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Do Muscle Relaxers make you last longer in Bed?

It’s no secret that everyone wants to last a bit longer. Men through ages have been trying out tricks; old n new, just to get some extra minutes before blasting off to an orgasm. 

Now, these tricks can be varied as anything. Be it using oils to desensitise the penis or using cock rings to clog the blood or let’s say the age-old technique of pulling out. Each of these techniques has its own merits and demerits. Here, in this article, we’ll be discussing the usage of muscle relaxers. Are they worth the hype? Is it safe to use them? How do they score against their competitive methods?


Before we get into a detailed discussion on muscle relaxers, here is the top recommendation by our experts to help you delay your orgasms.

What are muscle relaxers?

Muscle relaxers are oils or ointments that help in delaying orgasm by relaxing the smooth muscles namely the corpus cavernosum. 

How do they help in delaying orgasm?

One of the main reasons why men end up ejaculating fast is overstimulation and muscle tension. By relaxing the smooth muscles, the substance helps in calming down the neuro-muscular junctions. Due to this, the stimulation reduces and as a result of which the person ends up having sex for a much longer time.

Therefore scientifically speaking, yes muscle relaxers definitely helps in extending the sex time.

What are the drawbacks of using muscle relaxers?

This one is a tricky question as we are talking about a type of medicine instead of a specific brand or dosage.

However a few drawbacks for muscle relaxers would be:

  • They cannot be self-prescribed
    One should always consult a doctor before taking in any sort of muscle relaxers.
  • Could end up being addictive
    Since they give quick short term results, you might get into the habit of always relying on muscle relaxers. This becomes an issue when you suddenly run out of any muscle relaxing medicine and end up having a rather humiliating night.
  • Expensive compared to other ointments
    When you compare the cost of muscle relaxing ointments with other delaying pills or gels, you’ll see the latter is rather cheap. This is due to the fact that muscle relaxing medicines are a recent invention and hence is a product of cutting edge research.

There are way too many drawbacks! What are the positives?

Muscle relaxers have innumerable positives, some of them are:

  • Instantly effective
    It doesn’t take much time for such ointments to work. They can get to work within a minute or two of the application.
  • Increases libido and confidence
    One of the gifts of muscle relaxers is that they aren’t visible to the female partner or doesn’t interfere with the normal course of sex. Therefore the overall confidence and libido of the make gets an added boost.
  • Works fine with any age
    Irrespective of your age, muscle relaxers would work just fine for you. So anyone from young adults to old hunks can enjoy the pleasures of sex for a longer time.

My final verdict?

There aren’t many medical reports which have researched on this method. However, you’ll find enough anecdotal reports convincing you to go for it.

I’d say, do give this a shot if your physician gives the green signal. There have been innumerable techniques out there in the market. Trying out one more would do no harm!