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5 Simple Tips How You Can be Confident in Bed

Knowing how to be confident in bed goes far beyond your penis size and your skills between the sheets. Let’s talk about the ways you can become more confident in the bedroom so you and your partner can both reap the rewards.

Nearly every man has experienced a lack of confidence in bed at some point in time in their lives. Although you may act as if you are confident in your mad skills, sometimes you feel some type of performance anxiety. For instance, you may experience fear of losing your erection or that your penis is too small. As a result, those fears actually might have a direct effect on your sexual performance.

Therefore, it is important to find ways to boost your confidence in bed so that you are less likely to experience performance anxiety or worry that you just aren’t the man you would like to be between the sheets.

I met a guy recently who had taken blue pills for almost 3 years. He used to feel anxious that he would not achieve an erection, thus, he had lost every drop of self-confidence he once had. He had become reliant on a prescription erectile dysfunction medication rather than finding out what was truly causing his fears.

So, in order to solve these types of self-confidence problems, we have talked to sexual health experts and sexologists about how to be confident in bed. Here is a quick list!

#1 Embrace Your Fiascos

Be always confident in bed
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes like this guy

The first thing you should do in order to build your confidence is to face your failures and embrace them. For instance, if you were in a sexual situation in bed that was less than bad, you should know that you are not the only one. Sexual fiascos happen to every single sexually active adult on the planet at one time or another.

Let’s say you were with your partner and you ejaculated prematurely. In such cases, there is no reason to regret what happened and worry about it as it won’t change the past. Therefore, move on from what happened and remember that it likely won’t happen again. Better yet, use this snafu as a learning experience and teach yourself tactics that will keep your mind off your penis and on her pleasure. Both things will allow you to last longer and not blow the ending next time.

In addition, this tactic applies to all sexual mishaps like not maintaining an erection, not bringing her to orgasm or feeling as if you weren’t as sexually experienced as your partner. Look for ways to overcome those stumbling blocks, that way, when your next sexual encounter happens, you will have the tools and the confidence it takes to not repeat the prior sexual goofs.

#2 Work on Your Physique

stay fit to feel more confident in bed
A jog around the block is a good start

Working on the way you look isn’t at all about how your partner perceives you. Moreover, it is about how you see yourself. Nobody feels their best when they’ve put on a few pounds. So, rather than fretting over it, which will cause you to lose confidence in bed, do something to make yourself feel better.

For example, go to the gym as a routine, join a neighborhood basketball league, take up hiking or biking. Most importantly, do something that you enjoy and have fun doing. That way, it’s less like a workout. As a result, you will like what you see in the mirror and in turn, that confidence will be apparent in the bedroom. Confidence is sexy!

Lastly, if you are feeling less confident in the penis-size department, it’s not as easy to just go to the gym and get a bigger penis. Just know that having a smaller penis doesn’t mean you cannot be good in bed. On the contrary, men with smaller penises have advantages over larger men in that you can hit her g-spot more easily. Plus, you can utilize your hands, fingers, tongue and lips to make up for any shortcomings you may feel.

Finally, there are ways to improve the size of your penis without pills and other remedies that are mass marketing and one of the biggest scams online today. Simply take a look around our site and learn how you can improve your penis size in a natural, more effective way.

#3 Do What You Are Good at

Do what you are good at during sex
Embrace your sex skills

Creativity, listening and being open to improvement are all great skills to have in the bedroom. However, in the process of building up your self-confidence, you have to learn what you are best at doing and concentrate on that particular skill and become the best you can be.

For instance, are you good at foreplay? Have it longer than usual. Can you last longer than the average guy? Show it to her. Are you a good kisser? Kiss as long as possible. Just like anything in life, a job worth doing, is worth doing well and that is never more important than in your sex life.

Furthermore, read, study and listen to your partner and what makes them tick. Simply knowing what turns your partner on and how they like to be sexually satisfied can boost your self-confidence in the sack. And remember, as with any skill, practice makes perfect.

#4 Look Your Best

Take care of your appearance to feel better
The better you look the better you feel

Okay, so you may think looking your best and going to the gym are the same things. However, there is a huge difference. Having confidence in your body image is one thing, but looking your best is another. For instance, go shopping for a new outfit and take along a female friend or male friend that always looks good. Putting together a new look can boost your self-confidence, which will attract more ladies to you.

In addition, think about getting a haircut, growing a beard or shaving the one you have. Begin taking care of your skin by using moisturizing body washes and skin care products for men. You’ll not only feel and look better, but the smell of a clean man is a huge turn-on to a lot of women. Now, I’m not suggesting you go full-on metrosexual, just make some visual improvements that you feel comfortable with.

#5 Communicate With Your Partner

5 Simple Tips How You Can be Confident in Bed
Don’t neglect the pillow talk

I will never get tired of saying this. Good sex is all about communication. If you are in a relationship, ask your partner what they like and dislike. Keep in mind though, If you believe you are good at sex just because your previous girlfriend liked what you are doing, you may not be doing the right thing for your current girlfriend. Every person is different.

So, ask what she likes or, better yet, listen to her in bed. Follow her physical cues. Is there one thing you do that makes her arch her back? Does she moan while you are doing one thing yet gets quiet when you do another? Pay attention and never be afraid to let her show you where to touch and how to do it. The best lovers are always those who are open to communication. And the better you communicate and listen, the more confident you will be in bed.


Being confident in bed takes quite a bit more than just attitude and sexual skill. Being confident in bed means being confident all the time, in all that you do. As a result, you will carry yourself with more confidence, you’ll smile more and in turn, you will attract more potential partners. In addition, having confidence in bed is more about learning and growing in your sexual skills, worrying less about being perfect and more about simply pleasuring your partner. So, slap on a smile, ask her what makes her scream and get in there and do the best you can.

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