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If She Blocks You She Loves You, Right?

Men, you often tell yourselves that if she blocks you, she loves you. While this may sometimes be the case, it is not always true. There can be many reasons why a girl would block you. Whether or not it means that she loves you would depend on those reasons.

Why Did She Block Me?

The first question that a man should ask himself after he has been blocked by a woman is, “Why did she block me?” Many circumstances could lead to a woman blocking you, and it is important to explore them and determine which one applies in your case.

One reason a woman may block a man is if they had been in a disagreement and he said something that really upset her. In such cases, the woman usually decides to block him in order to keep herself from being hurt any deeper than she already has been. If this is the case, then it is possible that she will calm down and unblock you once she has had time to process what was said.

Of course, that would depend on how bad the words were that cut her. If a man is repeatedly mean or abusive, or if he says things that open old wounds for her, a woman may protect herself by blocking him for good. This is her way of denying access to anyone who would harm her.

Another thing that could cause a woman to block a man is if she is getting too close to you, and it scares her. This can be the reason for a woman blocking you out of the blue when you have done nothing wrong. If there has been no fight between you, and you’ve done or said nothing to hurt her, then this is a likely reason that she has you blocked.

A third answer to the question of why a woman has decided to block you may be that you aren’t the only one that she is seeing. If that is the case, she most likely doesn’t want you and her other love interests to find out about each other on social media. Chances are if this is her reason for blocking you, she likely has the other guy(s) blocked as well.

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But She Blocked Me On Everything!

Some guys may freak out when they discover that not only has the woman of their dreams blocked them in text, “But she’s blocked me on everything!” First of all, calm down; there is no need to panic. If she has blocked you anywhere, then it is not surprising that she blocked you everywhere.

In today’s digital world, we have so many ways to keep in contact with each other. If someone cannot be reached on Facebook, you can probably find them on TicToc, Twitter, Instagram, or any of several other online apps. If someone only blocks you in one or two places, it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t trying very hard to keep you at bay.

By blocking you on everything, she has managed to do several things. The first thing she’s accomplished is getting your attention; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, right? The second thing that she has accomplished by blocking you from everything is to get space away from you and your influence so that she can think. She’s also managed to isolate herself from you, which could possibly backfire on her by making her miss you.

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If She Blocks You, You Win

With those thoughts in mind, it is easy to see how the truth could be that if she blocks you, you win. “How is that possible?” you may ask. Well, it is simple. By blocking you, she has shown you that you have a profound effect on her.

If she blocked you because she is angry at you, that means that her feelings for you are deep enough to make a difference in the way she thinks and feels. While she may have blocked you to try to avoid that fact, in doing so, she has only proven it. The opposite of love is not hate, or anger, but indifference. If she were being indifferent towards you, she would not react at all, either by blocking you or answering your messages.

If she has blocked you in order to get your attention, that is even better. She is hoping that you will miss her and be upset by her absence. Women like to be pursued, and it just might be that she is hoping you will find her important enough to do just that.

Of course, in some cases, if a woman blocks you, she may sincerely not wish to speak to you again. In such cases, however, she will usually make that clear to you before she blocks you on all of her social media and phones. Once a woman has told you that she doesn’t want to talk to you, and then blocks you, it is probably best to give her some space and avoid a stalking charge.

If a girl just blocks you out of the blue, however, and gives you no reason for doing so, it might just be that she wants you to give chase. This is good news for you because it means that she actually does want you in her life, she simply wants more of your attention, as Her Beauty suggests.

And finally, if a woman blocks you because she is seeing other guys and does not want you to know about them, her blocking of you is still a win. It is much better to be removed from her life in such cases than to continue getting close to her. If she is not serious about a relationship with you, as Attraction Gym points out, it is better for her to block you and let you move on than to keep stringing you along.

The important thing to do if a woman blocks you is to first, remain calm. Search within yourself and see if you have done or said something that hurt her and made her want to retreat. If that is not the case, give her a day or two and see if she unblocks you. Her curiosity about what you’re doing may just get the best of her.

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