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VigRX Plus Review 2022: Dosage, Ingredients & Benefits

It is no secret that men all around the world undergo a steep decline in their libido as soon as the clock hits 40. As a matter of fact, the decline starts as early as late 20s for some men. This is mainly due to the sedentary office-going lifestyle of the 21st century. 

VigRX Plus

Therefore, one must also address the issues faced by men and inturn try their level best to stop if not, slow down the decline. This can be done by changing lifestyle through exercises, yoga, diet etc. However, one must also factor in the changes due to mental stress. Testosterone is the culprit. Mental stress and all other factors combined have a very crucial role to play in this overall descent. 

Therefore, it feels like this is a destined course of action. Not really. Not unless medical science interferes and helps us live the life we aspire for. There are innumerable drugs in the market which can help us achieve this dream. VigRX Plus is one such med. But, is it effective? Is it worth the investment? Does it have side effects? Here, in this article we have addressed all such queries and tried to present an unbiased view of this drug.

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What is VigRX Plus?

One of the hallmark products of Leading Edge Health, VigRX Plus is a drug aimed to address sexual dysfunction in men which arises due to low levels of testosterone. The best part of this is that this drug is completely naturally derived and works at the root level by enhancing testosterone production in the male circulatory system. 

With a rise in testosterone, a number of other issues are addressed which includes a higher blood circulation in the sex organs, increased libido, increased ejaculate volume etc

Therefore, an all-natural product which improves male sexual health. That’s what VigRX Plus.

Is VigRX Plus effective?

Till date, there have been thousands of satisfied customers all across the globe who would praise VigRX Plus in unison. Nevertheless, even if we ignore their feedback we can rely on the clinical studies to base the claim of VigRX Plus being as effective as it claims!

A research conducted in 2012 found an increase in the overall sex health of men include overall erectile duration, orgasm duration, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction just after the use of this drug. The standard was based on the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). The men, between the ages of 25 and 50 were separated into two groups where one got the supplement for 84 days while the other got a placebo. It goes without saying that the subjects didn’t know what they were given.

Throughout the duration of 84 days, the men were asked to report their levels of satisfaction based on several parameters some of which are mentioned above. It was found, quite remarkably so, that men who took supplements had a humongous rise in their levels:

  • A 62.82% increase in their ability to maintain an erection
  • Around a 22.49% increase in quality and frequency of orgasms
  • A 59% increase in their ability to easily penetrate
  • A 47% increase in sexual desire and sex drive
  • A 71% increase in satisfaction from sexual intercourse

After this clinical trial, one can safely say that the efficacy of VigRX Plus has been established beyond considerable doubt.

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What are the ingredients in this “oh-so-powerful” supplement?

It is “oh-so-powerful” indeed. Interestingly the power is derived from completely natural ingredients some of which are listed as follows:

  • Damiana
    A mexican wild shrub which is known to promote blood circulation.
  • Epimedium leaf extract
    An aphrodisiac drug mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction in Chinese medicine.
  • Asian red ginseng
    Another Chinese herb which helps in improving the overall male sex health by enhancing libido.
  • Muira Puama bark
    Improves the immune responses of the body.
  • Saw Palmetto
    Helps in the absorption of minerals by the human body.
  • Bioperine
    Increases metabolism and is also famed for having enhancing roles in the immune system.

What are the pros of consuming this supplement?

Seriously? After such a detailed clinical report you still want to know the pros? Ok, read on!

  • Improved libido
    The most crucial problem is a drop in libido. Hence this supplement attacks the root and gets you back your precious libido. This leads to an overall better sex life.
  • Improved erections
    With an increased level of testosterone in the blood, you regain the firm erect penis you once had in your young days. The girth, firmness and duration of your erection increases which leads to better intercourse. Time to relive those good ol’ sexual moments!
  • Increased volume of ejaculate
    Nothing gets off a girl more than seeing how satisfied she has made her lover at the end of the prowess and your semen is a testimony to that. Seldom a lower semen volume could become a major turn off for upcoming sexcapades. Hence, VigRX Plus helps you get a higher volume for a better experience.
  • Increased control over your orgasm
    As you age, the muscles in your penis start to weaken and you end up cumming within moments of sex. VigRX Plus helps you by giving back your vigour and prolongs the overall duration of sex.

Are there any side-effects of VigRX Plus?

Till date, no side effects have been reported even after it has been used by thousands across the globe. The instruction manual warns people with diabetes or underlying chronic illness from consuming it or advises them to seek expert opinion but that is something which is very obvious for any medication whatsoever.

Would you recommend the use of VigRX Plus as a reviewer?

I definitely would. This is a supplement which is derived from all natural ingredients, has no side effects and addresses the root of the problem i.e. testosterone depletion hence, I would highly recommend the use of VigRX Plus for anyone looking to regain their sexual prowess.

Furthermore, one should note that prevention is always better than cure. Hence it is always advisable to start early instead of waiting to turn 40 and getting poorer results at the end.

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