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Load Boost Review 2023: Ingredients, Dosage, & Side-Effects

The semen volume supplement market has been long dominated by Load Boost. But is it the best? With other supplements making similar claims it can be hard to determine which one will actually provide the promised results. We’ll look into what sets Load Boost apart from competitors like Popstar Labs, Lock & Load, and Semenax, and analyze the ingredients that are most effective for improving semen volume. So which one do we recommend? Let’s dive in.

Load Boost Ingredients


Zinc is essential to sperm production and overall semen health. Found in food and multivitamins, it’s still possible that you’re not getting enough zinc for maximum semen production. For this reason, we love the addition of zinc.


A frequent component in traditional medicine, Pygeum is known primarily for benefits related to prostate health, urinary flow, and overall sexual health. It can support prostate function and potentially increase semen volume, making it a key component in any semen volume-enhancing supplement. Pygeum is so effective that we would recommend taking it on its if you don’t have access to Load Boost.


Scientific studies on animals indicate that lecithin can enhance semen volume and sperm motility, potentially promoting overall fertility.


Copper doesn’t increase semen volume or improve sperm health, but it’s a must if you’re taking high amounts of zinc. Supplementation of zinc can cause a shortage of absorbed copper, so we recommend taking a copper supplement any time you take large doses of zinc.


This indispensable amino acid is recognized for its potential in enhancing sperm health. Scientific studies suggest that L-Arginine could increase sperm count and enhance sperm motility. L-Arginine has also been proven to improve and increase semen volume.


Semen volume isn’t the goal of bromelain in Load Boost. At first we’re not the biggest fans of ingredients not directly related to semen volume, but at 300mg per serving the bromelain doesn’t take up that much space. So what is it for? Bromelain is pineapple extract, which helps to improve semen taste. It’s an added bonus for anyone that you might be intimate enough with to have an opinion on your ejaculate’s flavor.

Does Load Boost Work?

With only six essential ingredients, there isn’t any wasted space in Load Boost. All six ingredients play a vital role for either increasing semen volume, improving sperm health, improving semen taste, or play a supporting role to the ingredients that increase semen volume. For these reasons, we highly recommend Load Boost to anyone looking to increase their ejaculation volume. Load Boost is as good as it gets.

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