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How to Make your Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

Every penis is unique. There are thicker, thinner, shorter, and longer. Some are even tilted in different directions.

This is the way your body’s built, and there’s nothing wrong with it. There is no normal when it comes to an erection, such as there is no normal when it comes to body type, hair length or facial structure.

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When it comes to averages, there are studies that suggest the usual girth lays between 3.66 inches when flaccid and 4.59 inches when erect. Meanwhile, length ranges between 3.61 when unerect and 5.16 when aroused.

Think about it this way: Out of 100 men, only 5 will sport anything bigger than 5.16 while fully erect. The norm, in this case, is not being a legendary stud like in the movies, but have a pleasantly shaped erection that can still pleasure the ladies.

If you are worried your girth or length might not be enough to please your lover, most of the time, it depends on creativity rather than size. Attempt different positions that work better for your erection’s specific characteristics.

Have your lover rest her lower body on pillows, to allow for maximum penetration, or go doggy style. Both positions allow for erections that are on the smaller side to achieve pleasurable depth. Changing angles while making love will also improve your chances of making your lover moan out your name in extasis!

But if you think you’d like to add more circumference to your girth and extend your length, we can offer a few penis stretching ideas.

Top Ways Make your penis thicker and longer naturally

Penis Stretching 

As with most methods of bodily modifications, there are both natural and non-natural methods. Compare it to when you want to lose weight: You could go running, go on a diet, hire a personal trainer or even have surgery. 

It’s much the same when it comes to having a larger cock when it comes both to girth and size.

Manually stretching

This is a method you can do from the comfort of your own home. Please remember that if you feel any discomfort during or after the process, you should visit your doctor immediately.

  • First, grab your penis’s crown
  • Pull it up for ten seconds, stretching it as far as it can go without causing pain
  • Go back to its natural state
  • Pull it toward your left for ten seconds, once again stretching as hard as you can without hurting yourself
  • Go back and repeat this process toward the right side of your body.
  • Keep doing this exercise for five minutes

After you are done, you need to try and give your erection a break, so it would be best not to masturbate soon after. This exercise should be repeated several times a day for at least a month. If you see results after this initial month, you may continue to extend it further over time.

Applying pressure

  1. Prass the tip of your index finger and thumb, creating a small O near the base of your erection. If the circumference is too small, use the thumb and middle finger instead
  2. Start moving up your girth, making your O as small and tight as you can. You should loosen it up a bit if it starts to hurt. Always remember safety should be your number one concern during these exercises. If anything feels wrong: stop!
  3. Roll the O all the way up to the penis’s crown
  4. Repeat this process once a day. You can start in sessions of 20 minutes and then move on to up to 30 minutes a time when you gain more experience.
  5. This technique helps better spread blood flow through your entire penis, and over time, will allow you to achieve thicker erections.

Losing weight and waxing your pubic region.

Though it won’t actually extend your size, both losing weight and removing your hair down there will make it seem larger and thicker.

Why? Hair tends to hide your erection and gives the illusion it might be smaller than it truly is. 

There is a condition known as buried penis syndrome: When your body type falls within the parameters for obesity, it might lead to your erection becoming hidden under public region fat.

Looking fitter will grant your genitals the space they need to truly show off both when you are alone and in front of your lover. Feeling confident about the way you look will inevitably help you improve the way you move in bed too, making you a better lover.

Kegel exercises: 

Kegel exercises add strength to your pelvic floor, allowing you to maintain stronger erections and grow thicker when aroused. 

This is the one exercise that demands the most consistently in order to work for real. You should practice it at least 3 times a day, in sets of 10, for as long as you can handle it. Weeks, months, even years. The more you continue this routine, the more it will improve your erection

  1. Tense your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds, tightening them as hard as you can without touching them
  2. When in doubt, try to imagine you’re attempting to raise your balls without using your hands
  3. Don’t let go fast, but rather relax your muscles slowly, and rest for five seconds before starting the cycle all over again
  4. You should repeat it at least ten times, which equates 60 seconds of tension and 60 seconds of rest, mixed up together
  5. When you feel more comfortable doing these kegel exercises, you can extend this time to up to five minutes at a time, always alternating between resting and tension periods. Go from 5 to 10 to 20 seconds at a time.
  6. Since you don’t have to touch your genitals while exercising, you can do it almost anywhere, as long as people aren’t staring your way. 

Avoid smoking

It might not sound like smoking has anything to do with virality, but you’d be surprised.

Not only can smoking lower the testosterone levels in your body, leading to weaker and less durable erections, but it’s also been proven to actually shrink your dick’s size.

How is this possible? Well, among many negative effects, smoking can actually damage blood vessels all across the body, including those present in the penis. This keeps them from being filled and stretching out as they should, leading them to look flaccid and thin even when fully erect.

Tension rings

While viagra makes sure that the blood flows properly to your penis, maintaining an erection even when naturally the man in question might have a problem getting one, tension rings works when the erection is already in full motion.

While it won’t actually expand your dick, it will allow you to last longer, and give the impression of having a thicker and tighter erection. It’s a short-term solution for when you want to fully enjoy a romantic moment with a loved one, or a passionate one-night stand with a lover.

It’s vital not to use the ring for over 30 minutes, and to check for discomfort or change in your penis’s color. If your erection starts to feel numb, it must be removed at once to avoid blood concentrating harmfully in the affected area.

Eat healthier

Certain foods might improve your penis size and girth, by allowing a better blood flow through your entire body, including your manhood.

Plus, leafy greens such as spinach actually increases the level of testosterone in your body, making you achieve longer erections, and feeling more masculine and confident.

Other foods that allow keeping your erectile health through the roof are those rich in vitamin B, such as cheese, eggs, milk, chicken, several types of fish such as tuna and salmon, and even oysters.

Air pumps

Air pumps allow you to pull up blood into your penis and make it fully erect, allowing it to look thicker and healthier at least for a brief period of time.

To use it, you must insert your penis into the pump and suck the air out of it by applying pressure on its mechanism. 

These devices often include a ring that is placed around the base of your erection, allowing your erection to last over 30 minutes without incident.

It’s important to apply a generous amount of lube on your penis before using the pump, as its skin tends to be sensitive and it can end up being an unpleasant experience.

If you feel any pain or discomfort, it’s vital to stop pumping and visit your doctor.

Make your penis thicker and longer through non-natural procedures

Penis fille

This is a procedure done by a doctor, in which the penis if injected with a specific liquid, most likely hyaluronic acid. It gets stored under the soft tissue and allows to increase the penis’s natural girth.

This will allow the flacid member to look thicker already, up to 2 cms, depending on the amount of liquid injected. It’s more noticeable when sporting an erection.

This procedure tends to last up to 18 months when the liquid’s absorbed into the body.

It’s key to consult a physician about these fillers and make sure that what you’re injecting into your body is healthy and FCC-approved

Penis enlargement surgery

During this surgery, a medical-grade silicone, crafted in a crescent shape to properly fit inside the penis, is inserted underneath the skin to make it both wider and larger.

It usually comes in three different sizes, depending on the physical characteristics of the person undergoing surgery.

In order to introduce it, an incision is made in the groin area, stretching out the skin pulling it from the base of the patient’s penis.

It can increase any manhood from 1.5 to 2.5 inches, depending on the silicone’s size.

Remember your groin will remain swollen and painful for several weeks after the procedure, and you won’t be able to masturbate or engage in sexual encounters in at least one and a half months.

Wrap Up

Above all, remember that safety comes first. It’s not worthy to harm yourself while attempting to achieve a thicker erection.

There are several positions that can work for any size and shape, and to put your partner in the mood, oral sex and masturbation can do wonders.

It’s best to speak to your partner about your concerns before taking any radical measures: It might not be as big a problem as you consider it to be. Sometimes it’s not about your size, but rather your confidence levels.

And if you are determined to use one of these methods, make sure to be safe and not rush into them just to get quick results. Always consult your doctor when in doubt.

Best of luck and here’s to many happy erections!