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Best Penis Extender: Top 5 Penis Stretcher Reviews 2022

We understand how frustrating it can be when things don’t deliver what they promised to. A penis extender is no different. So here we are with a penis extenders review article to help you choose the most suitable and the very best penis stretcher for your needs.

Let’s begin with, what is a penis extender?

So many articles and numerous information has come up on the internet on how to extend your penis or make it larger. It goes without saying then, that the average man isn’t really satisfied with the length of his penis. A penis extender comes in handy at a time like this.

This article will help you choose the best penis extender as per your needs. A penis extender is usually a contraption that you attach to your penis and it helps enlarge the length of it. Different penis extenders might have different machinations but the general idea is to stretch the length of your penis to make it bigger.

A few things to consider when buying a penis extender are:

There are a few things one must consider when considering buying a penis extender. Three of the most important things to consider are,

  1. Is the penis extender that I want to buy safe to use?
  2. Is buying this penis extender burning a hole in my pocket because it’s too expensive?
  3. Will this penis extender that I’m buying actually work and make my penis longer/bigger?

More things are to be considered beside these top three points. Some of them are listed below:

  • The question of discreet delivery might be one of them. You might prefer the penis stretcher to arrive discreetly. But what if it arrived in its original packaging advertising what it’s going to do to your penis? Take a minute to consider these things before you buy what you think is the best penis extender.
  • Other than these, comfort and design also are important points of consideration while buying a penis extender. Because you’d have to wear it over the period of a few weeks to months, choosing a penis extender which is comfortable is important.
  • The design of a penis extender should not be bulky so that it bulges out in a way that hampers your regular activities. The design should be efficient and compact at the same time.
  • Ah, and make sure you check how long it is that you’re advised/supposed to wear a penis extender. Speed and value should be inversely proportional in case of the best penis extender.

Best Penis Extender in 2022: Top 5 picks reviewed

There are safe and effective penis extenders available in the market. This penis extender review article will not only talk about the best penis stretchers that will enlarge your penis but also about the penis extenders that will help men cope with Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease might cause some pain and irritation in some cases while having sex.

Well, worry not, we’ve already done some research for you. And the best penis extenders of 2021 will see to it that the results are optimum! Here’s a quick summary of pros and cons of the best penis extenders before we get into a detailed penis extenders review!

Quick Extender Pro: Best Overall

The minimum price of one of these penis extenders is $120 and it comes with a money-back guarantee. There are several options to choose from and the comfort padding along with the double straps makes it so very comfortable to use!

You can take a picture in case you want to maintain a before and after study while you obtain the results!


  • affordable
  • Impressive tension strength for strong traction
  • Can produce fast results
  • Can be effective in treating Peyronie’s Disease
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Not advisable to use for longer hours like overnight
  • The strong traction might cause discomfort at times as it takes getting used to

Phallosan Forte: Best for Comfort

The minimum price of one of these penis extenders is $379, which can be a bit expensive but it’s worth it because of how discreetly this device works. It can also be comfortably worn at night when one is sleeping. This feature only makes it more convenient!

The best part of PHALLOSAN Forte is that it’ll adjust to your erections at night and won’t cause you irritation or wake you up. Tossing and turning also becomes easier with this penis extender due to its design.


  • Compact design makes it possible to wear it in public
  • Comfortable and can be worn overnight


  • Doesn’t come with a guarantee or any money-back options like other competitors of penis extenders
  • Not much cost effective


The minimum price of one of these penis extenders is $200 and this penis extender is one of the most trusted names that there are in the market. It is made from medical-grade components and is made to please with 16 comfort settings!

It might just be a tad bit heavier than the above two penis extenders though, and that is what takes it away from the top position


  • Comes with features that allow you to adjust the penile traction
  • Gives fast results as definite and noticable growth is seen in just a few months


  • Not very cost effective as the competing penis extenders might produce similar results in the same amount of time
  • This penis extender feels heavier than the other competitors

PeniMaster Pro

The minimum price of one of these penis extenders is $229 and this is because the technology used here is to give you a smoother traction than its competitors. Comfort comes first with this penis extender, but the results come gradually.

PeniMaster Pro Basic comes with only the bulb that attaches to your glans, make sure to pair it with PeniMaster’s rod or belt system (like the PeniMaster Classic) for effective results.


  • Rigid and vaccum mechanics come together in an innovative way in the design of this penis extender
  • Affordable cost
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be worn for longer periods of time, and even overnight


  • Gradual results and low tension strength
  • Can be expensive than the basic and strictly rod-and-strap penis extender


The minimum price of one of these penis extenders is $150 and this contraption is very modern as well as appealing to look at. It is also very sturdy, regardless of how it looks like.

You’re free to opt for your own tension settings as this penis extender is manually operated. Using it for months, as directed, will help you obtain results for sure!


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Attractive and appealing design
  • The tension settings can be set and the traction device will remember the choice.
  • The straightforward mechanics help in easy wearing and taking off of the penis extender


  • Not the most modern technology of the penis extender might make the user feel uneasy to use it
  • Not very comfortable as the competitors
  • Not the cheapest option for a penis extender of the given features

Open questions about Penis Extenders:

How does a penis extender work?

Penis extenders work through the principles of traction. When we exercise our muscles, it causes tiny tears in them and they grow back stronger : this very principle is the essence behind penis extenders. A penis extender is a traction device which stretches the penis over a period of time. This results in the enlargement of the male penis. Studies reveal that this process has actually worked, enlarging both the length and girth of a penis!

Are the results obtained after using a penis extender permanent?

Ans. Persistent use of a penis extender can give you permanent results. Be aware that it is necessary to use the device as per instructions and use it for as long as it is advised. If used only for a few weeks, the results might be rendered temporary.


So here’s a quick summary review of the best penis extenders, sorted into categories:

This article should be closed with the advice that even though a penis extender is extremely safe, and feeling some tingling or stretching sensations while you’re using a penis extender is expected and normal, in case you’re hurting or are in pain, you must consult a doctor.

Choose the penis extender that suits you best. Make an informed decision, watch the instructional videos based on the penis extender you choose to use it properly, and see the results for yourself!