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What Makes a Man Good in Bed? 6 Tips for Being Better in Bed

Knowing what makes a man good in bed will be the key to unlocking a stronger relationship, inside the bedroom as well as out.

Every man’s dream is to be a legend in bed. However, being good in bed is a more complicated issue than you might think. Even though most guys have come to think that they are like a sex God in bed, this is simply laughable for many women. A recent study shows that more than 70 percent of women confessed to having faked an orgasm at least once in their lives just to make the man happy. So, what makes a man good in bed? Let’s take a look at these 6 tips for being better in bed and see if you already have things figured out.

#1 Give and Take

Don’t neglect your woman, make her orgasm too

A man that is good in bed not only focuses on his own pleasure but also tries to understand what his woman wants, needs and desires. Indeed, there are times when you get lost in the moment, have an orgasm, roll over and pass out. However, what makes a man truly good in bed is giving her as much as you take.

Be sure she has an orgasm too, whether that means pleasuring her before or after you have gotten off. Follow her cues to figure out what she enjoys and really enjoys. Generally, you can easily tell if you are pleasuring her by the moans, groans and physical movements of her body. However, if you’re not paying attention, you may leave her out in the cold and wanting more.

#2 Follow Her Directions

Let her decide

Sure, it doesn’t sound like a great self-confidence booster in bed. But, as mentioned above, following her directions will make you better in bed. Granted, unless she is extremely dominating in the sack, you’ll have to follow her lead, and sometimes that’s not as easy to do. However, just listen, watch her body movement and even ask her what she wants.

To most women, there is nothing sexier than a man that allows her to lead. Therefore, ask her if it feels good, tell her to show you the right spots and ask her if softer, harder, slower or faster is her thing. In doing so, you’ll soon be able to know exactly what she wants and when she wants it. And that is another thing that makes a man good in bed.

#3 Flexibility

sex on the ground
Be open for new things

There are billions of women in the world and I can assure you all of them are unique when it comes to having sex. Some like good kisses, some like their necks kissed softly while others like to be romanced before you even get to the bedroom. Therefore, another tip for being good in bed is to be completely flexible in your bedroom thinking.

For example; you were in a long-term relationship and your ex loved getting a little naughty between the sheets; a little spank here, some tie downs on the bed there and she was satisfied. However, just because your ex was a freak doesn’t mean the next lady you choose to romance will be. And, even though you like sex a little rougher, you cannot spring that on the new girl right away.

Therefore, another thing that makes a man good in bed is being flexible, patient and knowing how to be a gentleman; letting her set the sexual tone and you following from there.

#4 Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you look your best

Let’s face it, we all want to be with an attractive person. But what each woman finds attractive will vary from woman to women. Rather than assuming that all women want a huge, perfectly sculpted, muscle-bound man with perfect hair and a sports car, know that women are looking for certain qualities first and then the looks come into play.

You see, women like a great smile, someone who is a gentleman, a guy with a great sense of humor or a man who is genuinely kind. And if you happen to check all those boxes, you could be short, bald and skinny and she would find you the most handsome man in the world! Therefore, like yourself for who you are.

In addition, simply taking care of yourself will turn her on much more than a six pack and a sports car. Keep your hair well groomed, use moisturizer on your skin and don’t leave the house looking like a bum. When a woman sees that you take care of yourself, she will believe you will take care of her too. And that will make her assume you will be a generous lover and great in bed.

#5 Good Foreplay

Take it slow

A wise man once said that good foreplay starts while you share your wine at a restaurant. And, as crazy as that sounds, it’s 100% right. For the most part, women need foreplay. And part of that foreplay begins when the date starts. Be romantic, touch her hand, pull out her chair and listen to every story she tells you. Romance and flirting are the key first steps to foreplay and another thing that makes a man good in bed.

From there, be sure and take it slow. Explore her body with your hands, soft caresses and kisses. Make out like you’re a teenager again! And, as we said before, read her cues. Before you know it, she will be hot and bothered and ready for some sizzling hot fun between the sheets. But it is just as important to know why a woman needs foreplay.

You see, men become aroused easily as you are visual creatures. She can wear a tight dress and smell like strawberries and you are ready to roll. But females have a biological system that needs started and warmed up in order for her to have truly great sex. Without foreplay, she won’t become aroused and if she’s not aroused, her clitoris won’t become tingly and her vagina won’t produce that slippery lube she needs to enjoy your body.

So, giving great foreplay is just as important as giving great sex and one of the top 6 things that make a man good in bed.

#6 Keep It Spicey

Surprise your woman during sex

It doesn’t matter how long you have been with your lady; sex can sometimes become a little boring. So, another thing that makes a man good in bed is the ability to keep things spicey. Now, I don’t mean you need to put on a fire fighter’s costume and play rescue (although that may drive her insane), it’s more about showing her attention, keeping it interesting and not allowing distractions to mess up the groove.

For example, plan a picnic, go camping or rent a hotel room for the night. Even a simple change of scenery will amp things up between the sheets! Plus, making sure you turn off your phone, set the football game to DVR and making sure there are no distractions will have her purring like a kitten. It is because to her, you are going through all of this trouble for her and that will flatter her more than the best compliments.

Therefore, keep things spicey and interesting as well as going the extra mile by planning something nice. She will thank you for it later and it is absolutely another thing that makes a man good in bed.

Be the Best in Bed and Out

This list of 6 things that makes a man good in bed is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Because, as we mentioned earlier, every woman is different and therefore one woman may like different things than the last. Therefore, you need to be one your game by paying attention. Additionally, it always helps to read as much as you can about women and their bodies, you know, to help you master the mechanics of things. However, start out by simply following the 6 tips listed here and you will be well on your way to mastering what makes a man good in bed.

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