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What is jelqing? Does it even work?

In this article we are going to talk about something unusual. Well, unusual is not the right word here, rather, something amusing. Jelqing. To jelq is to typically wrap your penis with your thumb and your index finger and draw away from your body, repeatedly. This is to force the blood vessels in that area towards the head or the glans and enhance vascularity. And what else comprises the meaning of jelqing? What does it mean to jelq? Let’s find out.

You know that theory about the giraffes? About how they weren’t very tall to begin with but as all the short shrubs and trees were being eaten by other autotrophs, those are the animals who are vegetarians, the giraffes had to reach higher and higher to eat the tall trees? The giraffes who couldn’t crane their necks high enough died of starvation. This happened generation after generation, then evolution took over and giraffes grew taller and taller. Now obviously it’s a theory but there are many believers of this theory. Jelqing is also a penis enlargement technique in a very similar way. Although not proven scientifically that if it even works, it has been widely used and is being used as we speak. You see, it’s the giraffes all over again, only at a very personal level this time. And with not much proof that the necks have grown larger at all or not.


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What is jelqing?

Jelqing is one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques that can be performed without any contraption. It’s a penis stretching routine that goes back to ancient times. It’s a simple technique, to jelq your penis is simply to pull and stretch the penis in order to make it larger. There have been claims made by certain people that jelqing regularly can make your penis larger or bigger. Although it has not been scientifically proven yet that jelqing can permanently enlarge your penis. 

There are some techniques or jelqing exercises but they aren’t taught as effective techniques that provide positive results. Moreover, jelqing improperly can actually be harmful. It can lead to tears in the blood vessels of your penis, cause immense pain and even cause erectile dysfunction in the future. Some of the harm caused by jelqing might be irreparable.

Jelqing Exercises: How to jelq?

Jelqing is practiced usually with your own hand and fingers but there are also typical devices, specially designed to jelq a penis. It’s called ‘milking’ when done that way. But to talk about the various processes, 

  1. You hold your penis with your index finger and your thumb – make an OK sign with your fingers around your penis – use a lubricant to smooth the process, rub yourself to achieve a semi-hard erection, then use your fingers to pull down. Stretch your penis from the base to the head. And you are to repeat this once per day for about 20 minutes.
  2. Then there are contraptions, such as ‘The Penilizer’, available online worldwide, which help hold the penis between traction rollers with plastic arms.
  3. There are other traction devices also that can be allegedly used over time to stretch your penis. You insert your penis inside the device and secure it firmly. You secure the device to your pelvic region as well. Then you stretch the device and your penis is pulled, or stretched with it. You use such devices for 4-6 months, or more, for 3-4 hours a day to receive the intended results. 

Some tips, if you opt for any jelqing techniques or jelqing exercises, would be to reduce the stress or the pressure you exert while jelqing exercises if it feels painful to jelq. Also, if you’ve started and have definitely decided to continue, increase the time gradually and practice the grip to cause minimum damage.

Does jelqing work?

To answer and be straight to the point, jelqing is not a process which is proven to be effective. There have been no impressive clinical trials or no lessons taught about how to perform jelqing efficiently. If anything, jelqing has been proven to have no significant enlargement effects on the size or girth of penis whatsoever. Take the study conducted by PhalloGauge Medical as an example: under the study, 7 men performed jelqing (exercising 200 jelqing strokes daily) for 3 months. The average results after the study was over were insignificant, the average length gain being 0.13 inches, and the average girth increase being 0.3 inches only. 

YouTube videos and many articles might say otherwise though. Take for example, this extremely NSFW video showing a penis and a man talking about jelqing exercises, and several other articles claiming that jelqing actually helps with the growth of the penis. But we don’t really get to see any before and after pictures that are proven or are confirmed to be true.

Risks of jelqing and other alternatives you can opt for:

There is no small risk when we’re talking about jelqing. Your penis is filled with corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum, these are basically spongy tissues which fill with blood and expand during an erection. The blood flows through cavernosal arteries on both sides of your penis and other blood vessels outside are compressed: this helps prevent the blood from draining out and thus helps in maintaining your erection. It’s a delicate system which gets jacked up when you jelq.

Side effects of jelqing are immense, like numbing, bruising, swelling and permanent damage in some cases leading to erectile dysfunction. Some tears caused in your penis by jelqing cannot be corrected. If you must find an alternative, penis enlargement surgery is what you should opt for. Some traction devices might work to increase the length, but not the girth of the penis.

Penis enlargement options have sprung up everywhere. Pills, ointments, surgery, this industry continues to bloom that way. Our advice is, don’t let the industry prey on you based on these male insecurities. Most of the time men, in respect to their penises, think they want something, or think that their partners want something…but before putting yourself through any of these methods to gain an inch or two, think about if it is really worth it. 

Open Questions on Jelqing:

Is jelqing harmful?

Some doctors say jelqing in an improper way can cause damage to the penis. It can lead to tears in the blood vessels in that area and even erectile dysfunction. Not to mention the possible bruising, the pain, the skin irritation and scar tissue resulting from rubbing too hard. And ah, your skin becomes loose and might fall out in flaps. Oh, and it can also ruin the shape of your penis. And you can add numbness to the list. So, yes, jelqing might be harmful. It definitely, definitely, might be.

Should I jelq when I’m erect?

No. You do it only when you’re flaccid or semi-hard. 

How long does jelqing take to bring results?

Overnight. Just kidding. It can take years, actually. If you do it “properly”, maybe a few months. Maybe 4 weeks. But you see, where do we find the proper way? It’s not CPR. It’s not taught anywhere with a medical license. All you have is YouTube.

If I’ve been jelqing, how do I stop?

You stop immediately. You stop putting vigorous pressure on your dick and you stop rubbing it off so hard. If it hurts you go to a doctor.

I’ve seen some results but I’m skeptical. What should I do?

Decrease the intensity of jelqing if you’re skeptical about it. Sit and think about what made you skeptical. Visit a medical personnel for more detailed information and make an informed decision about your body.

Do I have penis dysmorphia?

An average penis, when erect, is 5-7 inches long, so you might just be underestimating the length of your sexual organ. Porn has also caused men to have unrealistic expectations of their penis. Take it from us, that stuff is fake. When you have real intimacy with your partner, you get to find out what you like with what you have. And sex isn’t just sexual intercourse and penetration. Use your fingers, your mouth, some sex toys and use your words…communicate with your partner.

The idea behind this whole exercise of jelqing, if you can call it exercise at all, is that of simple muscle building. You work a muscle hard – penile tissue, in this case – and cause micro tears in it and the muscle heals itself in a given period of time. The healed muscle is thick and it has expanded. This might be very true when you’re building your biceps but I’m sorry to say, your penis is not built the same way as your biceps are.