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Why Do Black Guys Have Big Dicks? 5 Facts That Unveil the Truth

Do black men really have big dicks or is this just another urban myth? We are revealing the truth as to if black men have bigger penises and if they do, why. 

Fact or Fiction: Are Black Penises Bigger?

When it comes to penis sizes, we all have heard that black guys have big dicks. But is that fact or fiction? Indeed, pornography shows us nothing but big penises, and black guys are not an exception to that rule. However, unless you have gone around and compared penis sizes of all black men you know, you are not going to know if this is the truth or just a myth. So, if this is indeed a fact, why do black guys have big dicks? In this article we are going to find out why.

#1 Location Matters

According to the WorldData’s penis infographic, there are 6 countries out of 10 countries whose population is dominantly black when it comes to the penis sizes. Even though Bolivia has the longest penises on average (6.9 inches or 17.6 cm), Cameroon, Sudan, Haiti, Senegal, Gambia, and Zambia are just tracking behind. However, on the same list, we can easily see that there are countries within the top 10 whose male population is white-dominated. So, as far as location goes, black men indeed have bigger penises.

#2 Body Build

If a man is tall and has a well-built body, we find it normal for that person to have large feet and hands or a wide chest regardless their skin color. Further, we assume the same for penis sizes. A girthy guy will have a bigger than average penis. And now considering some black men are larger in stature, you would assume they have a larger penis. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Basically, you can be black, white, Asian or Hispanic and be over 6 feet in height or be just over 5 feet tall and it will have absolutely nothing to do with the size of your penis. Yes, even if you have large feet and hands, you still may have a smaller penis. In the case, it’s all about genetics. Therefore, saying a man has a bigger penis simply because he is black, is a myth.

#3 The Cultural Connection

Have you noticed that almost all naked Roman and Greek statues have small penises? Because then, an erect and large penis was considered “barbaric”. On the other hand, the majority of native tribes of Africa had a different understanding of penis sizes. Big dicks meant fruitful years as well as fertile lands. Therefore, the tribe members with larger penises, held a higher place within the village.

So, although you may believe, as a whole, that African men have larger penises, that simply isn’t the case, as illustrated in the practices of African tribes. Therefore, we can take this tidbit of information and determine that being of African descent doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have a larger penis.

#4 Harder Workers Have Bigger Penises

Starting from the very early times, black people, as a race, have been known for their dedicated, hard work. Sadly, this is the reason black people were kept as slaves; they did the hard work that the European people would not or could not do. Therefore, the belief that black men have stronger bodies and, as a result, larger penises, comes from that outdated and racist mindset.

#5 Women Don’t Lie

If you want to know the absolute truth as to whether or not black men have bigger dicks, simply hop on the internet and let your fingers do the searching. When it comes to rating the penis sizes of men, women do not lie.  According to this article on TV One, the author gets pretty candid with her sexual experiences with men of different ethnic backgrounds:

“I’ve had several “Is that it?!’ encounters on both sides of the fence so I won’t say all Black males are packing but there was one brother I met that should definitely be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  I’ll call him *Willy.  Although Willy and I only dated for a short time and never got it on, the size of his member is worth talking about.

We were messing around one day and I saw it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was what my girls and I would call “anaconda” huge. There was no way I was getting close to that! I would rather give birth without an epidural then have sex with that! It had pain, not pleasure written all over it.” 

The Real Deal with Black Penises and Being Like Willy

Okay, although you may read that quote above and think, “I want to be like Willy!”, think again! Not all women are turned on by huge penises. And, I believe we have put the argument to rest, as it pertains to black men and the size of their penises. Your race has absolutely nothing to do with your penis size and your genetics do. So rather than blame your penis size on your race, blame your parents! And, if for any reason you feel that your penis size isn’t what you had hoped it would be, it’s cool to look for ways to naturally enhance what your genetics gave you. So take a look around the site and see what you can do to enhance your penis naturally and stop looking up to the brothers you call friends, they may be thinking the same thing as you.

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  1. B.S I am black ! I see some black that were huge and some average or smaller. Black men probably look for more male enhancement due to the stereo type.

  2. The one insecure white guy*
    But sometimes there are many of these insecure white guys
    And I am not being racist but I am tired of seeing that kind of crap
    Only beta males would care this much about penis size and who is bigger

  3. I’ve dated several black men and have hooked up with a few also and I can say that I’ve never seen a black man with anything that’s just average. It’s almost always above average or just really big.

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