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Unlock The Scrambler Review: Find Out The Scrambler Technique!

Bobby Rio, the creator of Unlock the Scrambler, would be 42 next year. And that man had struggled in his life. Records say that he was an English teacher but he also worked at a restaurant and tried his hands with a house painting business. Well, being a relationship and dating coach was his true calling anyway. 

He found his calling late, but he found it alright. Because without him, Unlock the Scrambler wouldn’t be with us, with all its great success. He is also an e-marketing coach, and maybe that’s why you’re here. You’ve seen the advertisements for Unlock the Scrambler and are wondering if this program is worth it?

Let’s Take You To Where It All Started

Rio was struggling to make ends meet. With his girlfriend paying the deposits for their apartment and all the furniture, Bobby was busy running that house painting business along with creating his very first digital book on dating in his spare time! In 2009, Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy came out and the rest was history. 

unlock the scrambler program

Bobby Rio, since then, has produced one after other dating and relationship programs that have helped people all over the world. He even co-authored “The Guru Black Book” with America’s top 20 dating coaches! Bobby is also the owner of TSB Magazine now. He collaborated with Rob Judge and gave us the Unlock the Scrambler!

What is ‘Unlock the Scrambler’? 

Is there that one girl who you want to make swoon over you? Has that pretty lady you like decided that she wants to be just friends with you? Do you miss hanging out with women or going on dates with them? If the answer to all those questions were yes, then Unlock the Scrambler is a Godsend for you.

Unlock the Scrambler, formerly known as Unlock Her Legs is a dating program and technique that helps hone your communication skills and attitude to make women want to be with you. 

And this is all very scientific and logical – forget advice like get a tattoo, wear a leather jacket or send her flowers and roses – Unlock the Scrambler has actual phases you can follow step by step to get guaranteed results!

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The Scrambler Technique:

Here’s a sneak peek at the phases of Unlock the Scrambler:

Phase 1: Reconnaissance

Phase 2: Rebalance

Phase 3: Validation

Phase 4: Dissonance

Phase 5: Intimacy

Of course, these phrases come after we’ve been acquainted with the introduction and rules of the Unlock the Scrambler technique.

It is important to follow these phases one after the other, in a step-by-step sequence. But that’s not all, there are some free techniques for you once you purchase the Unlock the Scrambler program. 

These bonus programs include The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence, The Dirty Dozen, She’s Sending You Signals, The Magnetic Effect (Texting Report), Her Erogenous Zones, and Sexual Framing: Overcoming Hidden Rejections!

Unlock her Legs Overview!

Step one is the introduction video. It explains the coming phases and helps you think about how you’ll make that lovely woman not lose interest in you or how her opinion of you will always be appealing!

Next comes the Attitude video, describing how some attitudes help you pull the Scrambler technique off and get the girl! 

Now, after the rules, let’s move on to the phases.

  • Phase one is The Reconnaissance. This teaches you how to gauge your own position in her life and the way she sees you. If this position is unfavorable for you, the scrambler technique teaches you how to change it! Using an interruption pattern, the video teaches you how to break her link of unfavorable thoughts about you. Then create confusion and uncertainty…the fun is just beginning.
  • Then comes the Rebalance and The Re-Engagement Text Sequence. Here is when you establish your new self in front of the girl you like. The Scrambler technique teaches you how to alter the power dynamic to make yourself seem superior. Then continue to establish your intimacy with her – this phase is when you shed away the “nice guy” attitude and personality and become a rule-breaking bad boy.
  • Phase three is all about Validation. And the scrambler technique has deep and specific areas mentioned where the woman needs most validation. This is the validation of how she feels around you and about you. Pull some strings about how she feels about herself when she is around you and get her addicted to that feeling! 
  • This is when you have to pay attention to all the psychological tools and techniques in Unlock the Scrambler. This fourth phase of Dissonance helps you attach herself to you. You can send her mixed signals and build some tension to strengthen that bond. This phase will sweep her emotions and make you ready for phase 5!
  • Establish physical intimacy in the final phase. The scrambler technique shows you how to take your relationship with your dream girl to the final intimate and physical state. The step by step guide takes you through ways on how to establish this connection.
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Final thoughts on Unlock The Scrambler!

This Unlock the Scrambler review will have to end on a pretty solid note! This program and the scrambler technique has been proven to help many people find their footing among beautiful, gorgeous women.

The Scrambler technique helps you develop confidence. Unlock the Scrambler finally brings you out of that friend zone you’ve been stuck in forever! So hands down, this is a positive review!

Some questions we thought we needed to address:

How do I use the Scrambler technique?

Ans. “Unlock the Scrambler” or the Scrambler technique comes in digital format. These include written manuals as PDFs, detailed guidance videos, audios and even worksheets with various scenarios and real life examples (also available in Spanish). 

You can access them from your private device at any time you want. There’s also a detailed FAQ section that covers every area there is in The Scrambler Technique. This program has broken all the steps and phases down clearly so that it is suitable for all and is completely easy to use!

Is there an Unlock the Scrambler or Unlock her Legs free version?

Ans. We’re afraid that there’s no free version of Unlock the Scrambler or Unlock her Legs. There are multiple scams on the internet that give you the option of downloading this program and dating technique for free, but be aware that these downloads are not legitimate. 

If you haven’t received the program from its official website, chances are that you’re not getting an authentic version of Unlock the Scrambler or Unlock her Legs. Moreover, these unauthorized downloads from any third-party website may cause viruses to get downloaded on your computer or handheld and might create additional problems! 

Bonus Free E-Books you get with this Program

So steer clear of any such fake downloads. And of course, don’t forget to check out the Official Website to get your own Unlock the Scrambler training kit! You get a 60-day money-back guarantee only with your purchase of Unlock the Scrambler from the official website! 

Avoid Scams. Click Here for the Official Site.