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Is 9 inches a good size? Here is What You Should Know

The matter of size is one that always worries men and women alike. So what is too big? Is 9
inches a good size, or will it be a problem in the long run?

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of having a 9-inch long penis.


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How many guys have 9 inches?

The exact number is difficult to determine, but a 9-inch penis is definitely above average.
Several studies on the matter, but an article published in the British Journal of Urology
International, consider the average length of an erect penis to be around 5.16 inches long.

This number seems to have the majority consensus, as Medical News Today mentioned the
average to be somewhere between 5.1 and 5.6 inches. In contrast, Psychology today assures
its readers that at least 68% of men are no longer than 6 inches while fully erect.

This means that a 9-inch long erection is between 3 and 4 inches bigger than the Average
Joe’s. It’s considered less than 1% of the male population boasts such a length.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for a 9-Inch Penis?

With any position, there are three key rules you should always follow when using your 9-inch
penis in any partner, whether it is a man or a woman: Lube, patience, and communication.

Take it slow, allow the muscles to stretch and adjust. Don’t feel the need to go all the way in
from the start. And most importantly, if your partner asks you to slow down, don’t risk it. Vaginal
and anal tears are an all-too-real risk that can land you and your lover at the ER.

That being said, certain positions will help you enjoy sex without having to be overly cautious
around your partner.

Reverse cowgirl:

While the usual cowgirl means the woman straddles her partner’s lap and
introduces his penis either vaginally or anally, the reserve cowgirl has her looking away from her

This position allows the woman to further regulate how many inches she actually takes inside
her sex and at what speed. The angle of penetration isn’t straight but rather bent, and shallow
penetration is possible while allowing for intense pleasure and friction.
In this position, you can just lay down and enjoy, letting your partner decide how much she can
take with each new thrust.


It might not sound like the best alternative, but if you have self-control and love to
be in charge, this is the ideal position for you!

It allows you to thrust into your lover from behind and regulate the penetration depth and speed.
It’s easy to pull back if your partner’s experiencing any discomfort.

Unlike missionary and traditional cowgirl, gravity isn’t a factor, so there isn’t any chance of
accidentally getting too deep all at once.


Spooning is also a great way to be intimate with your partner, as it’s not a position that allows
for intense penetration. This position can be modified for smaller sizes by having the woman
raising one leg and wrapping it around the man’s hips. This would allow more space for the
greatest entrance, though it wouldn’t be recommended for well-endowed men, as it can lead to
vaginal tears or painfully rubbing the cervix walls.

When in doubt, consider if the position would allow for maximum penetration. If the answer is
yes, perhaps it would be best to avoid it unless you and your partner have developed good
communication skills and you can immediately read their body language to prevent painful

Is a 9-Inch Penis Considered Monstrous?

No! No penis size is considered monstrous per se. Just as breasts, their size can vary from
person to person.

The question should be: is it bigger than most men’s? We answered that question earlier in this
article, but we’ll reiterate just in case. Yes, it’s bigger, and by a few inches at that.

Now, what this size means is that you’ll have to be more careful when making love to your
partner, mainly if they aren’t used to deep penetration.

Is Having a 9-Inch Penis Possible for Every Man?

Definitely not.

Genetics play a big part in your size, much like your hair, eye color, complexion, and body type.
For instance, if you come from a family with tall men, you will most likely be tall yourself. This
isn’t a rule, as we all know that petite girl or boy from the family filled with folks measuring over 6
feet tall.

While there are exercises, surgeries, and even creams that can ensure a thicker, larger
erection, not every man can reach this specific size.

It does not mean your penis is small in and of itself. It simply means you don’t reach that very
specific size only 1% of the population can claim to have.

If you are close to that length, however, you can practice stretching or kegel exercises,
expanding your size bit by bit. More drastic measures can include injections and surgery, but it’s
vital to consult a doctor and make sure you qualify for such procedures before attempting them.

Will I Hurt My Partner if I Have a 9-Inch Long Penis?

As usual, this isn’t a simple, yes or no answer.

It depends on many factors: Your partner’s comfort level with deep penetration, the position and
style of sex, and your lover’s size.

Are you making love to a man or a woman? Are you attempting to engage in anal, vaginal, or
oral sex? How petite or full-bodied is your partner? Are you having sex with a virgin or a more
experienced lover? All these questions will determine whether a 9-inch penis will be painful
while engaging in sexual activities.

Even a 5 or 6-inch penis might be painful for a virgin or challenging to take while performing
anal sex. There are people with more gag reflexes than others, and they can take down thicker
and longer members depending on this factor as well.

So, the answer isn’t a guaranteed yes, though there is no question a longer and thicker erection
will more easily cause pain than one on the smaller side.

To be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to communicate with your partner, so they can let
you know what their limits are.

Using lots of lubes, being patient and gentle at first until you understand your lover’s limits will
undoubtedly ensure the sexual encounter turns out pleasurable for everyone involved!

If your partner’s having a hard time dealing with your entire size, it’s a good idea to begin with,
softer encounters, allowing their muscles to expand and grow used to your size. Toys and
vibrators can be used to aid in the process and make it more pleasant and less of a chore. Take
your time, and don’t rush it. Getting used to a 9-inch penis might take days and even weeks, but
in the end, it will be worth the extra effort.

Does 9-Inches Guarantee You’ll Be Good in Bed?

Definitely not!

It might give you a natural advantage, filling up your partner’s mouth, ass, or sex more deeply,
but it does not secure you will be a beast between the sheets.

First of all, experience is a factor to keep in mind here. No one becomes an expert on their first
time, no matter their size. The more experience you acquire using your penis, the more
proficient you’ll become, bringing pleasure to your lovers with it.

Second, keep in mind that an erection might be quite long, but girth is also an essential factor to
keep in mind.

If you have an incredibly long yet too thin erection, it might not provide the pleasure of a shorter
yet thicker penis could provide.

Third, remember it’s all about preferences: Some partners prefer smaller or thicker penises in
contrast with massive sizes that can painfully bump against the cervix and other overly-sensitive
spots of their anatomy. There are men and women who aren’t able to take in too many inches
while performing oral sex and might feel intimidated by larger sizes.

Is a 9-inch penis the perfect size for pleasing your partners? The answer’s actually more
complicated than just a “yes” or “no.” It’s essential to know that there is no perfect penis size out
there that’ll please everyone. Many guys think that all women want partners with big penises,
but plenty actually prefers smaller penises because they find them more comfortable and

But what do women prefer when it comes to size, according to science? Several studies have
focused on this subject, including one developed by professor David Veale and his team at the
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. This study explains women consider 6.3 to
be the ideal size when it comes to their partner’s penis size.

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  1. I am 9 inches too, i have to make sure my partner is fully wet before intercourse, she has been experience yeast infection and pain due to my size. We do a lot of for-play too. I hope this helps

  2. I am 9 inches too, it’s very important to make sure your partner if a woman is aroused before you start to penetrate, my partner has been uncomfortable during intercourse if she not fully wet.

  3. I have a 9 inch and I have to eat out my wife first and I love that and so does she and I got to go slow and let her stretch out. So she can take the complete 9 inches. When she is stretching out and ready. She loves it had and faster the better she loves it. We had sex last night and she loves it on the side of the bed and her legs in the air. She got of and it blew across are bedroom and she shuck and quivered and she screamed when she got off. She also likes to sit on my face and grind her pussy in my face and with no mercy. I can’t complain about are sex life. She is just as freaky as I am and it makes for one hell of a mind blowing oragasom for both of us. Also when she is riding my face or I’m eating her out. She squirts like hell and I drink every drop and keep eating her out. Till she can’t take anymore and she ask me to stop. She said that I am the one one that she has been with that can make her eyes roll back in her head with both eating her out and penetration . I never had a pussy as tight as my wife’s. She tightens her pussy up she can stop me from being able to go in or out.

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