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How to shoot bigger loads every time?

When’s the last time anyone ever complained of a bigger load? Never.

Men and women, both get equally turned on when they see a huge load of cum shooting out of the dick. A good thick cumload is like a report card of how pleasurable the whole “sexperience” was to the man. Hence it not only goes on to show how hot the coitus was but can also be a great index of the man’s health in general.

Thus, it’s kinda obvious that you’ve always wished to have a bigger cumshot with every bang.

You have presumably combed through all of the Internet and scanned through every book trying to learn the tricks of the day. You might have even tried out all those ancient drugs as well but to no benefits.

None of the tricks actually worked, did they? But, don’t worry.

As always, you can count on us for all your remedies.

So how do you shoot a bigger load? In this brief article, we will list down the 5 golden points that you must keep up your sleeves if you want to cum like a pornstar.


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Masturbate less frequently, at least a few days before the final event

This is a rather egregious tip. However, try to follow it. This is especially helpful If you’re planning to impress your queen in bed and you fear you don’t produce enough cum. Don’t touch yourself so frequently and see if there’s a rise in its consistency and volume. Chances are you’ll have a much thicker, creamier, and bigger ejaculation as compared to otherwise. The only trouble with this trick is to control your own self. So if you think you can do it, the bed is your playground! wink

Workout, at least every 2-3 days

Exercising regularly is presumably one of the easiest and healthiest ways to boost the natural testosterone levels in your body. This is especially useful when you hit 40. With a regular routine of proper exercises, you can reach inconceivable heights. This natural boost of testosterone not only helps in keeping your muscle tone checked but would also help in keeping the hormonal balances in line. Overall performing in an increased production of seminal fluids!

As a bonus tip, add pelvic workout regimes to your routine. Especially involving muscles of the lower back and groin. This helps in strengthening your inner muscles and giving you a better “shot”.

Throw away your weekend booze and bong hits

Alcohol and nicotine is bad for your health. Period.

You need to pack your bottles and bongs and throw them away as far as the eye can see, otherwise, withdrawal is bound to happen. Alcohol not only decreases your volume but also affects your health in several other ways. One study showed that men drinking 40 units per week had 33% smaller sperm cells than men drinking just 1-5 units per week.

So cut it down as much as possible.

Eat healthily

Semen is indeed the dear excretion of the body bearing a host of nutrients and cells. So, it’s no joke that your organs need the nutrients to produce this incredible nutritious mixture.

Hence, take in your veggies and keep your body piled up in essential nutrients so when the body needs its rudiments to make semen, there’s no dearth.

Some of the essential food particulars you must include in your diet are as follows:

  • Healthy Fish (Salmon, Sea Bass, Mackerel) – Omega 3 & Omega 6 adipose acids
  • Walnuts – Adipose acids
  • Bananas – Vitamins A, C, & B1
  • Dark Chocolate – L-Arginine
  • Green Tea – EGCG
  • Carrots – Carotenoids
  • Citrus Fruits (Orange, Grapefruit, etc) – Vitamin C
  • Oysters, Red Meat & Poultry – Zinc
  • Gusto – Raises testosterone situations

Drink water. As much as you can!

99% of your semen is nothing but water. So it’s rather obvious that if you’re dehydrated you’ll only produce tiny volumes of cum. Therefore, drink as much water as you can and you’ll be blessed for sure! It’s common sense, you see.

Bonus tip:

Practice edging

Edging is when you’re almost about to cum, getting to the point of no-return but you hold yourself back and not cum. Try this repeatedly during the session, at least 3-4 times and you’ll be surprised seeing how much volume you’re producing. It is one of the golden tricks to not only last longer in bed but also increase the volume.

The final word:

After such a detailed article, I’m pretty sure that by now I’ve given you enough points to make you cum like a horse. Keep in mind, that practicing these for a few days will not suddenly make you Johnny Sins. You need to follow these tips for months at end. Only then will you observe your body thanking you with a bounty of semen!

Jokes aside. Try to follow these tips as your basic principles in everyday life and you’ll surely see a difference!