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How often should a man ejaculate? Is it healthy to ejaculate everyday?

Since teenage years you all have had this question. 

Is there a limit on how many times a guy should ejaculate? If yes, then what is it? If no, then why not?

A quick Google search will tell you that the magic number of how many times a man should ejaculate to maintain a healthy life is 21 times every month.

But, unfortunately or, fortunately, this isn’t the case.

If you’re too lazy to read the whole article let me just inform you here that there is no hard and fast rule on what should be the “ideal” frequency of ejaculation. For a healthy male, the number of times he should ejaculate is completely dependent on his wellbeing and willingness.

So where did this number 21 come from you ask? A study carried out by Harvard Medical School is partly responsible for this. Even though the results are inconclusive, the media and buzzfeed articles online blew it up to report that subjects who ejaculated close to that frequency had a 31% lower chance of developing prostate cancer. Even though this result had driven innumerable criticisms, the media outlets and online hubs continues to beat the drum to this date. As a matter of fact, a report in the renowned BJUI and even the Journal of American Medical Association showed beyond doubt that there is no negative correlation between the frequency of ejaculation and prostate cancer.


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Ok, so cancer isn’t in the picture. Is there any “normal” frequency for ejaculating?

You’ll be pleased to know that there isn’t one ether. As a matter of fact, the frequency of ejaculation varies with the age, health and the promiscuity of the individual. Hence it is near impossible to draw a threshold on what should be termed as normal.

So how many times a man ejaculates his sperm is totally dependent on the individual himself.

However, it must be noted that you check your associated activities around the orgasm. For instance, men who tend to devour frequent ejaculation daily have an inclination towards porn addiction or emotional abuse. As in, men try to escape their daily life through orgasms and that is not a sign of healthy emotional behaviour. This is what should be checked and regulated.

Does ejaculation have any positive or negative effect on the body?

Your ejaculate or the semen is one of the most nutritious mixtures of the human body. It contains essential nutrients as well as living organisms which have the potential of building an entire living organism. Hence, ejaculation definitely has an effect on the human body.

But again, let me inform you that this effect is no way negative or detrimental to the body. The release of semen from the body is associated with orgasm which inturn is a by-product of a flux of hormones and neurotransmitter release.

Even though claims on benefits aren’t written on stone in scientific journals, several have reported positive effects in the human body.

Here are a few benefits of ejaculation and orgasm:

  • Oxytocin and dopamine which is released during an orgasm helps in reinforcing positive emotions and reduces stress.
  • Your blood vessels dilate reducing chances of hypertension and rapid angiogenesis helps in reducing your risk of a heart disease.
  • Cytokine production increases which leads to enhancement in immunity.
  • Increase in an overall cardiac output and heart rate helps in flushing out toxins and improves circulation.

One must note that here ejaculation has not been classified as masturbatory or sexual. But has been used as a blanket term to encompass all types of orgasms.

Is semen retention a healthy practice?

Again, the answer is as varied as it can get. As I said that ejaculation itself has no demerits if done in good health and spirits similarly semen retention has no positive or negative outcome on the human body.

Religious groups have often advocated the idea of celibacy and how semen retention is beneficial but scientifically nothing has been found to support or refute the claim.

Hence, no such evidence for or against this statement has been brought to the table.

But what happens if I don’t ejaculate for a long time? Or go into celibacy and avoid masturbation for long durations?

Nothing harmful at all. Your body will discard the stored sperms just the way it discards off old dead cells! No harm is done to the body in any manner.

There are a lot of articles especially religious mumbojumbos which will say that this absorption or rather the re-uptake of sperms by the body is immensely beneficial. But no scientific proofs have been found to support this.

If you suddenly stop masturbating, you’ll encounter a rather common phenomenon of “wet dreams” where your body involuntarily ejaculates in the middle of the night! Other than the usual nocturnal inconvenience, this is no big deal! 

What happens if I ejaculate too frequently? Would my body run out of healthy sperms? 

If you’re a healthy individual, there’s a very high chance that your body has produced at least 180,000 sperms by the time you started reading this article. With an insane production rate of 1500 sperms every second, the human body is a spectacular machine. You can NEVER run out of healthy sperms (if your health is alright!).

Therefore go and jerk off that meat for all you want. Your testicles are endless pits. What you can run out of is the nutritious seminal fluid. After your usual number, you’ll see the thickness of the semen starts to drop and after a point it seems like an almost clear fluid. This is because your prostate and other seminal ducts weren’t ready and hence couldn’t keep up to the sudden demand in fluids. But unless you’re trying to get someone pregnant, you need not think about this much. With regular practice the organs will learn to keep up!

Can I increase my semen volume?

For sure you can. There are innumerable ways to increase the semen volume. The most prominent ones are practice and edging.

Try to edge as much as possible to prepare your seminal organs for the orgasm. When you take more time, more hormones are flushed into the bloodstream and the organs have more time to produce the fluids. Therefore edging helps in increasing the volume drastically.

Lastly, practice. The more you ejaculate, the better will your body learn. With frequent ejaculation the body learns to make more semen and hence increases your ejaculate volume.

Alright. So what’s the conclusion?

As simple as it could get:

There are no set threshold for ejaculation other than personal pleasurable limits.

This means that at the end of the day there isn’t any fixed number which dictates how often a man should ejaculate. It completely depends on a person’s wellbeing and willingness to do so. Most importantly one must note that there are no health issues related to frequent ejaculation. Instead reports have often revealed benefits of a fruitful orgasm in the human body.

At the end of the day, we are the masters of our bodies and it is we who decide how many times we must cum in order to feel good. If you think ejaculating more than a few times causes fatigue in you, abstain from doing so. If you feel like you need to orgasm a few times a day to please yourself, go for it. But just take care of yourself and analyse your behaviours. As I said, your frequent orgasms must not accompany with any unsocial habits such as porn addiction or emotional abuse. If that’s taken care of then you’re good to go!