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ProExtender Review: Does this device work?

We get at least 10 emails asking about penis extenders every single week, so it’s obvious that men have a really difficult time choosing one. To be fair, a small penis is humiliating in more ways than one so the craze around extenders is quite understandable. 

When we review a product, we go through an extensive list trying to find out every product available in the market and give you an unbiased opinion on the same. But the problem with reviewing penis extenders is that one new brand comes up every other week claiming to be better. More often than not, they’re just cheap copies of each other and 99.99% of them are shams.

Truth be told, penis extenders don’t go through strict quality verification or health safety scrutiny like consumables. Due to this, many devices end up hurting the user or affecting your manhood in the long run. 

But don’t you worry. We have got your back. With years of experience in this field, we will only give you the most unbiased opinions and reviews on any given product. In this article, we discuss ProExtender, a product that has put smiles across the globe.

What is ProExtender?

ProExtender is a non-invasive, non-surgical device aimed to give your penis a few extra inches. It uses the principle of Penile Traction Therapy which helps to grow your penis naturally using repetitive stretching of the penile muscles. 

How does this device help in penis growth?

99% of your penis is just muscles. Therefore, enhancing your penis dimensions would follow the same principle as any muscle workout regime.

Let’s say you’re trying to build your biceps. For this, you’d go to the gym and lift weights. Basically curling up your muscle and stretching them under resistance. This unnatural tension would give rise to micro-tears in the muscles of your biceps. With the intake of proper nutrition, the tears are repaired with thicker and stronger muscle fibres. This makes your biceps thicker and stronger than before.


ProExtender is a non-invasive, non-surgical device aimed to give your penis a few extra inches. It uses the principle of Penile Traction Therapy which helps to grow your penis naturally using repetitive stretching of the penile muscles. 

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Similarly, ProExtender applies stretching tension on the penis. Starting off with little pressure it gradually increases without going overboard. This tension gives rise to micro-tears in the penile muscles. As discussed, with proper nutritional intake, the tears are repaired with bigger and stronger muscle fibres.

When you repeat this for months, what you get is a thicker, longer and firmer penis!

The principle sounds great in theory but does it have proper clinical backing?

Definitely! We’d never vouch for something without strong scientific proof. There have been innumerable documented studies that have shown how incredible this technique is. Most notable is the paper published in 2013 which reviews all the existing studies and shows that penile traction is indeed a great approach to get a thicker and bigger penis. It has also been mentioned that this method could be used on people with Peyronie’s disease and people with other shape deformities.

How does this device score in terms of its competition?

If you’re pitching it against the pills, ointments and creams; I’d say the debate is futile. The game is already won when you choose to battle a 100% natural, scientifically proven device with something that is chemically formulated with probably hundreds of unknown side effects in the long run!

Whereas if you’re pitching it against the other devices, it is again a silly comparison as if you’re comparing a Balenciaga jacket with its Chinese third copy 🙂

Makes sense?

As a sensible user, the safety of your health should be your topmost priority. Hence I would never suggest you go for any of those counterfeit options out there when you have the original at such a good price.

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Would you recommend ProExtender?

Let me just brief you up on the pros of this device before giving my verdict.

  • User-friendly design
    You need a maximum of 10 mins to understand how this device works and you’re good to go.
  • Adjustable levels of traction
    Most devices in the market come with one constant tug-n-pull traction setting. But ProExtender gives you a multitude of options to choose from. This not only helps in maximising the result but also helps in having a comfortable experience as you can start slow and then gradually build up.
  • Bonus supplements!
    The brand recognises that nutrition is an incredibly important element when it comes to muscle building. Hence they serve you a repertoire of supplements to choose from promising you the most ideal experience you can ever imagine.
  • Money back promise
    Which brand would be confident enough to return all your money if you had unsatisfactory results? Now you know what to choose.

BUT, not everything is pitch-perfect about ProExtender. The major drawback I would say is that you can only buy this product from their official website. Even though this ensures quality control and good customer service, it often leads to long waiting periods as the product seldom goes out of stock.

Nevertheless, I’d say it is worth the wait.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a natural, noninvasive, effective way to gain some inches on your penis; you can surely go for this device. Pro Extender won’t disappoint you.

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