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VigRX Delay Spray Review: Buy it or skip it?

This VigRX Delay Spray review like all our reviews on sex health products will give you a complete unbiased picture to help you make an informed decision.

I guess the most important fact that I should put in front of you all even before starting off with the article is that I am a personal user of VigRX delay spray. Hence everything you read here will bear my personal stamp of approval. This will further help you get an insight on the usage levels, efficiency, and side effects, if any.

Alternatives to VigRX?

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What exactly is VigRX Delay Spray?

Yet another masterpiece by Leading Edge Health, VigRX delay spray is one of the most renowned sprays aimed to control your climax. In other words, it gives you more time to please your partner and enjoy the heat instead of finishing at a moment’s notice!

Thereby with an increased stamina you not only boost up your own game in bed but also gear up for multiple rounds of intercourse ensuring an overall great night. Everything about VigRX delay spray is formulated to increase your sexual vigour and longevity.

One of the safest things in terms of marketing this spray would be its parent brand name. VigRX delay spray is formulated and produced by Leading Edge Health which is reputed for its cGMP-compliant facility ensuring top-notch safety and security measures in terms of stringent quality control and distribution.

Why do you need VigRX delay spray?

After men hit the 40 landmark, things can only go one way in terms of sexual performance; Downhill. 

I was in a very similar situation experiencing the usual problems of premature ejaculation after I hit my mid-30s. I initially decided to just ignore it but the problem kept persisting. I could no longer ride like a bull as I used to in my college days. This is when I decided to work on it using the conventional means of exercising, yoga and diets. But nothing really worked.

On one visit to my doctor last year, he recommended that I give this product a shot. Mind you, I had a brief period where I tried out every random product the internet had to offer. Needless to say, I was extremely unsatisfied and had given up on such internet solutions.

Nevertheless, I listened to my doctor and the only regret i have is not trying this product sooner!

How does VigRX delay spray actually work?

If you want me to put in the simplest of words:

This spray mildly inactivates the nerves in the penis thereby reducing the excitation and prolonging the duration of your sexual intercourse.

If you want a more detailed answer, read on. VigRX delay spray is formulated keeping benzocaine as its principal component. This compound has gain immense popularity in this decade for its efficient tendencies of calming the sensory impulses, especially in the pharmaceutical industries. When you use this spray on your penis, the chemical gets absorbed into the subcutaneous layers and reaches the muscles and nerve endings. 

There, it deactivates the nerves and hence ensures a long-lasting sexual experience.

How to use this VigRX delay spray? Is it user friendly?

This spray is probably the most user-friendly sprays available in the market.

Most of the times, I barely needed 2-3 pumps of spray on my glans and shaft to achieve the optimal results. After rubbing it all over my manhood, i waited for about 10-15 mins before any other contact so that the chemical gets some time to get absorbed into the penis. 

Mind you, I always wiped my penis with a damp towel or just washed it lightly before performing oral sex. This was just to ensure that the other person isn’t getting anything in them. This isn’t anything dangerous or harmful but i just did it for the heck of it.

How long do you usually last with VigRX delay spray?

That totally depends from person to person and also how much are you applying.

To give my personal experience, I used to be done within just 5 mins before I came across this miracle spray. After using it, my time now has increased to about 20-25 minutes. Sometimes I prefer to last longer, sometimes shorter so it completely depends on the mood and usage.

The best thing about this spray is that after using it for a few months, you gain immense control over your orgasm. It is as if I can now dictate when I want to ejaculate!

Final Verdict?

After using VigRX delay spray for 8 months, I would definitely recommend it. This spray has not only helped me last longer in bed but has also given me the much-needed confidence in daily life which comes along with it.

So if you’re someone who’s scrambling through the internet trying to find a good product, you should definitely give this spray a chance.

As I said, the only regret I had was not coming across VigRX delay spray earlier 🙂