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Stree Overlord: Male enhancement Supplement Review!

We’re aware that there are numerous pills or supplements in the market that boast or promise to treat erectile dysfunction. Some even claim to be the best performance enhancers that there are. Stree Overlord is one of these supplements that promise to give you that much-needed boost in the bed. It even says on the pack itself that it’s so much better than our little blue pill. Viagra, or the little blue pill, is FDA approved and needs a prescription to be sold. Stree Overlord, or often called ‘Street Overlord’ or ‘Stree Overload’ by popular and common mistake, does not require a prescription; neither is it approved by the FDA. Do you hear the warning bells yet?

If not, listen to this, all I had to do was type Stree Overlord on Google and came the warning, on the very first search result, by FDA to not ever use it. On top of it, it’s not as natural as it brags to be.  

The product sure does promote sexual enhancement but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) strictly advises against even purchasing Stree Overlord, let alone using it. Further in this article, let’s find out why it is so. If I’m in the mood for it, I might also throw in some alternatives to Stree Overlord and certain tips that’ll help you spruce it up in the bedroom…read on, my friend. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any such vital information, now, would you?

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What is the Stree Overlord pill?

In simple words, it’s a sham. Not a complete sham because a placebo might play a few tricks on you and you might get a big, huge, and beautiful erection the first few times you use Stree Overlord – but the pill won’t be the reason for that glorious erection, it would be you. Basically, like every other male enhancement pill or supplement, this baby is supposed to make you an overlord by giving you a hard-on so huge your partner won’t be able to recognize it’s yours. I’m getting a little carried away with the language here, but bear with me, please.

Stree Overlord pills will help you conjure and maintain an erection for a longer period. That’s what they say, that is. It’s supposed to be natural but it is proven there are undeclared amounts of sildenafil in it. Sildenafil is what makes the enhanced erection possible. All the other ingredients that this pill has are Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba Bark Extract, Ginseng, and Maca Root – these are fairly natural but we don’t know what they haven’t printed on the list that goes in the pill with these ingredients.

Stree Overlord Review:

I’m going to cite some sources here and make sure this is the last article you ever read about any of these supplements. News Flash: most herbal supplements or pills for erectile dysfunction or sexual performance enhancement, if not approved by the FDA, do not fulfil what they promise to deliver. Moreover, this pill is unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians. And this aphrodisiac exported from Asia is strictly for people over the age of 18.

Some customers reviewed the product in a positive light but were clear about experiencing side effects. The website of Stree Overlord claims it is safe to use but issues a warning for anyone with diabetes, liver disease, kidney trouble, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases to not use this male enhancement supplement. They also say things like taking this will help up your testosterone levels but let’s not play with our hormones unnecessarily, alright?

Is Stree Overlord Strong any different from Stree Overlord?

It’s not Stree Overlord Strong, I mean it is named that, yes, but it’s more like Stree Underlord. So to give you a direct to the point answer, no, it’s not any different. Although, it is said on a few websites that people with heart diseases can also take it. But we strongly advise against it because of the few undeclared ingredients, we’re having a hard time trusting this Stree Overlord, strong or otherwise.

A little tip from us would be, start eating healthy, exercise and talk to your partner…maybe you don’t need any enhancements. And if you are sure you need some help in this department, consult a doctor. Another tip from us would be to use your fingers, tongue or maybe a little something which can be operated using a battery to spruce things up a bit.

Does Stree Overlord exceed Viagra and Cialis?

Haha. Hahaha. Hahahaha. No. Nothing exceeds Viagra. Cialis might be able to give you longer erections, but Viagra is the next great accidental discovery after Archimedes’ Principle. I’m pretty sure the guy or girl who discovered Viagra screamed Eureka as well when they realized what they’ve accidentally discovered. (Wait, you do know about Viagra’s accidental discovery, right? No? Okay, hang on, I’ve got your back, read this: Viagra’s famously surprising origin story.) 

Viagra, being the wonder drug – with 84% effectiveness ( You can read up on the comparison between Viagra and Cialis here) – and it singlehandedly ruling the medical world for its glorious purpose of raising dicks and everything, even Viagra has its side effects – the reason why it’s not sold over the counter – like every good drug that works, it needs a prescription. The reason for this check and just not giving out the wonder pill to everyone like its candy is because of a substance called sildenafil. 

It’s harmful when taken in unchecked amounts or if you’re taking any other pill or medication that reacts badly to it, you’re at some serious risk if sildenafil finds your way inside your body then. Stree Overlord has undeclared amounts of this substance in them and should not be taken, I repeat, stay away from Stree Overlord, it’s not better than Viagra: if anything, it’s worse or more harmful. Stree Overlord has not even been properly checked for quality by TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)! 

Side Effects of using Stree Overlord Male Enhancement Supplement:

This is the list of things that can seriously go wrong if you take this unprescribed drug: 

  1. You could have chest pains. And it might also cause pain in the arms or shoulders or irregular heartbeat.
  2. This pill might result in excessive sweating.
  3. Nausea. 
  4. Sudden ringing in the ear followed by a loss of hearing and/or loss of vision.
  5. Do I have to go on? Alright then, add dizziness and headache to the list.
  6. And since we’re adding things, how about possible death due to ingesting unknown and possibly harmful substances?


Here’s what happened to me once – I found this website online and looked at these amazing chocolate orange cookies for 20 minutes that were 25% off if you bought some within the next 2 days. So obviously, me being me, I bought some that very day. And then I waited patiently for 4 days for those cookies to arrive and when they did, and I hopefully opened the box, I stared at some good old chocolate chip cookies. I called customer service to ask about my chocolate orange cookies and they politely told me how they were out of those so they sent me the chocolate chip cookies instead. And they also graciously hoped I like the cookies and order some more soon! I wanted to riot. 

The moral of that completely unrelated personal anecdote is, you don’t always get what you want, cookies or otherwise. Sometimes you get the opposite of what you want, again, cookies or otherwise. Come to terms with it that you might not get a heightened sense of libido or any extra vigour or even a decent hard-on if you rely on these supplements like Stree Overlord. Think about it, you have no idea what’s in them (Knock Knock? Who’s there? Harmful ingredients!). I mean, don’t listen to me but at least listen to the FDA as those guys know what they’re saying. The FDA is legitimately asking you not to buy this pill yet you’re here reading up on this article wondering, ah, maybe this one is the wonder pill…maybe this one will help. I understand your predicament, my friend, but chances are, it won’t, placebo or no placebo. 

Take our advice, visit a doctor if you think you have a problem. They’ll prescribe you just what you need. They went to medical school, after all, those guys know what they’re doing. Take those prescribed – not over the counter – blue pills if you must… but not at all anything like Stree Overlord.

Top Alternatives to Stree Overlord

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