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How to Know If You Have a Big Penis

Walking into the gym locker room may be the one way you can size up penises. However, that may not be the best way to determine whether or not you have a big dick. After all, penises come in a variety of lengths, girths and shapes. But you never know if the guys in the locker room are average or not. Therefore, stop comparing yourself to the dicks around you and read on to learn more about penis sizes and how to know if you have a big penis.


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Obsessing Over Your Penis Size

As men, we are obsessed with our penis sizes. To be honest, having a bigger dick boosts our self-confidence as well as giving us a masculine feeling. Apart from old Roman and Greek statues, no man has ever wanted to have a small dick. Unfortunately, some men just have smaller penises. So, how do you know if you have a big penis?

As I was growing up, we were always talking about our dick sizes among friends. Of course, we were bragging about having 7 inches, 8 inches, and so on. Nobody seemed to have an average-sized penis. All penises were enormous! When asked about my penis, I didn’t want to sound too small so I said that I had a 7.5-inch willy. Therefore, considering nobody in my teenage group of friends went on to become a porn star, it’s likely that every one of us lied.

So, how can you really determine whether or not you have a big penis? Let’s take a look at dick statistics from around the world and you be the judge.

The Average Penis Size

The first way to tell if you have an average penis or a large one is to know the average size. It depends on the country in which you are living. A 6-inch penis can be considered quite big if you are living in a country like India, Pakistan, China, or Cambodia. However, if you are from the United States, a 6-inch penis is barely above average.

So, check out the average penis sizes in these countries:

  • The United States: the average penis size is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters)
  • Ecuador: the average penis size is nearly 7 inches (17.6 centimeters)
  • Cambodia: penises average 4 inches or 10 centimeters
  • Japan: penises average 5.33 inches or 13.56 centimeters

Now, knowing whether or not you have a big penis depends largely on where you live and not how big your best buddy is.

Get Feedback from Your Partner

Talk to your partner and get her feedback

Another way of determining whether or not you have a big penis is to ask for honest feedback from your partner. If your partner has been with other people before you, you can simply ask her what she thinks of your penis size. In most cases, she will simply say that it is big enough, however, keep in mind that she isn’t going to say something that will hurt your feelings.

Therefore, it’s probably better that you go by how satisfied she is. For example, can you bring her to orgasm through intercourse? Does she want you inside her just as much as she wants oral sex? Most likely, she’s not measuring your dick in inches rather, she is measuring it by what you can do with it.

Don’t Forget About Girth

One thing that men usually don’t think about is the girth of their penises. Some men check their penis length when their dick is flaccid or erect but they don’t take into account the benefit of having a thick girth. In fact, although women may say they want a big penis, their vagina says otherwise. With a depth between 3 and 6 inches, the vagina doesn’t need length inside it to be pleased, per se.

The reason being is that all of the sensitive nerve endings of a woman’s vagina are on the outside meaning, her clitoris, her labia and the opening of her vagina. So, a thicker penis will be felt a great deal more than a thinner, longer penis. Plus, a shorter penis is perfect for hitting her g-spot. So, if you have a girthy dick, this could easily make you a better performer in bed.

The Average Penis Girth Size

What is the average girth size of a 6-inch long penis you might ask? Science Magazine shows that 4.95-inch girth is the average for most penises. Therefore, if you have a penis with a diameter that is more than 5-inches around then you are thicker than the average male. And, as mentioned before, it is how you perform between the sheets and not necessarily the length or width of your penis.

Don’t Compare Your Penis Size with Porn Stars

There is one thing you should avoid when it comes to comparing the size of your penis to others; it is the comparison with a porn star. Do you compare your singing voice with Jon Bon Jovi? Remember these are professionals and they are there for one reason, their penises are aesthetically pleasing to the camera. So, even though there are ways to enhance your manhood, comparing penis to that of a porn star’s is a mistake.


Although having a big penis seems to be advantageous, that isn’t always the case. The average penis is more than adequate when it comes to pleasuring a woman. In addition, the average penis size differs, depending on where in the world you live. So, while you may be average in the United States, you would be considered well-hung in Japan. Either way, it’s important to be happy with the penis you have and if it’s something that does bother you, there are alternatives for enhancing your penis size without internet-scam pills or expensive surgeries. Just take a look around the site and see how you can help yourself feel better with penis enhancement.

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  1. yeah im 12 and my dick is 19 inches long girth about 40 meters, dont know if thats normal im scared might have to make an appoitment

  2. I’ve recently turned 19 … so i decided to measure my dick… it’s 19.2 cm (7.5 inches) with a girth of 5.6 inches, is it normal for a guy my age

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