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Does ExtenZe work? Our Experts review the ExtenZe pill

ExtenZe is a pill, nee, herbal nutrition supplement that helps enhance the size of the male’s sexual organ. It claims that it promotes this enhancement naturally and also helps with erectile dysfunction or ED. The pill is supposed to improve your sexual experience, but does it?

A lot of advertisements also claim the ExtenZe pill to be the ‘original’ male enhancement pill. Many known faces have appeared in these commercial advertisements and more than 75,000 retail stores sell this herbal natural supplement. Why then, the maker and proprietors of ExtenZe have had to settle numerous lawsuits against false advertisement? The answer is quite simple, everything around the ExtenZe pill – the products, the advertisement, the results – is mere euphemism. 

What is ExtenZe? 

ExtenZe is a non-prescribed male enhancement pill that is made with all-natural ingredients. This dietary formula needs to be taken continuously to obtain promising results: which is obviously a longer, harder penis and no erectile dysfunction. Also, this drug is so ‘powerful’ that athletes are banned from taking such drugs because of its performance enhancing capacities. 

What does ExtenZe do?

ExtenZe gives you a satisfying sexual pleasure. Well, at least it claims to give you that. Many who suffer from low sexual performance or performance anxiety while having sex opt for this pill. Many who want to have a bigger, harder, and ‘better’ penis may also opt for this pill. ExtenZe is supposed to naturally whip up all your sexual problems and flush it down the drain. Excuse my pun. This pill is extremely popular and ensures that you last longer than usual when you’re using it.

ExtenZe and ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by many things. Things like stress, fatigue, the pressure of work, and hormone imbalances have nothing to do with your penis. Or the size of it. To mention something extremely common as such is performance anxiety, or say, the unwillingness to perform sexual intercourse at all. Your incapability to perform in bed at a certain point of time stems from internal as well as environmental factors. 

ExtenZe, apparently, is magic. It is a fast-acting, plant-based formula which does a lot of things, 

  1. It stimulates blood flow to the penis.
  2. It makes your bigger and harder erection last longer.
  3. It gives you satisfying and highly intense orgasms.
  4. It is well researched and well tested.
  5. It is made in the USA and has a 60 day money back guarantee.

Well, good for us then.

Effectiveness of ExtenZe: ExtenZe Pill Review:

Believe me when I say it, but if magic happened in real life, they wouldn’t be restocking these magic beans, I mean, pills. First off, the ingredients are fishy. They give you tons of side effects you can do without. It is actually true that athletes are not supposed to take the ExtenZe pill or any other pill that has any of the ‘performance enhancement’ ingredients because it agitates the system. The pill is not all-natural. In what world is Boron plant-based? And horny goat weed? That stuff is unsafe if used for long periods. 

The ingredients the ExtenZe pill boasts of are good and strong in themselves. Ginger and pumpkin itself help improve the sexual well-being of the body but many reviewers hint that ExtenZe has some ingredients in it that they don’t mention on the labels. To ask the most simple question, how do they mix and preserve these plant-based natural ingredients inside a pill without using the necessary preservative? If I buy a vegetable today, it goes bad in 14 days. What are these pills doing to keep them good and natural goodies so nice and safe inside a capsule? Surely not magic.

Moreover, different people have different reactions to the pill. People with medical conditions are advised to consult a doctor before taking ExtenZe. People with allergies are advised to discontinue the usage of ExtenZe. People who see no visible results are advised to continue usage. Well, I don’t think so. Drink a glass of juice with the raw ingredients in it and go for a run instead.

Can ExtenZe make your penis bigger? Does ExtenZe really work?

When a person is drowned he clutches even at a straw. But I can’t give you false hopes because this wonderful, natural goody goody product has not worked any wonders on many penises. It’s like those anti-aging creams, my friend. It’s all placebo. If I tell you to massage your Jr. with mustard oil every day and claim it’ll make your penis bigger and harder during erections, and if you believe me and do it…your Jr. will prosper. Take it from me, I know. 

These are the factors which give you an erect penis: 

  1. Sexual drive and willingness to have sexual intercourse.
  2. Stimulation to your sexual organ, the penis.

These are the factors which give you a long and hard penis:

  1. Your genes.
  2. And that’s it.

Your performance might continue to degrade and be less impressive but that’s because you’re not taking care of your body and mind. Not because you’re incompetent in bed. 

Side Effects & Potential Risks of ExtenZe:

You might die. I’m not kidding. You don’t know what’s in there! That pill is not even prescribed! And they make it sound like it’s a good thing! What are we, competing with Aspirin here? 

The FDA warned consumers to not take ExtenZe while you’re taking other medications because it can be dangerous. Really, don’t take the pill unless you really think it’s do or die.

The pill can obviously get you in the mood but that’s it. It cannot change your body. So, I’d say, get some mustard oil and start rubbing instead. [Read: Please don’t, it might sting. And also, placebo is, after all, a placebo and nothing more.

Alternatives to ExtenZe:

People have complained that they see no results. People have filed lawsuits against ExtenZe and won because they paid for something and didn’t get it. And here we are, discussing if this pill is worth taking. Why? Because we like to have good sex. So how about we talk about some alternatives? Let’s go on then,

  1. Find another pill.
  2. Give your penis a massage every once in a while. [Read: No massaging with mustard oil. I felt like I needed to say this again.]
  3. Find some time to workout.
  4. forge job makes you happy and most importantly,
  5. Find yourself someone who knows that it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it. 

Your fingers and mouth can at times do what a big and thick cock can’t. Yes, my friend, no pill has anything on it.


Don’t bother with this pill. Not everything that glitters is cold. ExtenZe, certainly isn’t.

Here, next, you can read some more articles about this ‘natural herbal supplement’. Go for it, do your own research, and make an informed decision!