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What exactly is a Milking Table?

What exactly is a milking table? To the uninitiated, it might sound like a piece of furniture used to breastfeed or something associated with childbearing. But if you’re searching this term online, it’s more likely than not that you have at least a suspicion the milking table is used for something else altogether.

Read on to get the answer to this question and more you might have on the subject of milking table massages and how you can experience a brand new type of pleasure from it.

What is a milking table?

Have you ever seen a massage bench? Most of us have at one point or another in our lives: It’s a padded board with four sturdy legs, usually bendable for easier transportation. And there’s a hole for the person receiving a massage to place the front of his face through, so that they don’t have to keep their neck bent in an uncomfortable position.

Milking tables might have one as well, but that’s not the main hole, or even necessary. Instead, in this case, it’s placed strategically so that a man can introduce his erection and possibly balls through the opening.

It can easily be compared with the glory hole, without the need of an actual wall between the man and his sexual partners.

This allows a man to lay comfortably on the table, receiving a hand or blowjob, as well any other sexual stimulation, without being bothered by their arms or legs or the position of their body. It’s usually linked to BDSM lifestyles, and the person resting on it is usually a submissive, though the contrary may be possible during certain fantasies.

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What does milking mean in this context?

It’s a sexual reference that means alludes to the milking of cows. The farmer must press and squeeze the animal’s tits to extract the milk, so the similarisms are easy to comprehend. Through various methods of stimulation, a man is ‘milked’, having his cock stroked, licked or sucked, until they ejaculate.

Why should I use a milking table?

This piece of furniture will probably not come cheap, so it might not be for everyone. If you find the concepts described in this article titillating, it might be a fun purchase to spice your love life.

The milking table allows for group sex, massages followed by happy edings, and is usually associated to BDSM, since the person lying on the flat surface is usually vulnerable and unable to see what’s going on underneath their bodies.

This piece of furniture allows for multiple addons, which make it perfect for people who are into dominant and submissive relationships. Restrains can keep the sub from wiggling or standing up -remember always to have a safe word prepared if this is the case! Consent is key in these kind of sexual encounters-, and several implements associated with impact play can easily be included.

A milking table can be used for a variety of sex acts, including, but not limited to massage, role play, group sex, BDSM and more. Pleasure can be provided from beside or from underneath the table, allowing numerous people to play at the same time, or to include different additional devices, such as restraints or impact implements.

What to keep in mind when purchasing a milking table?

It’s important you make sure the table is sturdy and long enough to support both your weight and height, or that of your partner. Checking that there is enough room for one or more people to comfortably fit underneath is also a must, since your lover or significant other will likely spend a fair amount of time on their knees beneath the table.

Buying a foldable milking table allows you to put it away when you’re done using the piece of furniture, and also makes it easier to have it around if you have children living in the house or are expecting people to visit. Several models come with extra padding, as well as pillows, and if you’re looking for your new acquisition to match your personal style, there are several websites which offer custom-made tables.

Make sure to ask the seller about possible additions if you are into restrictions or impact play. Extra space for paddles, riding crops and even a cane, can be included, and you might also have your choice between padded cuffs, ropes or hooks in order to keep whomever is lying on the table pinned to its surface.

You might be surprised to hear this, but you’d be wise to purchase a table with padding made out of a water and oil resistant material. You never know exactly what sorts of activities you’ll be performing on your milking table, and getting a sensual, tantric massage with different sorts of oils can end up ruining the fabric after a few uses.

How should I use a milking table?

It all depends on your sexual preferences! If you are into submission and found a proper dom or domme, you might want to be tied or cuffed down first, to ensure you’ve given up complete control.

As usual, it’s vital that your partner and you discuss safety measures as well as a safeword, in order to ensure nothing gets out of hand. If this is a new partner, you should also discuss limits. BDSM is all about consent, and power exchange should only happen when all parties involved are willing participants.

If you are the dom or domme, remember that your submissive’s health and safety is in your hands, so if at any time you notice something is wrong, even if they don’t use their safeword, do stop at once and check on them.

Once the man lying on the table is properly secured -if that’s something you want to include in your sex games-, a massage usually follows, though that depends on the type of dominant running the show. Tantric massages are ideal in these cases, as it allows for the experience to be long and erotic, taking full advantage of the milking table’s characteristics.

However, plenty of dominant and submissive relationships don’t include romance, so it’s not uncommon for the table to be used in a far less soothing way.

The milking table might become just another instrument used to further humiliate the submissive, degrading them by focusing on nothing but their erection. This can prove to be a highly arousing experience if both your partner and yourself are into humiliation or objectification.

You might be asking yourself: what exactly is objectification? It’s on the extreme sidelines of BDSM, where a submissive is treated as a thing rather than a person during the duration of the sexual session. The gloryhole grants an intense experience to such a submissive, as they are reduced to their sexual organs, with the rest of their bodies effectively out of sight, since their domme or dom would be positioned underneath the milking table.

It’s also a perfect piece of furniture for any person with a cum fetish, as it makes the person stimulating the erection a perfect chance to aim the ejaculation whichever way they want, be it their face, breasts, glass or any other idea that might come to mind.

Safety measures

Don’t worry, this won’t be a long list filled with warnings. As long as you follow these simple recommendations, everything should sail smoothly.

When it comes to the milking table, you should check, first and foremost, its sturdiness, preferably before every session. After all, even the more high-end model it might be damaged after rigorous use, and if it collapses or folds over, it could damage both the man lying on it and the person or people positioned underneath.

Make sure the padded surface is not made out of a fabric which you or your partner are allergic to, as you both will be in contact with, and friction might make a reaction worse.

As the milking table leaves the genitals completely exposed and vulnerable, extra care should be taken when handling it. Remember that though erections are resistant, they are also delicate and may be sprained if manhandled or twisted the wrong way. The same goes for the genitals, especially if they are not pushed through the hole, as they can be pinched or squeezed during sudden motions.

If you notice any distress or discomfort, either on yourself or your partner, stop and evaluate the situation. BDSM activities can be fun for everyone involved as long as they are safe and consensual. And do remember that if you are using any type of gagging items, you should switch from a safeword to some sort of easily-recognizable tune the person lying on the bed can hum at any moment.

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