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3 Ways to Make Your Penis Larger Without Pills

Male enhancement is a hot topic and every guy would like to have a bigger one. Learn about the 3 ways to make your penis larger without pills.

Some men have an obsession with their penis sizes and rightfully so. According to some studies (not all!) women all around the world claim that the bigger the penis is, the higher they rate the male’s performance. Because of that, the male enhancement market has grown over the years. Many men want to know how to make the penis bigger without pills. So, we are going to learn more about male enhancement ways and products. Yet, I would like to talk a bit about why you should not use pills.

Penis Enhancement Pills are Bad Medicine

Since some men want to have bigger penises, some brands in the U.S. have started to produce male enhancement pills. However, in objective studies, there has been no scientific evidence proving these miracle pills actually work. Moreover, some of them can be extremely harmful to your sexual and overall health in the long run. 

They claim to grow your penis inches longer and inches thicker by doing nothing but swallowing a pill. Whenever you see such an advertisement, you should be skeptical. It is like claiming you will have six-packs and a well-built body without any effort. “You can eat your taco and desserts as long as you take these pills.” You would not believe such garbage, though it would be nice! I mean, why would you believe penis enlargement without any hard work?

In addition to that, the FDA banned some of the brands as the products were harmful to people. They can cause erectile dysfunction, irritation on genital skin, among other reasons. Therefore, it is crucial to heed our warnings and not fall for those scams.

Probing the Vagina, Metaphorically

In reality, women have a vaginal depth that averages between 3 and 6 inches. Therefore, more than 6 inches can cause discomfort for her and smaller penises will absolutely get the job done. Additionally, the magical, female g-spot lies only a few inches inside the vaginal on the front vaginal wall. Therefore, lesser endowed dudes can tap into that spot with little trouble!

So, now that we have probed the mysteries and depths of the vagina, let’s move on to the top 3 ways to make your penis larger without pills.

#1 Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgeries can be risky and quite expensive

One of the latest cosmetic surgeries in the world is the penis enlargement surgery. Medical technology has taken steps in assisting men with body improvements, just as women have breast augmentation surgeries. But what exactly is involved with penile enlargement surgery?

In short, they cut a ligament that attaches your penis to your penis bone. This way, your penis breaks loose and you gain about 2 inches after the operation. However, it does not affect the girth of your penis at all. Another surgical procedure involves implants. In this surgery, implants are added all over the penis to add length as well as girth.

That sounds like a great option until you hear about the price. These types of procedures can cost in upward of $15K and no, they are not covered by your insurance. Meaning, if this is something you are considering, start saving your pennies now.

Finally, as with any surgical procedure, having penis enlargement surgery comes with risks. Those risks range from anesthesia problems, infection, loss of penile sensation and rarely, loss of penile function. Though the risks are rare, it’s important to weight the risks verses the rewards.

#2 Penis Vacuums and Pumps

Penis pump for penis enlargement
A penis pump can be helpful for a natural penis enlargement

Some men have started to use penis vacuums or pumps to help with their male enhancement. If you are not familiar with vacuums and pumps, let me explain a bit. Penis vacuums and pumps are designed for those who have problems with erections. These devices, which you can actually get via a prescription from your doctor, help with erectile dysfunction, however, have never been proven to add inches to your penis. 

On the other hand, some reviews of penis pumps state that men have seen some small improvements in penis size with regular use. The reason for this is that penis vacuums and pumps use suction to extend the penis, or stretching it. As such, penis stretching is a viable option for increasing your penis size. Therefore, there may be evidence to back up this theory.

#3 Penis Stretching Workouts

Natural penis enlargement exercise
Start with natural penis enlargement exercises

If you don’t have the liquid funds for a penis enlargement operation, this is one option of penis enlargement that won’t break the bank. Contrary to the penis enlargement operation where you have high-risk but immediate results, with stretching workouts, you will see results after hard work.

Additionally, there are all-natural supplements you can use, along with your exercise regimen that will help you along the road to a bigger penis. And no worries, you may already have these supplements in your cupboard or fridge. So, for more information on this option for enlarging your penis, take a look around our site.

3 Ways to a Bigger Penis

All in all, the top 3 ways of enlarging your penis without pills is a great guide to giving yourself the penis you’ve always wanted. But, keep in mind, that having a bigger penis isn’t always necessary as the female vagina can take little more than 6 inches and 3 inches is just the right size for hitting her g-spot. However, if this is something you must do, either surgery, penis pumps or a strict exercise regimen may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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