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Text Chemistry: Yay or Nah? An Unbiased Review

In this tech-savvy generation, everything is online. Be it scheduling a meeting with your boss or getting laid on Friday nights, most of the conversation now takes place through an online medium. This was especially boosted by the ongoing pandemic where texting and calling became the primary mode of communication. This is where you’ll realize the benefit of Text Chemistry.

Be it tinder or bumble or Snapchat, no matter how you meet your next partner, it is incredibly important to be good at texting. More often than not, your texting skills will decide your chances of dating these days. And unless the match is really into you, a bad text here or there could totally soil your game.

So this “program” is here to address just that. It promises to guide you through its intricate coursework and help you keep your man at his toes. This is specially designed for women but to be fairly honest, even men can learn a thing or two from this course.

In this review, I go through every single bit and piece of this coursework and see if it is worth the hype or just another gimmick.

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a series of 13 videos and 3 ebooks (even though they sell it as a “limited period bonus”, it just seems more of a permanent marketing gimmick than a limited period offer) which is designed by Amy North.
This coursework promises to teach the user the nitty-gritty of texting in a sexual relationship. With its elaborate videos and ebooks, it goes over various chapters on starting a conversation, breaking the ice, creating sexual tension and keeping the guy on hooks.

The main motive is to equip the lady with the much-needed tips and tricks to help her have a romantic and sexual texting experience with whoever she desires.

Who is the author of Text Chemistry?

The mastermind behind this elaborate coursework is none other than Amy North herself. She is a Canadian dating coach based in Vancouver. With over 596k subscribers on YouTube and an ever-growing fanbase, she is surely making her mark as a successful relationship coach. As a matter of fact, just recently her programs Text Chemistry and The Devotion System hit the 100,000 mark in terms of the number of copies sold worldwide.

Do you really need to buy this course?

Honestly, it depends. This coursework isn’t really made for everybody. For instance if you’re someone who is already in a happy relationship and is quiet content with the flow and chemistry between you and your partner then you can surely skip it and save the hard earned money.

But let’s say, you are happy but could use a little spice in your relationship. Maybe you want to level up your flirting game with your partner. Then yes you could give this a shot. But then again, only if you really want to throw away some extra cash to build your texting chemistry.

So who is this course really for?

The program is primarily made for 3 groups of individuals:

Group 1: You want to grab a guy’s attention and potentially get into a relationship with him, or just want to grab him for a few nights wink wink

Group 2: You want to turn things around with your partner who seems to lose interest and seems to drift away.

Group 3: You want to get back with your ex who can’t stand you. Or you want him to chase you even though things are presently sour.

If you’re in any of these above groups, the program is certainly meant for you.

What are the most notable things that are great about this particular dating program?

There are quite a few things that I really adored about this program:

● A wholesome coverage

This program seems to cover all the essential tidbits necessary for an engaging conversation with a man. It not only gives you the tips to break the ice but also guides you on how to lead a conversation with subtle sexual tension and also how to save the moment when things go downhill.
The best lessons I think were the ones that helps the girl escape the dreaded friendzone. They were not only very elaborate but also very smartly chalked out for quick responses.

● Easy to understand format

I’m tired of reviewing programs that are full of jargon and have so much unnecessary drama to explain simple concepts of texting and communication.
This program skips all of that nonsense. It is made in an easy-to-understand and a rather “binge-able” format where you can watch all the videos in a few sittings and gain a lot without being overwhelmed.
Interestingly, a few of those 13 episodes end on a hook, which makes you sit tight in your seats and watch through the following episodes without the blink of an eye! Netflix and chill? Yes, that’s surely gonna follow up once you go through these videos.

● Focusses on character development

Most of the courses or dating programs these days focus on giving a few tips and tricks instead of addressing the nip of the problem: lack of confidence. Text Chemistry focuses on building the character of a person instead of giving them a few cheat codes. Hence they focus on making you feel more confident than helping you pretend to be one!This not only benefits you get a date but also benefits you in other aspects of life.

● Great value for money

The whole program comes at a mere cost of $49.95. If you compare to any of its competitors, I would say this is a real steal of a deal for the amount of content they’re providing you.

This sounds like a real deal. Does it have any negative factors as well?

Surely does. Since this is an unbiased review, it’s only fair if I tell you the major blaring negative element of this program.

Simply put, Text Chemistry is manipulative. This program has several episodes which teach you or rather give you tips and tricks on how to be a manipulative partner and keep your man on toes for you. Sure it is all fun and games but using tricks to keep your partner attentive to you at all times, doesn’t really sound very cute to me.

Alright, that was a rather fair review. What’s your final verdict?

If you ask for my opinion, I’d say this program definitely deserves a shoutout for the incredibly detailed presentation of tips and tricks for a woman. It gives you a wholesome tutorial on how to deal with every situation through a few lines of text messages. This can not only help you secure a date with your crush but can also help you save a drowning relationship.

BUT, use it with discretion. I believe you wouldn’t want to be that manipulative girlfriend who is over possessive about her man and always wants him drooling for her. Hence, use these tricks only when you think you need them.

Therefore, my final verdict is a strong recommendation for this book with discretion on its usage. Just use your common sense while going through this program and you’ll have all the success you ever need!