in the vaginal tract. Here, the female has more control so she can adjust herself to make the intercourse as deep or fast as she wants. 

But let’s assume you aren’t really happy with your 3 inch boner. What can you do now?

Consult a doctor. Yes. Before even trying to get your hands on therapy or pills, one must consult a medical professional. A doctor will be able to give you the best advice on what your future course of actions should be. There are innumerable ways in which one person can enhance his experience in sex. Be it through increasing his dick size or changing his overall outlook. Let the doctor decide what’s best for you.

After all this I’m pretty confident that I’ve been able to give you a wholesome picture of the whole scenario. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to remain pitiful and be insecure about yourself or whether you should open up and actually think about it practically.

At the end of the day, you must realise that penis is just another body part and any deformity or irregularity in it should be treated with as much attention and caution as any other body part. So if you feel like you need to do something about it, go to an expert. If not, then you’re well to go!

We wish you a happy and healthy sex life!