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Daddy kink: Everything you Need to Know

Sexuality is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Everyone has their unique fantasies and desires, and looking for the right flavors for you may take both some experience and research.

If you are interested in the daddy kink, you might be aroused by the concept, curious about it, or maybe know a certain someone who wants to try it out with you. 

Whatever the case, in this article you’ll discover all you need to know before jumping into the deep end! And if the idea sounds delicious, we encourage you to go right for it!

So, what is a daddy kink?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. No, you’re not looking to have sex with your father, nor do you have any daddy issues if this kink appeals to you. At least not most of the time.

It’s more related to the position of authority a father figure offers. So we’re talking about control and domination here, which is deeply associated with the BDSM scene.

Remember that whatever your fantasies are, as long as everyone involved consents and is of age, you can openly enjoy whatever you and your sexual partner are into. 

This is a sexual fetish that involves a person assuming the role of a dominant, or a daddy, and someone else assuming the role of the submissive. The daddy may be older than his submissive, but that’s not necessary. After all, there can be some roleplaying involved. The submissive in this case is usually called by a nickname that balances the role of a daddy, such as kitten or baby girl. This is not necessary, as every couple decides what works best for them in the bedroom. 

Is enjoying the daddy kink wrong?

No! As we stated before, as long as consenting adults agree on a certain sexual encounter, it’s all kosher. Daddy fetish isn’t about incest or pedophilia.. If you’re interested on being a dominant and you enjoy your submissive calling your a daddy, it’s not like you’re attracted sexually to your daughters if you have any. It’s just about assuming a role of authority and enjoying sensual roleplaying, even dirty talk.

So what exactly is a daddy dom?

Daddy kink fits right into the dominant and submission aspects of BDSM culture. It can also include punishments, rewards and plenty of other fun kinks, depending on your sexual preferences.

A daddy dom is in charge, usually in a paternal sort of way. That is, discipline and control are a must. It may also have to do with an age different dynamic, either real or made-believe. 

The basic concept is that he’s sexually experienced, particularly compared to his submissive, or at least he acts like he is. He’s the one in charge, putting the rules in place and making sure his submissive, or little girl, obeys them.

A daddy fetish may also include protection and soothing elements, such as encouraging their little girls to behave a certain way or rewarding them for doing what they’re told.

What should a daddy kink include?

Whether you’re interested in finding a good daddy or you’re aching to be one yourself, there are some key elements you should be on the lookout for, that every good daddy dom should have:

Great communication skills:

Communication is vital to any BDSM relationship. What the limits are, what’s a big no, what is a big yes? What’s the safe word you’ll be using?

In case you aren’t familiar with that particular term, a safe word is a word you and your partner decide upon before engaging in any sexual activity, that lets them know you want it to stop immediately. 

Why is that necessary when you could just say no, you might wonder? Well, sometimes saying no or screaming stop is part of the fantasy. Sometimes the submissive wants to be punished but tries and resist at the same time, and saying no is arousing to them. But when they use a safe word, their partner knows they truly do mean no.

A very common safe word is red. You might guess why, as this is a color highly associated with coming to a halt and waiting.

So if you’re a dom and your submissive yells out “red!”, you’ll know something you did crossed the line or they no longer feel comfortable with what’s going on. That’s when consent is removed and both partners need to slow down and speak about the issue.


A daddy dom acts mature and confident, and that might be exactly the appeal to many subs. He’s in charge and knows what he wants, as well as how to get it. When daddy gives an order, his submissive follows it, or acts uppity to get a punishment. There are many submissives that actively ache to be punished, part of the daddy kink game..

Maturity goes hand in hand with reliability. In a daddy kink, the dominant is there for his submissive, at least during their session, protects them and means what he says. If he gives an order or a warning, he’s not going to forget about it, so his submissive shouldn’t either, or there may be -sexy- consequences.

As we discussed before, this also means he’ll know what his submissive boundaries are and can be trusted with respecting them.

Is this daddy fetish the right fit for you?

Sexuality isn’t linear, and every person enjoys their own kinks and fantasies. Even two people who adore this daddy kink might have different views and preferences. For instance, one submissive might enjoy a stern daddy, while the other prefers to be cuddled and feel protected in their daddy’s arms.

So to know if this is the right kink for you, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself if you find it sexually arousing. If you do, we’re on the right path! 

Are you the daddy or the submissive little girl (or boy)? What kind of dominant do you want to be or find?

Perhaps you are into someone who’s into discipline and loves the idea of punishment followed by aftercare, or maybe you’d rather be someone nurturing and protective.

Whatever the case, it might take you some time to discover exactly what it is you fancy. You might even try it out and discover it’s not for you after all. Find someone you trust if you’re single, or propose to your partner this idea. You might be surprised by their response, and if you two try it out and enjoy it, it can truly spice up your sex life.

How to get started exploring the daddy fetish?

A good idea might be starting out with a more conventional dominant and submissive dynamic. Submit or dominate your significant other while you enjoy sex, and test out what works for both of you. Maybe being tied down, given commands or even spanked. What about kneeling down and waiting to be told what to do next?

If these ideas excite you, give them a try. The actual experience may be better or worse than you expected. From there, you can take the next step and actually have your partner call you her daddy or have your man call you his little girl, whatever the case is. 

The truth of the matter is, giving it an actual try is the only way of knowing whether you both enjoy this kink or not. Remember, no one can judge you on your kinks, as long as you never force anyone into playing along with you. As long as everyone acting out the fantasy is into it, then go ahead and have fun! Consent is the name of the game, especially when it comes to kinks associated with the BDSM community.

So, what do you think? Will you give the daddy kink a try? Tell us about your thoughts in the matter and add any interesting pieces of advice we might have missed.