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How to eat a girl out: The Complete Guide

So you want to pleasure the girl you’re going out with, or maybe your wife. Perhaps you just want to try to increase your partner’s orgasms or improve your skills. Whether you’ve eaten a woman out or not already, there’s always room for learning.

You might think that fucking a woman with your cock provides them with the maximum pleasure, but that’s not always the case. There are ladies out there that can’t orgasm without extra stimulation, and others that enjoy the extra attention. You might also be aching to spice things up, and there’s nothing like a good oral exam to get things going.

Why should you bother?

You might be asking yourself: Why bother when conventional sex has worked so far? 

Ask yourself this question: Don’t you enjoy receiving a nice, long blowjob? Well, if the answer is yes, then there’s a good chance she feels the same way about oral delights. 

Women tend to enjoy foreplay, being stimulated and caressed before penetration. As we discussed before, there are even women that can’t orgasm when engaging in regular old sex. They need their clit to be caressed or sucked, they need their partner to play with their tits or caress them from head to toes.

Providing your date, your wife or girlfriend with a good oral session will undoubtely increase their sexual arousal, improve your love life and might provide a you with a fresh way of making her orgasm.

Foreplay is key to most women and most men don’t dedicate nearly enough time exploring their partner’s bodies. You must know that it’s not just a side dish, but can actually be the whole meal if you do it right. 

You might ask yourself what’s in it for you. You’re not getting pleasure out of it, after all. Well, for starters, you can certainly learn to enjoy every bit of it, but there’s something you need to remember: It’s not all about you. 

It’s about her pleasure as well, and if you do it right, she’ll be coming back for more and more. 

How to eat out a girl until she’s screaming with pleasure?

Just like foreplay, giving a woman oral pleasure can’t be a rushed and borish experience, at least not if you want it to feel good at all for her. Don’t just dip your head between her legs and sloppily roll your tongue around without any sense of direction. There are pointers that you can follow to have your girl quivering with arousal.

Practice, practice, practice:

Did you ever hear the old saying ‘practice makes perfect?’. It might be old, but it’s still as true today as it was when the phrase was coined.

If you want to get good at cunnilingus and truly learn how to eat a woman out, you have to face this challenge with patience and determination. It might not be particularly good the first, second or even third time, but if you keep up with it, you’ll have your partner begging for long before long.

You can also practice when your girl isn’t even in the room: Doing some tongue exercises might feel silly, but you’ll be as happy with the results as she is.

Get your whole body in it:

You might think it’s only about using your tongue and even your lips, but the truth of the matter is, there’s so much more you can do to make the experience extra pleasurable.

Wrap your arms around her legs, pin your head against her sex, sink your fingers against her skin and maybe even massage her ass, if she’s into it. 

And if you need a bit of extra help, don’t hesitate to add your fingers to the mix. Finger her pussy while you lick at her clit, and soon she’ll be trembling all over, begging for more.

But remember! If you do use your fingers, be sure they’re not dry. If they are, it may end up being uncomfortable for her, and even painful. So moisten them up with your tongue or her juices and then just go for it!

Don’t rush to it:

Don’t head directly south. Remember foreplay is a whole process, one you can learn to enjoy as much as she does. Kiss her breasts, suck at her nipples, roll your tongue down her stomach. Then slowly, tantalizingly, reach that sweet spot between her legs. 9 out of 10 times, she’ll be wet already, aching for your tongue to pleasure her body’s most sensitive spot.

Sometimes oral sex can lead to penetration, but don’t make it your end goal: Focus on her pleasure, try and make her reach an orgasm while eating her out. 

If you focus on her needs rather than rush into vaginal sex, she’ll probably be eager to return the favor.

Your target should be her clit:

Of course rolling your tongue over her folds and into her depths can be incredibly pleasing to her, but the true star of the show is the clitoris. That’s the button you need to truly focus on. Experiment and have fun! Suckle at it, flicker it from side to side, kiss it, even nibble it if she’s into a tiny bit of pain. 

Focus on it and you’ll see just how well she reacts to your efforts.

Get creative:

Why not try humming against her clit, applying softer and harder pressure, rolling your tongue in different shapes? Switch up the tempo: go slower and then faster, blow softly against her damp sex. 

Test the water and see what he enjoys the most. When you hear her moans grow louder, you’ll know you’re doing it right.

Ask her what she likes:

It might be so obvious, but most men don’t bother to ask, just assuming they have all the good moves. Open up to her, tell your girl you want to make her orgasm like never before in her life, and to tell you what she wants you to do. She’ll likely have a few ideas in mind, and you two can enjoy the experience all the more. Believe us, feeling her cum against your lips will be worth all the extra effort.

Set the mood:

Don’t stimulate just one of her senses: go for all of them! You can light a scented candle, turn on some romantic or sexy tunes, whisper sweet nothings into her ear before going down on her. You might even stop for a break now and then to talk dirty to her, asking your partner if she’s enjoying herself and telling her how good she tastes, how beautiful she is to you. You can be romantic or outright dirty, depending on what she prefers.

Be patient:

The truth of the matter is, some women have trouble reaching an orgasm. They enjoy the process and experience pleasure, but don’t actually get to that big O. Try to be patient with her, ask about her needs and try different techniques. Maybe she needs you to play with her tits at the same time, or go from oral sex to actual penetration. Or maybe she doesn’t get to cum without using toys. Whatever the case, make a point of learning what works for her and be patient. It’s not a sprint, after all, but a marathon.

Now that we’ve given you our pointers on how to eat a woman out, go and try them out. And remember, when you’re going south, it’s all about her pleasure, so don’t forget to focus on what she does and doesn’t enjoy. It’ll be an amazing experience both for both of you if you remember that little -but vital!- detail.