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How to Respond to nudes like a Pro

Gone are the days when taking a naked picture of oneself was restricted only to pornstars and movie celebs. Nowadays, anyone with a phone has taken a nude pic at one point or another.

To be fairly honest, at this point it is a rather common thing to exchange nudes with your significant other. This not only strengthens the relationship but also reinforces a certain degree of trust between each other. Are you even dating someone if you haven’t gained their trust enough to send them vulnerable pics of you? Food for though *wink wink*

If you ask me, I’d say nudes are like tiny tokens of love and gratitude. Its as if the picture comes with a caption “Hey, I trust you and appreciate whatever we have. Hope this makes you think of my naughty body and makes you smile”. It’s sweet and sexy at the same time!

Taking nudes is an art in itself. One needs to think about the mood, the lightning, body angles etc etc to have the “perfect” nude pic. That’s a tutorial for a different day.

Similarly, responding to one is also an important part of the whole experience. Your response to your partner’s nude can make or break the deal. It can either ensure that you get an endless supply of steamy hot pictures and videos for a lifetime or can put a cork on the whole deal of sexting. So if you’re still debating on whether you should send her the tongue-water emojis or if you should woo her by complimenting her blossoms to melons, you’re on the right link.

In this article, I’ve addressed a few DOs and DON’Ts that can help you make the right choice. Therefore, buckle up and read on!

DO: Throw simple sexy compliments about what you see in the pic

Truth be told, when we girls send you our nudes, we do want to be objectified. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t want to be compared to mindless sex objects but just appreciate the beauty of the body and yea that falls in the realms of objectification. Honestly its not bad to get sexually objectified by your significant other once in a while.

So hit us up with simple compliments about the curves, angles, hair or whatever you like in the pic. More often than not, go with the first sentence that comes to your mind when you see the nude. It could be as simple as “Damn! I love those thighs” or as subtle as “Gosh, love how the sunlight hits your curves.”

DON’T: Be a effin Shakespeare!

“Oh i love how your luxurious blonde curls embrace your motherly mammary ecstasies of love…”

Just don’t. Please.

Sometimes guys overdo this compliment thing and start with their own novellas thinking its a submission for an erotica forum. Keep your compliments simple and straight to the point. If girls really wanted a Wordsworth level shit they wouldn’t be sending you nudes.

DO: Send a pic of yourself if you’re comfortable

If you’re comfortable you can take a return snap of yourself and send it to her. It could be you simply smiling or maybe a closeup shot of your neck or forearms or whatever she finds sexy.

This will not only validate her emotions towards you but can also be the stepping stone for a long steamy sex chat!

DON’T: Send her an unsollicited Dick Pic

Unsollicited dick pics are never hot. No matter who you are. Instead send her a pic of your bulge which she gave you. It’ just a simple shot of your boner under your joggers. It’s hot, mysterious yet appealing!

But yea, don’t send her your peepee unless she specifically asks for it!

DO: Request to see if she can take another shot to make it “artsy”

Guys have no idea how much girls love details. Let’s say you see a teddy behind her sexy nude body in the picture. Use it as an element of conversation and go ahead with… “Wow you look beautiful, I wonder how the pic would look if you imagines that teddy to be me

You see what i did there? This will not only tell the girl how closely you looked at her pic but will also give a boost to her imaginative streak in churning out new sexy ideas for the teddy. The outcome? You getting more and more nudes!

DON’T: Make demands

This is especially important if you’re not in a Dom-Sub relationship. Don’t make any demands to her in such a vulnerable situation. It is not only a turn off but can also portray you as a thirsty guy fetching for nudes.

Instead use the trick i mentioned in the last point. Rephrase your sentences such that the demands sound more like a request.

Bonus tip:

Drop in her name while texting the compliments. Or drop in something which makes it feel that the message is a personalised one. Seems like an unnecessary add-on but trust me it works wonder during wet hours 😉

DO: Respond Fast!

It is extremely annoying to receive a response to a nude after 2-3 hours. You need to understand that the sender has send you something which is pretty vulnerable and she expects you to treat that with prime importance. So respond as soon as possible within minutes if not seconds. You don’t want to keep her waiting on this.

DON’T: Respond with Emojis!

It’s silly and extremely immature. I have seen so many dudes replying with that annoying tongue and water emoji or with the eggplant emoji. Just don’t. It totally kills the mood.

You’re better off saying a few words than sending emojis.


So, after reading this article I’m sure you have listed down the points mentioned. Just keep em up your sleeve and use them whenever you get the chance. Remember to be yourself. If a person is sending you a vulnerable pic of you, its because she trusts you. Those are for your eyes only so treat them like that. At the end of the day, you both will have a sexy and cute time exchanging the sultry pics and reinforcing your relationship!

Happy sexting! 🙂