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Best Male Orgasm Enhancement Supplements of 2023

The Top Supplements To Make You Ejaculate More

Semen enhancement supplements, or “cum pills”, have been available many different forms, with recent significant advancements in their formulations attributed to scientific developments and inputs from enthusiasts. Despite these advancements, some formulations still fall short or completely fail to achieve the intended purpose of enhancing sexual performance. Some formulations offer notable improvements in semen volume, orgasm intensity, and even semen taste. To determine the best semen enhancement supplement, we meticulously evaluate every conceivable factor, including ingredient composition, possible interactions with medications, cost-effectiveness, customer service and support, return policy and more.

#1 Load Boost

Load Boost has been awarded the prestigious 2023 MensFusion Editor’s Choice designation due to several notable factors. Load Boost stands out as having the most superior ingredients among all other semen enhancement supplements currently available in the market. The ingredients used in Load Boost have been rigorously researched and are supported by scientific studies, which sets it apart from other products that may contain subpar and unproven ingredients.

In addition to its high-quality ingredients, Load Boost has introduced a unique and innovative component in the form of Bromelain. This element enhances not only the volume of ejaculate but also improves the taste of semen, providing a distinctive benefit that is not typically found in other products.

The parent company of Load Boost, Vitaliboost, demonstrates a commitment to quality and safety that surpasses that of other companies in the sexual supplement industry. Vitaliboost produces all of their supplements in the USA, and is the only company that provided us with 3rd-party laboratory testing data when requested.

The six key ingredients in Load Boost that contribute to its effectiveness are Pygeum, Lecithin, Bromelain, L-Arginine, Zinc, and Copper. Their combination and dosage have been carefully formulated to provide optimal results for users seeking to enhance their sexual performance.

#2 Lock & Load

Gorilla Mind (More Plates More Dates) Lock & Load has been distinguished as the 2nd 2023 MenFusion Editor’s Choice for several reasons. The product contains potent ingredients such as Zinc and Pygeum, which are known to increase semen volume and improve overall sexual performance. These ingredients have been extensively researched and shown to be effective in their respective roles, highlighting the effectiveness of Lock & Load in delivering desired outcomes.

Lock & Load does contain many effective ingredients, but there are also a significant number of “bad” ingredients that do not contribute to semen volume increase. This factor limits the product’s potential and impacts its ranking in our review. The recommended daily serving size of 9 capsules per day is quite substantial and may pose a challenge for some users.

The parent company of Lock & Load, Gorilla Mind, has a strong track record of producing quality supplements that meet customer needs. Their commitment to quality is commendable and reinforces the effectiveness and safety of their products.

Lock & Load is composed of eight key ingredients, namely Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3, Lecithin, Nitrosigine, L-Lysine, and Pygeum. These ingredients have been carefully selected and combined to provide users with a comprehensive and effective supplement that delivers positive results.

#3 Popstar Labs

Popstar Labs ranks as the #3 Editor’s Choice for 2023 on account of three significant factors:

Popstar Labs boasts superior ingredient quality compared to other semen enhancing supplements in the market, with several key components being scientifically validated. This is a welcome deviation in an industry that frequently employs subpar ingredients.

Popstar Labs stands out for its innovative incorporation of Bromelain as an ingredient, which not only enhances ejaculate volume but also improves semen taste, revitalizing an industry that has seen little innovation.

Popstar Labs’ US-based location allows for faster shipping times, an advantage for US residents. Popstar Labs’ formulation comprises of Pygeum, Lecithin, Fructooligosaccharides, Bromelain, L-Arginine, and Zinc.

Final Notes on Semen Volume Increasing Supplements

Although many of the reviewed products claim to enhance semen volume, a number of them are found to include unnecessary ingredients or lack the most effective ones. Only Load Boost by Vitaliboost appears to have the ideal balance of ingredients and nutrient combinations. While any of the top products in our list could be effective, choosing Load Boost would provide the best value for both time and money, especially for those aiming to increase semen volume.