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Is a 5-Inch Penis too Small? Answering the Most Searched Question on the Internet

You’d be lying if you tell me you’ve never Googled about the average size of dicks and compared them to yours. And since you’ve landed upon this article so thoughtfully, it is safe to assume that you’re somewhere in the Five Inch gang. You’re probably swimming in your own insecurity and wondering if your gun will be enough in bed. Whether you’ll be able to satisfy your lover or will she have to fake another orgasm. 

All these questions and self-doubts are pretty common especially when we are bombarded with pornographic films where everyone seems to have a python dangling down there!

But, before we start off with the article let me remind you one thing:

Having dick insecurities after watching pornstars is the same as having height insecurities after watching the players at NBA.

The actors you see on screen are “chosen” because they’ve weirdly large schlongs and because that looks good on screen. No other reason!

As a matter of fact, a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that only 15% of their subjects had an erect dick length of over 7 inches! Most of the participants had their meat dangling around the 5 inch mark. Another review article published in BJUI International scanned through 15,500 pants from across the globe and concluded that 68% of dicks lie between 4.5-5.8 inches when erect. The average length reported was 5.16 inches.

Hence, 5 inch is as normal as it gets! Anything deviating over 2 inches is just a rarity and needs to be checked.


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How small is my Five inches?

As I said, your 5 inches isn’t small at all. When walking down the street, you’re more likely to come across a person with a similar length as you, as compared to some other monstrous length. Hence there is absolutely no reason to get insecure or subjugate yourself to innumerable “penis-enlargement” regimes found on the internet.

Does a 5 inch penis perform differently than a bigger one?

That’s like asking; should I be worried that my gun’s barrel is only 5 inches?

A weapon can only be as good as it’s user. 

Let’s talk logic here. The nerve endings are concentrated to 2.5 – 4 inches inside the vaginal tract. After that, even if you put a Horse dildo, it’ll barely have any sensation. So, if your penis can successfully get into the sensitive 4 inches of vagina, you’re more than capable of giving her earth shattering orgasms for life! 

It is noteworthy that you should be more concerned if your penis is thin than if it is small. A thin but long penis, more often than not, fails to stretch the vaginal tract properly and might fail to provide the toe-curling sensation. Whereas, a small penis with a proper girth would work just fine in any given circumstance.

Why should you be happy with your 5 inches?

If you’re in the 5 inch gang, you should be more grateful than anything else. A guy with a horse dick has way more problems than you can possibly imagine. Here, I’ve listed down the top pros of having a 5 inch revolver!

Painless penetration

Even before I start off with this major advantage let me just clear out one fact: guys with huge dick scare the shit out of girls especially the virgin ones. So there’s an unintentional cock block right there. Yes. Big dicks get cock blocked more, ironically.

Being a girl, I’ve heard countless stories of girls getting nervous seeing some viciously thick or large dick and the experience post sex is definitely not pleasurable. When you tend to have a big meat, you have to be careful regarding your penetration. Going in too deep or too fast with a horse dick might make you lose control and end up hitting her cervix, which is not only annoyingly painful but also very displeasurable.

Now, this is where the 5 inch penis holders triumphantly claim victory. They can go as fast or as deep as they want. Unless the girl is very petite and small, chances are that both of the participants involved can let their reigns off and enjoy as much as they want. With no injury in sight the sex becomes 100x more pleasurable!

One condom fits all

Even though a condom is made to fit all types of dicks, the one with a massive 7 incher or more, often finds the usual ones to be a bit tight. So if you’ve an average size dick at 5 inches, you’re well off with finding your perfect sized condom.

Satisfying felatio

Big dick boys have often complain of ending up with unpleasant oral sex. The blowjobs just don’t feel good if the dick is too big. The girl either needs to know the art of sword swallowing or needs to deepthroat really well without throwing up to satisfy a big dick. Even in that case, the guys complain of having teeth bruises on their dicks after a blowjob.

Hence, you should be thankful to get a decent 5 incher, where blowjobs are undoubtedly a great relief. With a decent dick you can fit into the mouth of any girl and enjoy as much as you please!

No fear of objectification

Just like girls with busty racks have a fear that their partner might be sticking around just for the latter, so do guys with hung meats. The fear that their lovers are there just for the meat is way more common than you think.

Hence when you have an average size gunner, this irrational fear will vanish away and you can focus on the more beautiful and serene aspects of developing your relationship.

Essential sex positions for the 5-inch penis gang.

So now, you’re pretty much convinced that you are one hell of a banger and can satisfy any given woman in bed with your 5 inch machine gun. But hold up, do you know which positions to hit in order to reap out the maximum benefits? 

As before, don’t try to imitate porn as the guns they have are way bigger and weirder than they normally should be. 

Fret not, I’ve listed down the top 3 positions which you must try out if you’re planning to use your 5 inch penis to its fullest!

The Seashell

You pound her in missionary but her legs are locked on your shoulders. This helps in opening up her holes and letting you deeper with every pound.


Imagine missionary but instead of keeping the girl’s legs straight, ask her to make a V and spread it up in the air. It aims for a greater penetration and a more “filling” experience! 

Doggy, duh

We all know that doggy is one of the simplest yet the most effective ways to use the dick in order to have an earth shattering orgasm. Hence definitely add this in your session especially towards the end.

After all this, I hope I’ve been able to give you a clear picture as to where you stand. The five inches you have can give your partner all she ever wanted. But, as a girl I understand, guys do crave for a Johnny Sins, if not a Mandingo, down there. Kudos to years of enslaving pornographic brainwashing, we can seldom get out of this mentality.

Nevertheless, you should be happy with what you have and try to reap all you can out of it. But if you’re still unsure about your 5 incher, do let me know in the comments below and I’ll surely rescue you from all your doubts!