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Garlic for Male Enhancement? Does it Work and How Much to Take?

Do you want to know if garlic is good for male enhancement? If it is so, how much would be enough without being overkill? Read more to find out!

Garlic has been in use as an alternative medicine since the ancient Greek times. People have been eating this miracle of nature for different purposes, ranging from heart diseases to sexual health. Well, you need to remember to brush your teeth right after as it can kill your sex life quickly. Jokes aside, the plant has gained a place for its own as a supplement to male enhancement products and exercises.  So, what is so good about it? How much garlic would be enough for male enhancement? What does it do in your body? What are the possible side effects of garlic? We will be learning everything about garlic in this article!

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All About Garlic

First off, let’s get familiar with garlic. Even though it was native to Siberia, it can now grow anywhere in the world. In ancient Rome, China, India, and many different ancient civilizations, people used it as a preventive medicine to a variety of maladies. You can see popular doctors on TV advising garlic consumption every other day.

Garlic as a Male Enhancer

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Since the penis enlargement market has become popular, people have started to see everything as a natural male enhancer. Among them, garlic is the closest thing to support your sexual health. Sure enough, garlic will not enhance your manhood singlehandedly but it supports while you are working on your penis enhancement through exercises.

Speaking of exercises, many people are curious what to do about penis enhancement and the use of garlic. As advertised penis enlargement pills are notorious for being scams it leaves men with two choices: Penis enlargement surgery or penis stretching workouts.

Since surgery costs a great deal of money and isn’t covered by insurance, people are looking for a less expensive way to get results. So, just take a look around our website for tips, advice, natural supplements and exercises that can help you on your journey to add inches to your penis.

Garlic as a Sexual Catalyzer

In ancient China, doctors have used garlic powder as a solution to erectile dysfunction. Although Western medicine airs on the side of caution, some herbalists still recommend garlic for many health-related issues, erectile dysfunction included.

Indeed, garlic is extremely useful for sexual purposes. As we mentioned above, it helps to deal with erection problems to some level. This is because it regulates blood flow, works as a natural blood-thinner, and therefore, increasing overall blood flow to the body.

Apart from that, garlic is rumored to increase a person’s sex drive. Libido is in close relation with your erection frequency and since garlic contains allicin, it is easy to increase your libido. However, you will not see the effects of it quickly, but rather, in the long-run. Recent studies have shown that the sex drive of both men and women increases after eating small amounts of garlic for a month.

How Much Garlic Should You Use?

Garlic: The all-natural herb

As we said before, there is no “magical” amount of garlic you need to take as a supplement for male enhancement, health or penis stretching workouts. However, unlike pills filled with chemicals that could harm your body, garlic is an all-natural herb that can be taken and enjoyed at any amount, every single day. Further, half a clove of garlic to one full clove a day won’t hurt you at all. But, eating more does not necessarily mean you will have better erections, though it may help.

The best way to consume garlic is by eating it raw. Sure, it can be a bit difficult to eat garlic as if it’s an apple or orange, but there are recipes you can find in which you use garlic in its raw form. For example; tzatziki, a Greek recipe with yogurt and cucumbers, is full of raw garlic.

Apart from these, there are garlic capsules on the market that you can find at natural grocers and health food stores. This type of garlic supplement is easy to take and perfect for those of you who aren’t a master chef in the kitchen.

Take Your Garlic and Brush Your Teeth

In the end, we can say, without doubt, that garlic has many healthy advantages as well as playing a role in penis enhancement and performance. Plus, when taken in its raw form, the boosts to your health are even more apparent. However, be wary of the side effects which are; attracting people who love Italian food, warding off vampires and the dreaded, dragon breath. But that’s simply avoided by brushing your teeth and using some mouthwash…. Well, dragon breath. We don’t know what you’ll do about the Italian food-loving people or vampires.

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