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How to increase precum: 6 Tips to Produce More

When it comes to sex and male masturbation, precum is not only part of the game, but also as necessary as vaginal fluids are for women.

While some men produce great amounts of precum while engaging in sexual activities, others usually remain rather dry. And though both are perfectly fine if you experience no discomfort, increasing the volume of precum you produce is possible and sometimes even beneficial.

There are several theorized ways to increase precum, and we’ll explore them in this article, so read on!


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How to make more precum

Remember to remain hydrated

Since both your semen and precum are composed mostly of water, making sure you drink lots of it will most likely result in larger quantities.

Avoiding soda and other sugary drinks. It’s also a good idea to stay away from alcohol. It’s been proven that it can both decrease your libido and affect your sperm count, quantity, and mobility, so it’ll most likely also decrease your precum.

Don’t forget about healthy supplements

Taking supplements can not only be good for your general health, but also help you increase precum. This is particularly true for zinc and vitamin E, as well as any antioxidants. A good example would be Selenium, an essential mineral also present in eggs, nuts, and seeds.

If you’re not a fan of supplements, you can replace it with these ingredients, as well as chicken breast, beans, and cereals.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and get a good night’s sleep:

It might sound like this advice will improve your overall health, and that’s exactly the point. When your body’s healthy, your reproductive system improves its functions as well. This includes the amount of precum you produce when aroused.

Try edging

You might ask yourself what exactly is edging? The answer’s easy: it’s getting yourself to the point when you’re just about ready to orgasm, then stopping short of doing it. Edging is connected to tantric sex, which focuses on pleasure while avoiding cumming for as long as possible.

This technique can not only be highly arousing for many men, but it can also help you produce more precum and even cum over time.

Another added benefit is that it’ll help you last longer when you’re in bed with your significant other, and can be highly enjoyable when you finally do allow yourself to reach that big O.

Massage your prostate

Your prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland that produces a fluid necessary for ejaculation. It mixes with the sperm released by the testicles just before a man cums.

A good prostate massage can help you increase the volume of your ejaculations, and it’s theorized that it can do the same for precum. Whether it works or not, this technique is the most pleasurable option out there, whether you prefer internal or external stimulation.


It might sound obvious, but masturbating can actually help increase precum. As your body produces this fluid to help you remain lubed up and avoid harm, masturbating frequently may help you produce bigger quantities.

Alternating masturbation methods is also a great idea. While using your hand can certainly work, there are different types of sex toys out there that can help you increase your arousal, such as fleshlights, vibrators, and stroking toys.

How to produce more precum: Are these techniques bullet-proof?

Sadly, no. All these alternatives may help you increase your precum, but it’s not a sure thing. Your body is usually wise: If you don’t produce more precum, you might not actually need to. As long as you don’t experience pain or discomfort while masturbating or having sex, this should not be a problem.

A good alternative is to use store-bought lubes to keep yourself comfortable and safe. If you rub your erection while it’s fully dry, you will end up producing more harm than good. There are plenty of great lubes out there, both for your own use and when you’re having sex with a lover. Hot or cold alternatives, as well as scented and flavored options, can spice up your sex life even if you don’t manage to produce more precum!

Other Questions about Precum

What exactly is precum?

Precum, formally known as pre-ejaculation, is a type of mucus produced during sexual arousal. It’s not the same as ejaculation, and happens before an actual orgasm.

This fluid is colorless, and though it’s not tasteless, in most cases its flavor is far less intense than actual cum. For this reason, if your partner’s trying to get used to swallowing your ejaculation, tasting your precum regularly might actually make it easier for them.

What’s the function of precum?

Precum is not only normal, but necessary. It functions as lube, both during masturbation and sexual intercourse. Surprisingly, it has another practical use: as men release both semen and urine through the urethra, it’s necessary to erase traces of this acidic liquid in order for the sperm to survive.

Pre-ejection is alkaline just as your cum, and this is your body’s natural way to neutralize the effects of urine.

So when you’re aroused, precum cleans up your urethra, even if you’re not trying to get anyone pregnant, or are just having fun with yourself.

Can precum get a woman pregnant?

Though precum doesn’t carry any sperm, it’s risky to try your luck. If you’ve cummed recently, this sperm can be pushed out by the precum, and potentially impregnate your partner. It’s recommended to urinate between orgasms, as the acidic quality of pee is a potent sperm killer.

You might also ejaculate prematurely, but if you have enough self-control, it’s usually a safe practice.

Keep in mind, however, that precum does carry STDs, so you should be mindful of this fact before having anal, vaginal or even oral sex. Though precum might arouse you and your partner, it’s vital to practice safe sex.

How much precum does a regular person produce?

The average man’s precum is no more than a teaspoon worth of fluids. This is a small amount, but it might seem like more while engaging in sexual activities, as it oozes a drop at a time.


Semenax is clinically proven to boost semen volume and libido. Get 22% off using our coupon code.

This formula contains herbs and supplements that are also proven to improve sperm motility and balance male hormones. With a 67-day money-back guarantee, you won’t lose money if it doesn’t work for you.

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