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Condom size chart: What size condom do I need?

If there’s one problem every man faces at some point in his life, it’s the condom size problem. Finding the right fit condom is often the most important aspect of having a good sex experience. Yes, it is even more important than trying to find the right texture or colour or flavour or any of those other tidbits.

Imagine wearing an oversized tuxedo at a party. Or try to wear jeans two sizes smaller at a date. You’re gonna have the time of your life! Sarcasm intended. As a matter of fact, don’t you ask yourself, if you’re so keen on wearing the right size shirt, why don’t you give it a second thought while buying condoms?

Why are condom sizes so important?

It is probably one of the most important aspects of a good experience in bed. If the condom is too small, blood constriction might happen and would hamper your man’s performance in bed. If it’s too large then it can cause another series of problems of leakage and slip off during intercourse.

How do you know if a condom is too large or too small for you?

There can be ‘n’ number of factors to look at while judging the fit of a condom. Starting from the base width or the size of the condom ring or band at the bottom to the head width, shaft length, and even the shaft width play a crucial role in defining the fit of the product. 

Therefore, we introduce you to a revolutionary product called “RipnRoll”. This is a well researched condom size chart with all the factors clearly defined that can help you choose your ideal fit with the least amount of work!

Most condoms tend to be longer than they need to be. As a thumb rule, after rolling the condom, if you see too much unrolled rubber at the base of your shaft, you need a smaller fit. If you find barely any ring forming around your base, you need a larger sized condom.

What length should you really opt for?

When trying to figure out the size of a condom, most people only look at the length. Even though this is a good measurement, oftentimes it falls short. The condom length is not always a great measurement for understanding the right fit. 

A report from King’s College of London and their researchers, states they went through 17 studies that examined the penis size of more than 15,000 men. Kings found that the average flaccid penis length, from the base to the opening on the tip, was 3.6 inches and the circumference, measured around the base or mid-shaft, was 3.7 inches.

The erect penis was further found to be about 5.2 inches in length and 4.6inches in circumference.

This essentially means that almost every condom you come across is more than sufficient in terms of length, at least for the average man. So now you need to figure out the other aspects of the dimensions. Mind you, you don’t really need the sizes down to the nearest nanometer. You just need a good approximation for an ideal fit. Something which would not only do its purpose but also be the most comfortable wear in bed.

Okay, so length isn’t a major hurdle. How do I calculate the width of the condom?

If you consider the flat width of the condom, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Just lay the condom on a centimeter scale. Measure the length across the shaft (without stretching it!) and then double it. This will give you an idea of the circumference of the condom. You can then measure the circumference around your shaft and head along with the equivalent ones in an unrolled condom to get a better idea.

For an unused condom, keep in mind that the circumference NEEDS to be a bit smaller in all aspects as compared to your penis. This is so that you get a firm fit around your shaft and head when the condom wraps you. 

How important is the girth anyway in figuring out the condom size?

As important as the length, if not more! This becomes even more crucial if you’re less than average. If you buy a large condom, the length wouldn’t be a huge factor as you can just keep the unrolled part at the base but the girth surely becomes a decisive factor as there are chances of the rubber slipping off. 

Furthermore, some condoms are advertised as “Tapered width” which means that they’re wider at the head than the base. So be careful on this aspect as well as you don’t have a balloon dangling on your dick as you’re having sex.

RipNRoll has done an elaborate research on the various types and brands of condoms available in the market. Below you’ll find some very interesting data regarding the exact dimensions of various condoms.

Check em out!

Small sized condoms:

Condom NameCondom LengthCondom Width (flat)Condom Circumference
Slim Fit Condoms by Glyde6.5″ or 165.1mm1.9″ or 48.26mm3.8″ or 96.52mm
Avanti Bare Real Feel by Durex7.0″ or 177.8mm1.875″ or 47.625mm3.75″ or 95.25mm
True Fit Condoms by Atlas7.1″ or 180.34mm1.86″ or 47.24mm3.72″ or 94.48
Microthin with Aqualube by Kimono7.5″ or 190.5mm1.875″ or 47.625mm3.75″ or 95.25mm
Enz non lubricated by Trojan7.65″ or 194.31mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
Enz Lubricated by Trojan7.65″ or 194.31mm2.0″ 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
Iron Grip condoms by Caution Wear7.75″ or 190.5mm1.75″ or 44.45mm3.5″ or 88.9mm
Snugger Fit by Lifestyles Brand7.75″ or 190.5mm1.8″ or 45.72mm3.6″ or 91.44mm
Extra Sensitive by Durex Brand7.75″ or 190.5mm1.94″ or 49.276mm3.88″ or 98.552mm
Ultra Shape condoms7.80″ or 198.12mm1.94″ or 49.276mm3.88″ or 98.552mm
Extra Lubricated by Lifestyles7.85″ or 199.38mm1.94″ or 49.276mm3.88″ or 98.552mm
Beyond Seven Condoms by Okamoto7.9″ or 200.66mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
Beyond Seven Studded by Okamoto7.9″ or 200.66mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
Beyond Seven condoms with aloe by Okamoto Brand7.9″ or 200.66mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm

Large sized condoms:

Condom NameCondom LengthCondom Width (flat)Condom Circumference
NEW Microthin XL by Kimono Brand7.85″ or 199.39mm2.2″ or 55.88mm4.4″ or 111.76mm
Sustain Comfort Fit Condom8.00″ or 203.2mm2.1″ or 53.34mm4.2″ or 106.68mm
Magnum by Trojan Condoms8.15″ or 207.01mm2.125″ or 53.975mm4.25″ or 107.95mm
Magnum XL by Trojan Brand8.35″ or 212.09mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
Atlas Extra Large Condoms8.5″ or 215.9mm2.125″ or 53.975mm4.25″ or 107.95mm
Magnum Thin by Trojan Condoms8.5″ or 215.9mm2.2″ or 55.88mm4.4″ or 111.76mm
Mega Big Boy by Crown Brand8.55″ or 217.17mm2.125″ or 53.975mm4.25″ or 107.95mm
Lifstyles Skyn Large condoms8.65″ or 219.71mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
Durex XXL Condoms9.25″ or 234.95mm2.125″ or 53.975mm4.25″ or 107.95mm
Trustex Extra Large Condoms9.25″ or 234.95mm2.125″ or 53.975mm4.25″ or 107.95mm
Maxpro Elite condoms9.25″ or 234.95mm2.0″ or 50.8mm4.0″ or 101.6mm
The Legend by One Brand Condoms9.35″ or 237.49mm2.2″ or 55.88mm4.4″ or 111.76mm

Now THAT is a truly exhaustive list!

The final word?

Measure your dimensions and using the list above^ buy 3 condoms which are in that range. See which one you’re most comfortable with. If you’re still unsure, buy an assortment pack with 5-10 different condoms. Trust me, it’s worth the effort. Once you figure out your exact taste, your pleasures will have no bounds. So do the math, put in the effort and the only regret you’ll have is not reading this article earlier!