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This is Why Your Penis Hasn’t Grown

If you are asking the question why hasn’t my penis grown, you must be concerned with the size of your penis. Let’s take a look at penis growth and answer your question.

Some men have been concerned about having a small penis. Why do some people have big penises while others are not as well-endowed? That is the question of the ages and one that men have always asked. Therefore, we are going to talk about penis growth and other subjects that pertain to penis size, like enhancement methods.


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Natural Penis Growth

Hitting puberty is the time a boy begins to become a man. They suddenly shoot up; their voices do not sound like a child’s anymore and gets deeper. We see our first facial and body hair at the same time. Our emotions become crazy, up one day only to go down the next. Gnarling at parents becomes a popular pastime activity along with getting grounded.

At the same time, male bodies start to produce more testosterone and men begin to use their penises for some purposes other than urinating. Most of the penis growth happens in the first four years of puberty. Most of the time it happens between 11 to 15 years of age even though it depends on a person.

Some men have the touch of Midas in this respect and grow quickly and have large penises. However, how quickly a man grows and to what length his penis grows relies solely on his genetics. So, if you end up with the shorter end of the stick, you can talk to your parents about it!

What Size is Average for a Penis?

If you’re curious in regard to penis size statistics by country, here are some stats. The average penis size around the world is 6-inches and in the United States, it’s 5.6 inches. Be grateful though, the average penis size in Cambodia is 3.9 inches.

As we mentioned earlier, this is mostly due to genetic factors. In some cultures such as ancient Rome and Greece, big penises were not something to desire. Romans believed that big penises were a barbaric feature so they were happy with smaller packages. On the other hand, in ancient Egypt or Anatolia, people believed a big penis was the sign of prosperity.

Is There a Way of Having a Bigger Penis After Puberty?

Yes, there are ways to increase your penis size after puberty, but how effective are these measures? Let’s take a look at each enlargement method, how it claims to work and if you can see results if you try it yourself.

  1. Pills: This method is one most humans are familiar with as you see advertisements for penis enhancing pills everywhere you look. However, none of these miracle pills have been tested and proven to work. Worse yet, these types of pills can have dangerous ingredients that do more harm to your body than good.
  1. Surgery: Penile enhancement surgery works well in adding length and girth to your penis, depending on the procedure you choose. However, surgery is risky and you could have post-operative complications. Additionally, surgery is extremely expensive, tens-of-thousands of dollars, which the average dude cannot afford.
  1. Stretching Exercises: There have been techniques developed that can add length and girth to your penis without the risk of surgery or side-effects. A penis workout is no different than body building in that you have to put the hard work in to see the results. Check our site out for workout routines and natural supplements that you may have in your fridge or cupboard for a safe way of male enhancement.

Must You Be Happy with What You Have?

Penis sizes are as diverse as the men to which they are attached. But must you be happy with what you have? Keeping things simple, yes, you should. Because every penis can pleasure a woman! However, if you are completely disappointed in what genetics gave you, then you do have choices for enhancing the size of your penis. Therefore, you don’t have to live with the penis you have and can make improvements that can cost you money, time and hard work.

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