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Member XXL Review: Does it work?

There are countless products that claim to boost stamina, increase both the size and duration of erections and even make your penis larger. But are any of these sales pitches true? And most importantly, are these products even safe to use?

In this article, we’ll review Member XXL, so you can learn more about this particular male enhancement capsule and make sure whether they are the right option for you or not before reaching for your wallet.

What is member xxl?

Member XXL is a natural product that comes in the shape of easy-to-ingest pills, which aims to improve men’s sexual prowess, as well as the length and girth of their erections.

Its creators assure the public that by taking daily care of your penis with their products, a man can enjoy of an improved sexual life. After all, people brush their teeth every day, and keep their nails either neatly trimmed or, if they feel like it, get a manicure. Why wouldn’t men also take equally as good care of their penis?

Plus, you should keep in mind that most of the time, sexual issues are linked to low self steem and anxiety issues. By boosting your confidence and letting go of the pre-sex jitters, you’ll soon be able to relax and enjoy living in the moment when in bed with your partner or lover.

Member XXL will help you with premature ejaculation, as well as issues related to obtaining and maintaining an erection, allowing you to remain hard for longer periods of time, enhancing your virility in the process.

Is there a better option than Member XXL?

If intensified orgasms is something you’re interested in, you may want to instead try Load Boost. Scientifically developed, Load Boost offers essential vitamins and nutrients to give you more intense orgasms and increased semen volume. As a bonus, Load Boost also supports prostate health!

How does member xxl work?

To understand how these pills improve your virility and help your erection become larger and more lasting, you first need to know what happens to the male body when he gets aroused.

In order to obtain an erection, blood flows heavily toward the penis, as nerve terminals receive impulses from the brain.

As blood adds pressure to your penis’ spongy tissue, known as corpora cavernosa, it expands and creates an erection.

Member xxl pills help accelerate this process without causing dangerous peaks of either testosterone or adrenaline, improving the stimulation cells receive during periods of arousal.

As your erections will arrive sooner and last longer, your confidence will get an immediate boost, creating a virtuous cycle.

How often should I take member xxl pills?

To achieve a better erection, you should take two pills during lunch or dinner. They are meant to be accompanied by food, so it’s important not to take them on an empty stomach.

Another option is to take one capsule during breakfast and another at midday or night. You should drink at least 300 mls of water with the capsules.

Remember that though member xxl pills have a quick result, these effects will improve over time, so don’t forget to take your daily doses.

Is member xxl dangerous? Does it have any side effects?

We have great news for you: member xxl pills are a completely non-invisive method to achieve a better sex life, as well as improving the appearance and size of your penis.

Its quality has been proven through the testimony of hundreds of satisfied clients, as well as the positive reputation it has amassed since entering the market. The creators of this product are so confident the pills will improve your virility that they offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

It’s important that you know what ingredients are included in any food supplement you take, so let’s review what member xx is comprised of:

  • L-arginine: it’s commonly used to improve blood flow. This is a positive effect both for your sex life and your general health.
  • Fenugreex, terribulus terrestris and palmetto extract: these extracts are included in order to help your body increase its testosterone levels in a healthy and natural way, with none of the potential side effects of erection-inducing medication, such as viagra. They also boost your sperm count over time, so if you’re trying to get your partner pregnant, this is a great way of improving your chances.
  • Chinese fruits extracts, such as lemon and magnolia: these citruses improve your energy and allow you to last longer without getting exhausted too soon.
  • Ginseng: this root is highly beneficial, having been used for centuries to enhance libido, avod erectile dysfunctions and relax the blood vessels in your penis
  • Saffron
  • Black pepper: this ingredient is a well-known aphrodisiac, so it’ll help you get in the mood and stay that way.
  • Saffron: this exotic spice is also a stimulant, used in recipes all around the world to create enticing and sensual dishes.

Of course anyone could purchase most of these ingredients individually, mix them up and try to enjoy their own homemade formula, but that’s not only complicated, but also risky. It’s important not to add too much of one ingredient or too little of another, as balance is key in these sorts of products. Though you’re looking for a long-lasting erection, you shouldn’t raise your testosterone levels to dangerous peaks. Member xxl’s effectiveness relies on the specific concentration of each separate ingredient, as well as the high quality of every single one of them.

Please do note that you shouldn’t take more than the recommended dosage. This can lead to unwanted consequences. Positive effects will improve if you exercise regularly, keep a healthy diet and avoid drinking in excess.

You must have noticed that all ingredients mentioned are both GMO-free and natural, which allows you to be certain that member xxl won’t negatively affect your health. Still, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor, especially if you are currently taking other medication or under treatment.

So far, no side effects have been detected or reported, so if you’re looking for a risk-free method to increase your penis’s size and your endurance in bed, this is the right product for you!

Has any research been conducted to prove member xxl’s effectiveness?


The company tested the products’ effectiveness in groups of 90 men between the age of 22 to 50. Half of the participants were given the real pill while others received a placebo. If you don’t know what this means, a placebo is meant to look like the real thing, but having none of the original product’s qualities. This allows researchers to count with a control group, noting the difference between those taking the medication and those carrying on as they usually do, without being influenced one way or another, since no participant knows what group they’ve been placed in.

The tests took place during a 12 week period, and the results were astonishing: those who had been taking the real pill had indeed experienced an increase in their penis size, averaging a growth of 5 cms.

Member XXL review

So, is this product worth a try? We have a single answer to this question, and it’s a resounding yes!

It’s a natural product free of potential side effects, and can usually be taken alongside medications. It’s vital that you check with your doctor in case you’re ongoing any treatment, especially one related to testosterone and erectile dysfunction issues.

It’s amassed a large following of loyal customers and there are no claims of any of its ingredients causing harm in either the short or long term.

Where can I buy member xxl?

You cannot purchase this product at retail stores or Amazon, and we recommend you only buy these pills through member xxl’s official website. There are countless counterfeit versions of this product, and the ingredients included in these illegal pills can be harmful. Don’t be fooled by big discounts or flashy promises: if it seems too good to be true, it’s probably not, and the consequences of saving a few bucks can gravely affect your health in both the short and long term.