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No Contact Rule: 5 Golden Laws of Female psychology

We all have that one college dude who attracts scores of chicks without beating a sweat. You’ll always see him surrounded by women wherever he goes. Be it near the college canteen or in the classroom, he is the man with the crowd. Similarly, you might have experienced such male alphas in your workplace as well.

Mind you, these males aren’t necessarily the bulkiest or smartest men in the room. More often than not, they’re just average guys who know a few tricks up their sleeve which makes them the center of attraction. Before you start your guessing game on what these tricks could be and if they’re related to hitting the gym or wearing the costliest Armani perfumes, let me clear the air by saying it’s nothing like that. These tips or rather “Laws” are just based on simple female psychology and are intended to work not only for the short run but also to keep her hooked onto you for weeks to come.

The Best 5 Golden Laws of Female psychology are:

Give your woman the space she needs

There is no faster way to lose a girl than to appear overly interested in her.

I’m a woman so trust me when I say, that we love it when the guy is into us but boy oh boy, if we see he’s way more eager than he should be; we’ll lose our interest for sure.

When do we know that a guy is “over-interested”?

  • When he tries to put on a label faster than asked for.
  • When he tries to act like a “daddy” before asked for.
  • When he appears clingy and double texts the girl.
  • If the guy is constantly checking up on her and asking for some “us” time.

If you see yourself doing any of these forbidden tasks, you need to tighten your reins and control your horses.

Stagnate neither in the “Lover mode” nor in the “Provider mode”

In any relationship, a man is either a lover or a provider.

What is a provider you ask?

A provider, as the name suggests is a person who provides unconditionally. It is as if the man takes on the unsaid responsibilities of a boyfriend. You don’t want to be this one.

What is a lover?

A lover is all about independence and freedom. This does not necessarily mean that the guy is free to go on dates or act like a single bachelor. Instead it means that the guy doesn’t enforce him whims upon the girl or rather he does not take her for granted.

What are the quintessential qualities of a “lover”?

  • A lover does not want to feel bound to one person.
  • A lover loves the idea of freedom and encourages the other person to feel untethered as well.
  • The girl feels that it is upon her to whoo the lover to make him commit to her.
  • A lover does not feel threatened when faced with relationship challenges and tries to tackle it with a level head.

If you think carefully you’ll realise that these are mostly based on the concept that the individuals should be allowed to “breathe” freely.

Women love ambitious men

There’s no denying the fact that no woman would be attracted to a man who finds no purpose in life.

So if you’re a man who finds himself lost pretty often you have to figure your shit out.

It might sound inconsequential but you should appear decisive regarding the tiniest details. Be it which restaurant to pick for eating or which dress she should wear (IFFF she asks you to choose one!). This decisive nature of yours add up to make a rather dominant personality and puts an image which displays determinism and integrity.

Hence, figure your life’s choices and be decisive.

Respect. It’s mutual. Love? That’s born out of respect.

If a woman does not respect you. She can’t love you. As simple as that.

There’s a famous saying…

“Whatever you tolerate, life gives you more of it”

Sometimes a minor joke becomes a stepping stone for the failure of a relationship. Let’s say you’re with a group of friends and someone cracks a depreciating joke subjecting you. Well, in the moment it might appear jovial but with time the comments grow and take a form which often ends up hurting your nature subconsciously. This only increases with time until you develop a form of insecurity and end up parting ways.

SImilarly, in a relationship, always be wary that the lady does not comment or joke about your persona. As I said, it might start off as a silly joke but if allowed to grow it can end up breaking the bond. And vice versa, you should also be careful not to harm her with any derogatory jokes.

Therefore when you respect each other, love and romance are always there to follow.

Attraction isn’t forever.

Don’t think that if you change your nature or become a huge blob of fat, she’ll still love you as dearly as she did.

You need to work upon yourself. You need to trim your bad habits. You need to show her that you’re a man who wants her to be there alongside her and just havent taken her for granted.

Go out on dates, get her flowers, gift her occasionally. Surprise her with whatever she desires. Basically convey it to her that you’re still the man who is willing to travel to the moon to woo her off her feet. When you all this the “attractive quotient” of your relationship stays high.

This not only makes you a more attractive man but also convinces her that no other man is necessary for anything. Hence, you kill two birds with one stone.

The Final Advice

Now, if you’re someone who skipped the whole article just to read this final advice and expect a summary, let me tell you; You’ve already lost your chance.

This shows that you’re not really dedicated towards your lover and just want some quick tips to woo her. That’s not how it works my boy 🙂

For those who have taken the time to read this short article; Good job. You’ve showed your determination and that way you’re already halfway into victory. So to summarise, keep your reins tight, don’t take her for granted and show her you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep her as yours.

After that, it’s just a matter of time and perseverance before you become the alpha she desires.