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How to measure penis size? Is there a right way to properly measure the penis size?

You know sometimes how hard it gets to get up and get a glass of water? You know how important water is for you but the day passes and there’s just no time to drink those 8 required glasses of water…or at times, just one glass of water for that matter. And God bless if you get up and drink it every once in a while, some YouTube video or the other tells you there’s a right way to drink water. It’s all very challenging if you look at it that way. It’s extremely easy if you do it right from the very first time. This article is not about drinking water. Drinking water is not remotely connected to what this article is about. It’s about measuring your penis. Yes, we know every male has done it. Yes, we know the correct way to measure a penis. And yes, we’re going to tell you in this article how to measure a penis the right way. And it’s much easier than drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

All that water talk has made me thirsty. Honestly, I said all that about water because it’s so important to keep your basics proper. We know it could be tempting to just say your package is 8 inches long – check out our article on “Is an 8-Inch Penis Big? Here is What You Should Know!”, if you have an 8-inch long penis – but it’s important to take proper measurement. How else would you know what size condoms to buy? Or what sex toys fit you best? So without further ado, let’s crack the code of perfect penis measurements. But first, go get yourself a glass of water and drink it while sitting down. Go on. Maybe I’ll talk about the proper way and correct time to drink water as well, but some other time.

Is there a proper way to measure the male penis?

Well, yes. You can’t just do 1, 2, 3 done here. Sizes are extremely important and there’s a good reason for them to be so important and specific. You see, some sex toys and condoms for that matter, need you to be specific so that they can serve you properly and better. You wouldn’t want a condom so tight it hurts you, now would you? You wouldn’t want a fleshlight so big you won’t feel a thing, now would you? The answer to both of them is a big NO. To measure your penis properly. There’s a proper and certified way on how medical professionals do it. You can go to a professional to get your penis measured during your next exam, but we got you if you’re keen on doing it yourself. You can trust this article.

So, here’s how you do it,

How to measure the male penis length?

Easy. First, take a tape. Or a ruler. Your fingers won’t do. Get something with a scale on it. I’m going ahead and trusting you here. You did get that glass of water, didn’t you? Before you start measuring, there are a few things you should know: like how the average penis size is just about 5.16 inches. So don’t go around expecting the tape to say 9 inches… because that’s just unrealistic. Also, don’t you go around trusting porn? Those huge appendages are the exception and not the norm. Anyway, so now that you have the tape let’s get going.

But first, wait, let’s talk about anatomy! There’s your penis and there’s the top – where it is attached to your body, and the tip – where the head or the glans is. You always measure from the top to the tip. Remove all the pubic hair, our tip is you shave yourself a bit. Also, remove any extra skin or fat or anything that’s not your penis. Start at the glans or the head of the penis and go back to where it is attractive to your pelvic region. Keep the tape or the scale straight and there you have it! If you have a scale that shows centimetres, know that 1 inch = 2.5 cm!

How to measure the girth of a male penis?

There was this study about the average male penis size conducted by Dr. Veale which says the average girth size of a male penis is about 4.5 inches, you can read up on it here:


So how do we measure the penis girth? One thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to measure the pudendal while measuring penis girth. The pudendal, or the taint is a bundle of nerves that carries sensation from your genitalia. The taint is external and is not measured while you measure the size of the male penis girth. So here’s what you do, you take that flexible tape of yours – you see you can’t take a rigid ruler because it won’t fold around the penis, but we’ve found a way around that as well, and we’re getting there in the next section – so now take the tape and wrap around the middle of the shaft of the penis to take the measurement. And there you have the diameter of the size of the girth of the male penis!

You can also use a string instead of a measuring tape. Wrap a piece of string or a piece of thread the same way you’d wrap the measuring tape around the thickest shaft of your erect penis. Pick something that doesn’t stretch to get a correct measurement. In case you take measurements of a flaccid penis, the average size of the male penis girth when it is flaccid is 3.6 inches. Tie a knot while measuring to mark the place where the ends meet, or simply use a marker to take the measurement. Take the thread out, spread the ruler-straight on it and find out the size of the girth of your penis!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What size condoms should I wear?

Ans. You should always wear condoms based on your penis size. A condom too tight can be uncomfortable. At the same time, a condom too loose would fall off and render wearing a condom useless.

Q. Can penis size vary for the same person?

Ans. Yes, penis size can vary due to external factors like stress, frequency of sexual activity, eating habits, lack of exercise, or illness. Remember to drink that glass of water every chance you get.

Q. What size condom will fit me?

Ans. It depends on the size of your penis what size condoms will be a snug fit for you. An average-sized penis usually requires a standard-sized condom. Buy a small pack and see if you’re comfortable wearing it. If you’re not, you can always buy a size bigger or smaller. But remember to always wear a condom that fits you perfectly. You do not want the risks that come with unprotected sex.

So, to suffice, this article tells you how to properly measure the size of your penis. This article tells you how you can measure the length of your penis along with how to measure the girth of a male penis. And of course, gives answers to the question about how to choose the condom that fits you perfectly!