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Is NoFap worth the hype? And several other questions!

So chances are that you’ve somehow come across the whole NoFap movement raging the globe on different social platforms and wondered if there is at all any benefit of doing it.

There are hundreds if not thousands of written testimony scattered online. Some won’t stop praising the benefits while some won’t stop crying about how disastrous it was. It would be a rather smart conclusion to say that the opinions regarding the whole challenge are highly polarised towards the extremes; one side being highly satisfied while another being the opposite!

You might have yourself tried a miniature version of this challenge sometime in your past and probably hated every minute of it. All these doubts and internet conundrum has further confused you to question the whole basis of this NoFap movement.

Don’t worry.

We’re here to rescue you.

In this article, we answer all the essential questions that might bother you regarding NoFap. So hold on to your seat and read on to quench your curiosity!

What on earth is NoFap?

It is a voluntary challenge taken up by guys to restrain themselves from masturbating for a certain period. The period could be as short as a few days or as long as a year!

This differs from “Celibacy” because the male still can have sexual intercourse. He just abstains from masturbation.

Who should do the NoFap challenge or who should take part in the NoFap challenge?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself distracted with sexual thoughts most of the time?
  • Are you masturbating more than two times every day?
  • Do you have erectile dysfunction or find it difficult to cum during sex due to a lack of sensation?
  • Do you have problems maintaining eye contact with females?
  • Have you lost interest in sex?
  • Do you enjoy objectifying females?
  • Do you feel frustrated or depressed every time you cum?
  • Do you find yourself immersed in porn to the extent of missing out on other events in life?

If your answer to more than 5 questions was a resounding Yes, then my friend you do need to give a few moments of thought to the No Fap challenge.

Is NoFap worth it?


Porn and masturbation addiction has got innumerable harmful aspects. These not only have short term losses for the mind and body but also has long term detrimental effects on the personality of the individual.

As a matter of fact, quitting pornographic addiction can be one of the best gifts you can gift to your future self. Hence NoFap is definitely worth it. The damages caused by years of porn consumption and masturbation won’t just reverse overnight by one day of NoFap. However, with a few weeks of consistent practice, you can surely see changes not only in your personality but also in your health.

Why do people doubt NoFap then?

With my years of experience writing about sex-ed topics, I have come to the realisation that there are 3 types of people who doubt NoFap.

  1. The Hard Boners
    This is the group that considers NoFap to be near impossible. This group of guys are so engrossed in porn and masturbation that pulling off a week of NoFap seems impossible to them.
    Truth be told, yes it is hard. But one must not judge a global movement based on just a handful of instances. If you’ve done NoFap and found it difficult, it’s a sign that you must do NoFap. NoFap is supposed to be hard and it is difficult initially, but with time it gets easier. You just need to stick with it.
  2. The Ignorant Boners
    They don’t believe they’re addicted to porn even after they find themselves searching “XXX” at the end of every lunch break. These guys would jerk their souls off at every inconvenience to escape reality but will never acknowledge the fact that they could be addicted to it.
    This is a hard crowd and unless they realise the flaw in themselves, they will go on foul mouthing NoFap.
  3. The Denying Boners
    This group has done the NoFap challenge successfully but won’t acknowledge receiving any benefits. They fear judgement from other people hence try to keep the whole matter under the radar and end up bitching about the movement.

So, what can NoFap do for you?

First and foremost, we need to get our expectations right. NoFap can reverse your porn addiction and masturbation problems. Some of the benefits of NoFap are as follows:

  • Helps you regain self-confidence
  • Boosts self-reliance and independence
  • Trains you subconsciously to not objectify others; male or female
  • Boosts clarity of thought and enables deeper thinking abilities
  • Helps in forming a proper relationship and conducting proper sexual practices

Alright, now what can NoFap NOT do for you?

As I said, to understand the benefits of NoFap we first need to get our expectations in order. We can’t expect NoFap to reverse the countless damage that porn has inflicted on our bodies and mind in just a week’s practice.

NoFap can’t solve all your life’s problems as well. Even though it seems obvious, most people believe their lives will change dramatically after completing the challenge. But that is not the case. You still need to deal with your problems in your way. NoFap might just help you get a few leading strikes at it.

The Final Word

NoFap is certainly worth the hype. Heck, I feel it deserves more hype than it is getting. If you ask me, I’d say try it out for 30 days, if you fail at it, you must repeat it with more vigour. If you can successfully do it without hesitation then yes, you don’t “need” it.

However, don’t expect your life to change dramatically after the challenge, keep your expectations grounded and you’ll surely love the outcome!

Happy NoFaping!