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Why Does My Wife Hate Me, and What Can I Do?

It started off so wonderfully, and now you are asking yourself, “Why does my wife hate me?” Does this sound like you? If so, then we have a few signs your wife hates you, and tips on what to do if your wife hates you. Let’s take a look at a few signs that signal whether or not she actually feels this way.

Signs Your Wife Hates You

If you are asking yourself whether or not your wife really does hate you, there are signs that you can look for to help determine if it is all in your imagination. One of the first of these signs, according to Bonobology, is if your wife is always giving you cold stares and detached looks. The icy glare from a hateful wife is hard to miss.

Another sign that your wife hates you is if you feel lonely and depressed despite being married to her. While chemical depression can happen to anyone, this is a different feeling. If your depression goes away when you are doing activities away from your wife, but comes back when she is around, it may be time to explore the cause.

The loneliness that a man feels when his wife hates him often comes from the fact that she no longer seems interested in having conversations with him. The Silent Treatment is often used as a weapon by a hateful wife and can be very damaging to her husband’s happiness. If there is no communication between you and your wife despite your best efforts to change that, then there is a chance that your wife hates you.

Another sign that your wife doesn’t feel the love for you that she once did is if she no longer seems concerned about you or your well-being. A loving wife will try to make sure that her husband eats healthy, makes his doctor visits, and takes care of himself. She may casually say, “Drive careful,” or “Be safe,” as you are leaving the house. If your wife has stopped showing any concern for you in these ways, she may feel hate for you.

A wife who hates her husband may also avoid spending time with him. When a woman is in love with a man, she craves being with him. She will miss him when he is away and show happiness when he returns. If your wife hates you, she may withdraw and avoid having any contact with you. If you have noticed that your wife makes excuses every time you try to make plans to be with her, there may be some hate going on.

Why Does My Wife Hate Me?

If you have checked off all of the boxes and decided that your wife does feel this way, you may be asking yourself, “Why does my wife hate me?” There are many reasons that a wife can lose the love that she had for her husband. The good news is that there are also things that you can do to fix most of them.

One of the reasons that a wife may start withdrawing and being angry with her husband is explained on the Marriage site. It could be that she is stressed from dealing with too much on her own. In many cultures, a man is expected to simply go to work and come home to rest, but the wife has to work, take care of the kids, take care of herself, the house, the cooking, appointments, homework, and much more.

Women in these cultures can quickly become burned out and start resenting the husband because she sees him as yet one more thing that she has to take care of instead of a partner who is helping her manage their life together. This is easily fixable if you are willing to give your wife the love and support that she needs by helping out when you get home.

Another reason that you may be feeling hate from your wife is that she is actually insecure. It could be that you aren’t speaking her “love language,” and she is left feeling neglected and uncared for. If your wife feels that you don’t love her, her subconscious may start protecting her heart by hardening her love for you.

You might also have bad habits that have just absolutely gotten on your wife’s nerves so bad that she acts as if she hates you. There are so many male habits that can upset a woman, and often the man is totally unaware. If your wife has repeatedly mentioned your bad habits to you and you refuse to stop them, it can eventually lead to resentment from your wife.

She also might have fallen in love with someone else. This, of course, is the worst-case scenario for a man who suspects that his wife hates him. If she has stopped dressing up for you but gets all dressed up to go out, you might start to wonder why. It is also feasible that she is falling for someone else if she ignores conversations with you because she is chatting with another man on her phone. There are many other signs to look for that might indicate your wife’s interest is in someone other than you.

What To Do When Your Wife Hates You

Of course, what to do when your wife hates you would depend on the reasons why she feels that way…or if she even does hate you. If you recognize that you have been inattentive, indifferent, or neglectful towards her, you can easily change this by showering her with attention and love. Offering to help take some of the household load off of her shoulders can also give a positive result in marriages where men are asking, “Why does my wife hate me?”

If your bad habits are an issue in your marriage, you can help fix this by trying to stop them. Habits such as porn, alcohol or drug use, gambling, and such may require you to get counseling to help you stop. Other habits, such as leaving your dirty laundry all over the house, leaving hairs on the sink after shaving, forgetting to take out the trash, etc. can easily be remedied by simply doing the work.

In most cases, if a man is feeling that his wife hates him, it probably isn’t true. Communication is key in any relationship, and you might discover that by simply finding out what she needs from you, and then meeting those needs, you will have your loving wife back again. For some marriages, therapy may be needed to help the couple learn how to communicate. With a little work from both partners, this is a problem that can usually be solved quite easily.