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Roman Swipes: What Are They And Do They Work?

Premature ejaculation (PE), i.e. the condition of ejaculating within a few minutes of sexual intercourse is one of the most prevalent sexual problems in men. A 2006 research shows the prevalence to be as high as 30% worldwide. This is an exceptionally high rate as compared to erectile dysfunction which stands at a mere 10%.

Even though it seems like a very nominal issue, PE can have major consequences in the sexual life of a couple. Here, in this review article, I’ll be talking about a product that seems to be a sigh of relief for many couples amongst us.

Better Alternatives to Roman Swipes

Before we jump into a detailed review of Roman Swipes, here are some quick recommendations by our experts that will help you have more intense orgasms and increase semen volume.

What are Roman Swipes?

Roman swipes are technically benzocaine-infused tissue wipes which you can use to prolong your intercourse duration by numbing your penile nerves.

In simple words, think of them as wet wipes which you use on your penis to numb it a bit and prolong your sex by a few minutes, if not more. 

Mind you, these wipes can be used for any type of sex; be it oral, anal or vaginal. As long as you are following the instruction manual, you’re good to go!

Do wet wipes like these actually work? Or is it more like a placebo?

In 2019, a New York based team of scientists carried out independent research and found that the placebo group which had used water wipes had no change in their ejaculation time whereas just after two months, the group which used benzocaine wipes had almost doubled their longevity.

Most importantly, the time to ejaculate during sex increased from 75 seconds at the beginning of the study to nearly 3 mins and 5.5 mins after 1 and 2 months respectively.

Hence, it has been scientifically established that benzocaine wipes act beyond considerable doubt in treating premature ejaculation.

Ok great. But how does this work?

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that is used in medical science as a topical pain reliever. As an analgesic ointment, it has become a prime component in toothache, canker sores, insect bites, etc.

Very recently it has found its use in ointments treating premature ejaculation. It works by getting absorbed through the shaft and glans skin and numbs the underlying nerve endings. Once the nerves are partially desensitized, the “orgasmic sensations” coming from the penis decreases. This prolongs the overall duration of sex and helps the male last longer in bed.

How to use Roman Swipes?

You use it exactly like a wet wipe.

  1. Wash and dry your penis with a towel so that there isn’t any sweat or particles blocking the skin pores.
  2. Take out a wipe from the sealed pouch and unfold it into a flat sheet. 
  3. Gently wipe your shaft and tip with the tip. Try to cover the whole length and avoid massaging. Gentle stroking movement with the wipe should suffice.
  4. Let it dry normally.
  5. Leave it undisturbed for 5 mins before proceeding with intercourse.

Where can I purchase this product?

As of now, they sell their products on their personal website. You will come across a wide range of products addressing various sexual problems but this article is specifically for their Roman Swipes and hence, I would recommend you to research other products before investing in them.

What are the advantages of using Roman Swipes over any other alternative?

There are several advantages of using benzocaine wipes over other conventional or non-conventional techniques. They are as follows:

  • One of the very few non-invasive, non-prescription methods to curb a serious condition.
  • Easy to use and fast to act. It barely takes 5 mins for the whole procedure but gives you the much needed timespan for a healthy sex life!
  • Low to nil side effects. Benzocaine is degraded very easily by the body so there are almost zero side effects.
  • Roman Swipes have discreet shipping so no one will ever know what you face in your bedroom!
  • Super fast delivery within 2 days so you can plan those spontaneous night outs without much to worry.
  • Easy and discreet to carry. It can be disguised as regular wet wipes unlike other means, saving you a whole lot of uncomfortable questions, just in case…

Are there any disadvantages of using benzocaine wet wipes?

There are only two major disadvantages to wet wipes for PE:

  • You shouldn’t use them if you’ve broken skin or any other nerve problems or any skin problem on your privates. Using it in these scenarios could have adverse medical conditions as there might be a side reaction in the form of a burning sensation or itchiness. Consult a doctor if need be.
  • Sometimes users complain about a complete lack of sensation. This happens when the concentration of benzocaine is a bit high or if their organs are over-sensitive to it. Roman Swipes keep their concentration capped at 4% but this might be a problem you face.
    In other scenarios, it is also seen that the girl complains of a lack of sensation. This is because the product didn’t dry properly and was inserted into the vagina which got absorbed into the vaginal nerves and hence numbed them accordingly. But fortunately these are just temporary discomforts and can be addressed very easily.

Can it cure premature ejaculation completely?

If everything goes according to the research article, it will be safe enough to assume that premature ejaculation can indeed be cured using Roman Swipes. The research team has hypothesized that with regular use, the nerve endings slowly get desensitized, and hence this helps in prolonging the duration of sex long after the effects of benzocaine wear off. But to see appreciable effects, it is better to use the product regularly for at least 2-3 months.

Would you recommend the use of Roman Swipes?

I definitely would. Finding such an easy-to-use product with minimum side effects and health risk is a rare catch in itself. I would definitely give it a shot and try for at least a few months before rejecting the possibility.

One must understand that premature ejaculation is a somewhat serious issue and it needs to be nipped at the bud before it starts to affect the relationship adversely.

Nevertheless, I would still advise you to consult your doctor before trying out any product which deals with your health. Only a professional would be able to guide you in the best possible manner taking your underlying health conditions into account and addressing your personal problems before suggesting a tailored solution.