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What Makes a Man Bad in Bed? 6 Things to Avoid Between the Sheets

Exactly what makes a man bad in bed? The answer to that can vary from woman to women. However, if you follow these 6 things to avoid between the sheets, you’ll know, for sure, you’re not bad in bed.

Being bad in bed, I can guarantee, is something your ex will share with her best friends. Contrary to what you may believe makes you terrible between the sheets, is likely not what women are thinking. See, you don’t have to be a sex machine, nor do you have to be the most skilled lover she’s ever had. Women want a simple give and take. Therefore, if you follow the 6 things to avoid between the sheets, you definitely won’t be whispered about the next time your ex and her besties hang out.


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#1 No Communication

Don’t ignore your woman

Communication is key when it comes to having a healthy relationship, in and out of the bedroom. Having no communication whatsoever will have you labeled as bad in bed so fast, your head will spin. Therefore, talking about your relationship, what she desires as well as what you desire, is what will keep your relationship on the right track as well as keeping things steamy in the bedroom.

Most importantly, communicating about sex is something you should never avoid as she may think she’s the one not making you happy in bed. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a little pillow talk after sex, ask if she’s happy. Or, have a little pre-bedroom conversation about her fantasies and yours. Being open, honest and sharing with your partner will definitely put you on her list as the best she’s ever had.

#2 Lack of Self-Confidence

Be the man, don’t stress

Just like too much self-confidence, a lack of confidence can always spoil what could have been great sex. Being insecure about your body and feeling weak about your sexual performance are two important things you should be avoiding. However, the solution is very simple.

For example; if you aren’t comfortable with the way your body looks, you have a couple of choices. You either work out to get in better shape or you simply make peace with your appearance, you know, own it. After all, confidence (not cockiness) is an extremely sexy quality. The same can be said if you’re not happy with you your penis size.

Indeed, having a smaller penis can give you a lack of confidence in the bedroom. However, it’s important to remember a few things; 1) It’s not what you have, but how you use it. 2) A woman’s vagina is only between 3 and 5 inches in depth. And 3) Reaching her g-spot is extremely easy for small men and something larger men have to work much harder at.

In addition, use whatever else you can to keep her content in bed. Use your fingers, your hands and your mouth and tongue. That way, you will be a well-rounded lover. Finally, if you are so disillusioned by the size of your penis, there are ways to change its appearance. Just take a look around the website for tips on enhancing your penis size.

#3 Give as Much as You Take

Don’t neglect your woman, make her orgasm too

Sex is all about give and take. And if you’re one of those guys that does all the taking, then you will definitely be labeled as being bad in bed. Regardless of how skilled you are between the sheets, if you don’t give her as much as she’s giving you, you’re considered a selfish lover and well, bad in bed. Here are some scenarios to consider….

If you and your partner just had a sizzling session and you came like never before, I’m sure you are happy and satisfied. However, did she get off too? Are you sure? You see, men, naturally, have the ability to orgasm much more quickly and easily than women. Therefore, if you let the heat get the better of you and just let it go before she has an orgasm, you are a selfish lover and bad in bed.

How about oral sex? Has your lady been generous with giving you oral pleasure? Be sure and return the favor! Especially, if you are back in scenario #1 and you finish before she does. Simply pull a skill from your wheelhouse and either pleasure her orally, manually or even use a sex toy. Then, you can be sure you are giving just as much as you are taking.

#4 Being Too Shy

shy before sex
Be open to new things

Being too shy and uncomfortable about sexual things can definitely land you on the bad-in-bed-list. Sure, if you are just shy by nature, that’s all well and good. That is, if your partner is the same way. Therefore, it’s important to work on coming out of your shell a bit and being open to trying new things. Heck, asking a woman to show you what she wants or to teach you more, is a huge turn-on.

So, either open up and give it a go or find a partner who is willing to learn with you. Either way, I am sure you both will end up happy and satisfied and you can build, practice and learn until you feel confident between the sheets.

#5 No Foreplay

Take your time don’t rush

No foreplay is one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to having sexual relations with a woman and definitely a mistake that will label you as being bad in bed. You see, men can get turned-on and ready for sex if a strong East wind hits them the right way. On the other hand, women take time to become aroused and to the point she is ready to have sex.

Honestly, this has nothing whatsoever to do with her wanting more attention nor is it an evil plan ladies cooked up to land you on the bad-in-bed-list. It has to do with the female body and the creation of natural lubricant. The more a woman is kissed (in all the right places), caressed and touched, she gets turned on. The more turned on she is, the wetter she becomes.

So, it’s important that you warm that engine a bit before screaming down the street or you will regret it. Take your time, make out for a while, explore her erogenous zones and who knows, tonight may be the night you blow the roof off the house. But one thing is for sure, if you give her plenty of foreplay, you definitely won’t be considered bad in bed.

#6 Being Too Dominant

Know the limit

Being too dominant or aggressive in bed is another reason you may be considered bad in bed. Yes, some women enjoy being dominated however, that is not true with all women. Therefore, it is important that you not be pushy, bossy, cocky and well, an aggressive jerk in the bedroom. As mentioned above, great sex is about communication and give and take.

So, take your time and get to know a woman, communicate about what she likes and doesn’t. And, be sure you are not a bossy or forceful lover as that will not only put you on the bad-in-bed-list but it may have you sleeping in the car tonight.

Don’t Be Bad in Bed

To sum things up, being bad in bed isn’t something any man wants. And, if you are reading this and saying to yourself that you don’t need any tips, you are probably “that guy” and should scroll back up and read these tips. After all, the more you give, the more you get. And in the end, being content, loved and sexually satisfied is what it’s all about. So, don’t be bad in bed…. Be the best lover you can be!

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