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Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

There has been a long-running rumor that testosterone is responsible for penis growth. But does testosterone actually make your penis bigger? In this article, we will discuss the facts and myths behind testosterone and penis growth.

It’s just a fact that some men wish their penis could be a bit bigger. Even if they have an 8-inch monster, they want to feel manlier by having a bigger and girthier penis. While it may be true that some women see bigger penises as more appealing and alluring, the majority of women just want to be satisfied, no matter what the penis size. However, some men feel the need to add some extra inches to their manhood. And, with the confusion over testosterone supplements and replacement therapies, we have looked to the experts to see if there is any truth behind the statement that testosterone adds to penis size.


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The Puberty-Testosterone Confusion

One of the reasons people believe that testosterone contributes to penis size goes all the way back to when your voice squeaked and everything about you was awkward; puberty. The reason why people equate puberty and testosterone with penis growth is simple. When you hit puberty, your body grows pubic hair, starts to produce semen, and increases the production of testosterone at the same time.

Moreover, most of the penis growth happens at the same time. Depending on a combination of bodily hormones, a teenager’s penis size can double within a few years.

As a result, men tend to think that testosterone has something to do with the penis growth. There have been some studies looking for the hypothetical connection between testosterone and penis growth. Yet, there has not been any scientific research that could support this idea.

Why Do Men Believe that Testosterone Increases Their Penis Size?

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Men tend to believe that testosterone increases their penis size because that is what the media and internet tell them. Testosterone is the male hormone that means youth, virility and stamina, all of which are true. However, if you are told, or worse yet, sold on some product claiming that testosterone will give you a larger penis, it’s just not true.

Testosterone is responsible for the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.  And, as men age, the depletion of testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction. But, if testosterone had anything to do with the size of your penis, logic would say that as you age, your penis will shrink and again, that is simply not true. Therefore, it’s a good idea to steer clear of any testosterone filled products that claim to make you bigger.

If Testosterone Doesn’t Help, What Else Will Increase the Size of Your Dick?

As we mentioned above, boosting your testosterone level will not affect your penis size at all. It will help only if you are experiencing a drop in testosterone levels, resulting in erectile dysfunction. But if testosterone won’t increase your penis size, what does?

As for now, there are two working solutions to increase your penis size. The first one is through surgery. Penoplasty is becoming more common among men who have “size issues”. A surgeon conducting a penoplasty surgery simply cuts a ligament that connects the penis to the penis bone. This way your penis breaks loose and looks bigger as a result. However, this procedure is quite pricy. Moreover, every surgery comes with its own risks and dangers.

In addition to that, there is another proven way that permanently increases your penis size. That comes with hard work just as everything else in life. You need to decrease your body fat percentage, follow our natural penis enlargement exercises, and treat it like any other workout routine. This is not only useful for your penis but also beneficial to your overall health.

What Else Helps in Making Your Penis Appear Larger?

As we have already discussed, you can be sure that any ointment, pill or lotion will not work to increase your penis size permanently. Although you could waste your time trying all of the magic pills, lotions and potions, you should bear in mind that any size change through those products, most likely, will be temporary.

However, there are some physical activities that will make your penis appear bigger. First things first, when you have excess weight, your penis will sink into the skin around your penis. It will result in your penis appearing to be smaller. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of any excess weight and to maintain your physical fitness.

As a man, your body tends to store fat around your legs and belly zone. Losing weight will surely help your penis appear to be larger. Another thing you can do is to shave or “manscape” your pubic hair. It helps you with two things: Firstly, women like it neatly trimmed. Secondly, your penis won’t be lost in a sea of man-bush.

Nix the Testosterone and Opt for a Proven Solution

It has been long-rumored that testosterone has some effects on your penis growth. However, this debunked hypothesis has no scientific backup. The idea just popped out as a result of simplistic logic. Even though there are several ways to enlarge your penis, a testosterone boost is not one of them. So, if you really want to enhance your penis size, you either need to be ready to pay a small fortune or follow a proven guideline strictly. Apart from that, nothing works especially if it tells you to enlarge your penis with no effort. Just like every other thing in life, success comes through hard work.

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